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Viggo: *is sitting in the bar very late at night, having actually bothered to leave a note to Alec saying where I am in case he wakes up, reading a philosophy book in French and drinking a lot of alcohol I'm not even feeling*

Chase: *can't sleep at all and decides to go drop in at Yorgi's place since the door is always open, though usually fairly quiet this time of night, or morning, as the case may be. I wander in and see Lucifer at the bar, smirk and head in that direction*

Viggo: *feels a great disturbance in the force* Oh fuck. *looks up from my book and catches sight of you* No. Please, no. I haven't been that bad.

Chase: *snorts* so bloody full of yourself Lucifer. I'm not here for you *waves for Sweeper to come down and get me a drink*

Viggo: Oh good. *starts reading my book again, ignoring you*

Chase: *rolls eyes, taking my drink from Sweeper and complimenting him on managing to get inside such a tight shirt so very well*

Viggo: *snorts a bit, turns another page*

Chase: *chats more with him, thinking as always, that I wish he wasnt into that drag queen girlfriend of his cuz damn, he's hot*

Viggo: *distractedly looks up, has to admit you're not totally wrong*

Chase: *drinks some of my drink, sits in a chair looking exhausted and unable to do a damned thing about it, admires Sweeper's ass as he wanders down the bar*

Viggo: Why don't you get laid already? *tsks at you, still reading*

Chase: *blinks, looks back at you, leans my elbow on the bar* not as easy as that sounds

Viggo: *actually has to look at you with an incredulous expression* In what world are you living again?

Chase: *sighs* in an alternate universe where I basically have supreme power over all the guys in. Doesn't really put me on the most desirable list

Viggo: *blinks at you* It was never was a problem for me, that's funny.

Chase: men dont like women that have power over them

Viggo: *puts down my book even though I'm vaguely disgusted with myself for being so bored that I'm talking to you* I did that too. They love it. *raises an eyebrow*

Chase: *rolls eyes* try it on some of the men here *goes back to my drink*

Viggo: *shrugs a bit* Can't do that.

Chase: *blinks some, turns around again to look at you* oh, and why's that then?

Viggo: *blinks at you too* You have too many sweet and goodness types running around.

Chase: *snorts* You havent met Vaako yet, have you?

Viggo: *gives you a bit of a bemused look* I never watch movies. I have no idea.

Chase: *snickers* he's one of our latest. A Karl Urban manifestation. Vaako would kill his own grandmother if he thought it'd get him something he wanted

Viggo: Oh, a man after my own heart. Remind me to buy him a drink. *smirks* Is he pretty?

Chase: *chuckles* he's pretty because he's from Karl. But he needs to do something with his hair

Viggo: *finally notices we're having something that resembles a conversation, blinks* Well, why don't you tell him that?

Chase: *chuckles* I did mention it. I showed him that the fashion they found brilliant in his movie incarnation is really quite rediculous

Viggo: Did he try to kill you? *sounds mildly interested*

Chase: *chuckles* of course. In his world, you keep what you kill.

Viggo: Remind me to rent that one, it sounds fascinating. *laughs*

Chase: *snickers* you can take a copy from the library any time you'd like

Viggo: There's a library? Must have missed it in the pamphlet.

Chase: *snorts* If you'd have bothered showing up for your entry day you'd know these things

Viggo: Was I supposed to show up? Oh, I'm so sorry. *gives you a look of mock innocence*

Chase: *snorts* I knew you wouldnt

Viggo: Well, it's good you didn't wait for me for hours or anything. *smirks a bit*

Chase: *laughs* no. I just watched your movie with some others that hoped you'd show, then went out

Viggo: *blinks at you* Who would be insane enough to want me to show up?

Chase: *chuckles* there were quite a few people there acually

Viggo: You're running an insane asylum, dear. I hope you enjoy it. *vaguely pats myself down to find a fag*

Chase: *chuckles* more than a few of them were played by Viggo too

Viggo: *lights up my cigarette and inhales it with obvious enjoyment* I always avoid the lot of them.

Chase: *chuckles* pity. I'd love to see what Frank would make of you

Viggo: And which one would that be? *magically refills my glass*

Chase: *chuckles* nutjob from Indian Runner

Viggo: Most of them are nutjobs. Have you seen Aragorn? *rolls my eyes a little*

Chase: *laughs* Aragorn is a troubled man, not crazy

Viggo: Tell him to fuck Boromir already, they would both stop being huge pain. *blows rings towards the ceiling* By the way, in this pamphlet you didn't give me, is there any way to get a better house?

Chase: *chuckles* you tired of Alec already?

Viggo: *gives you a strange look* Don't be ridiculous. His house sucks. We need a better one.

Chase: *chuckles* he seemed to like it the day he moved in

Viggo: He said that's what he was given, there's a difference. *watches you*

Chase: *smirks* sure he isnt just saying something to make you happy?

Viggo: And what in the world do you mean by that, dear? *raises an eyebrow*

Chase: *grins* I mean, he could like the place, but if you think its hideous he might say that as well, just to make you happy

Viggo: He doesn't care much about it one way or the other. May I remind you that I can read his mind?

Chase: *chuckles* oh so you do indulge yourself in that? I know others that have that gift, but dont actually use it

Viggo: Indulge? You make it sound like a dirty little thing. *actually looks amused for a moment* I don't bother most of the time. Alec is the only one who doesn't bore me.

Chase: *chuckles* it is a dirty thing. At lease, doing it without permission is *smiles at you* I was just curious

Viggo: Do forgive me. Next time I'll be a gentleman and ask for people's permissions. So, about this house thing.

Chase: *laughs* singleminded fucker, arent you?

Viggo: Well, I don't really have anything else to do. *waits patiently*

Chase: *smirks* you could be out corrupting people like Father Molokai or something

Viggo: Oh please, what's the fun in that? It's not like they're going to die and go to hell in the end. Cigarette? *offers you one*

Chase: *chuckles at the comment, finds it odd you're actually offering me something, shakes my head no* No thank you

Viggo: House? *patiently*

Chase: *chuckles, waving to get Sweeper to come fill my drink up again* you've always had the option to get a house of your own Lucifer

Viggo: As I said, I didn't get the welcome pamphlet. And how would one go about doing that?

Chase: *grins* well, I have several locations you can look at that I think you might find appealing. We can go back to my office so you can look through the selections, then we can go see the ones you're interested in

Viggo: *blinks at you* You sound like a real estate agent. How strange. *pauses* Any gothic castles? *says that totally deadpan*

Chase: *smirks a bit* well of course there are. I've quite a few different mansions and the like as well. No one ever wants them as it would leave them too far removed from civilization.

Viggo: *stares at you, then throws my head back and laughs heartily* Thanks, but I'll pass on the gothic castles. Somebody would bitch there's no electricity.

Chase: *laughs* your boyfriend have an addiction to cable TV or something?

Viggo: *gives you a funny look* My what?

Chase: *laughs* your boyfriend. Dont tell me he's not. Neither of you two have seen or touched anyone else since you met

Viggo: Hmm... you obviously missed the thing with the Elf. I'm fairly sure I'm not supposed to have a boyfriend.

Chase: *chuckles* I knew about the Elf and you didnt actually fuck him

Viggo: It's not nice to spy on people without their permission. *tsks at you and drains yet another glass*

Chase: *laughs* that's rich, coming from you. Besides, I didnt spy. I had at least 3 different people tell me

Viggo: *shakes my head sadly* I can't even do a little blood play with my boyfriend without everyone running to tell you. They're all so very bored.

Chase: *chuckles* just the ones that are stuck here all the time. Your boyfriend used to be one of the worst gossips

Viggo: *blinksblinks* I find that very hard to believe.

Chase: *grins* dig around in his brain. I'm sure the memories of our drinking nights with Yorgi are in there somewhere

Viggo: I don't dig around in his brain, dear, that's rude. Besides, he did mention you once. *fills up my glass again* A mansion could be nice. *goes back to the topic that really interests me*

Chase: *grins* ahhh how sweet *winks at you* want to go back to my office to look at the layouts for the places I have available?

Viggo: *gives you a dubious look* I have never been sweet in my whole fucking life. *pauses* I thought you were busy drinking and mentally undressing the bartender. It's not that big, by the way.

Chase: *chuckles* its not the size that counts *downs the rest of my drink* and it was sweet *slides off the stool* coming with me?

Viggo: Why not. I already got penguins skating in hell. *leaves an overly generous tip and gets up, eyeing you strangely*

Chase: *laughs, throwing money on the bar for Sweeper, then wandering toward the door*

Viggo: I hope you're not expecting me to walk. *grumbles a little*

Chase: *stops and looks at you* so take us to my office

Viggo: *cocks my head to the side* You're not afraid I'm going to scatter your atoms all over the place?

Chase: *chuckles* well it's impossible for you to hurt me

Viggo: Well, it would be fun to try, just to see what would happen. *abruptly makes both of us vanish to reappear in your office*

Chase: *blinks, then grins around at you* it'd cause you pain. We both know how you deal with those sort of unaccustomed feelings

Viggo: I actually love pain. *lets myself fall into a comfy looking chair and watches you with lazy interest*

Chase: *snorts* you couldnt deal with the common cold Lucifer *goes to bring out the binder with images from all the places I can offer to you for a home*

Viggo: You couldn't deal with ruling over hell either. We all have our limitations. *thinks you would have made a damn good minion in other circumstances, as long as I ripped off your tongue*

Chase: *chuckles, bringing the binder over and handing it to you* I wouldnt want to run hell, how boorish

Viggo: You're running this place, honey, there's not much difference. Thank you. *accepts the binder with an overly polite voice and starts flipping through it*

Chase: *chuckles* this place actually has some people in it with redeemable characteristics. Lots of pretty people too

Viggo: I won't argue with you about the pretty people. *thinks of Alec, flips through the pages because I hate the cute, surburban look*

Chase: *chuckles* well considering a good portion of them look like either you or your boyfriend, I should think not

Viggo: I'm not pretty. *keeps thumbing through it, ponders an old looking Victorian house, wondering if Alec would like it at all*

Chase: *chuckles, dropping in a comfortable chair* you are too

Viggo: *looks up at you as if you had obviously lost your mind* No.

Chase: *Laughs at you* are too

Viggo: I'm not meant to be pretty, child. *thinks you lost your mind*

Chase: Meant to be or no, you are *waits patiently for you to make some decisions*

Viggo: Alec is pretty. *sounds a bit irritated and buries my nose in the binder again* What about that one? *points at a mansion that could probably double as a haunted house if it wasn't made of fairly nice white stones*

Chase: *chuckles* Alec doesnt think so *leans to look at the house in question* no one's been in that for decades. It'll be dusty inside, but I'm sure that can be dealt with. Did you want to see it?

Viggo: Oh, anything can be dealt with. I suppose I should drag my boyfriend with me to see it. *smirks a bit*

Chase: *wide grin* He'd probably live in a cave if you asked him to

Viggo: *gives you a strange look* I seriously doubt it, he likes his comfort.

Chase: *smirks at you, shaking my head* he has never spent more than two nights with any one person since he came here lucifer

Viggo: So what? *shrugs a bit* I'm a good lay. *closes the binder and hands it back to you*

Chase: *eyes you* so is he. Thats not why he's with you

Viggo: Why do you think he's with me, O wise one? *little smile tugging at the corner of my mouth, obviously ready to make fun of your answer*

Chase: *eyes you more* because he's in love with you of course

Viggo: *grins* I really didn't think you were a romantic. What a surprise. *totally dismisses the very idea, knows very well I'm not something that can be loved*

Chase: *shrugs* I just know what I see. I've known the man since he arrived here in 1995

Viggo: He has no idea what I am, really. Should I make an appointment to see the house? *still perfectly polite since you're giving me what I want*

Chase: *smirks* Oh I'm certain he knows better than anyone, who and what you are. As for the house *waves my hand around* no one lives in it, so you can come by tomorrow any time Alec is awake. I dont have a bunch of appointments that cant keep on Sundays

Viggo: Nobody has any idea what I am, dear. I'll make sure to drag him out of bed. *takes your hand and kisses it in a strangely old fashioned way, smirking a little*

Chase: *snorts* so full of yourself. We have more than one Lucifer here you know

Viggo: Alright, so they'd have an idea of what I am. We are. It doesn't matter. *straightens up again* Nothing matters here. *still smirking*

Chase: *laughs at that* right. Well then, I guess it doesnt matter that this Lucifer *gestures to you* is in love for the second time in his existence, eh?

Viggo: *sighs* And I thought I could go through the evening without wanting to kill you.

Chase: *laughs* couldnt let you leave dissappointed

Viggo: Do consider fucking someone, it might improve your mood a bit. *eyes you up and down, as if seriously doubting anyone would want to with the horrible dress you're wearing right now, then disappears*

Chase: *laughs as you go, knowing you're just lashing out because I'm right*
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