Lucifer (morningstar666) wrote in ringsresort,

Lucifer: *wanders into the house, feeling vaguely bored, like I always do when I'm not fucking you, then gives you a quizzical look when I see you sprawled all over the couch* Drunk?

Alec: *lopsided grin* mmmhmmm *waves a half empty bottle at you* wanttsooooome?

Lucifer: *blinks a little* You know, I have never seen you acting the least bit goofy. *wanders closer to watch that new and interesting behavior*

Alec: *tries to sit up and nearly falls off the couch in my need to keep the bottle from spilling anything, giggles a bit*

Lucifer: You're going to ruin your beloved carpet. *dry voice, secretly pretty amused*

Alec: *gets myself upright, blinks, then grins, holding out the bottle* naaaaw *pats the couch next to me because I've missed you for days and didn't know where you were and have been BORED out of my mind, smiles*

Lucifer: I was fucking an Elf. *totally deadpan even though I have done no such thing, gracefully sits down by your side*

Alec: *blinks a few times, getting an image in my head of one of those little elfs from Darby O'Gill and the Litte People, then bursts out laughing*

Lucifer: You're a very disturbed individual. *tsks and starts filing my nails*

Alec: *sinks back in the chair, still grinning, until I remember the tall blonde, pretty elf boy. I suddenly shut up, blink and frown, then grunt* an elf

Lucifer: *allows myself one smug smile, then keeps filing my nails* Yes. Not the Santa Claus kind.

Alec: *still frowning some, drinks from the bottle. Begins to ponder going to Anarchy 99 to find my own bit on the side if you're going to be that way about it. Maybe even Chase, since you hate her so much*

Lucifer: I thought she didn't want you. *raises an eyebrow your way*

Alec: *shrugs* doesn't mean I couldn't still fuck her

Lucifer: I don't think she's just going to let you rape her, love.

Alec: *smirks* I don't think she'd have a choice

Lucifer: Please, tell me about it. Now you got me curious. *laughs at the way you look so proud of yourself, thinks you're adorable*

Alec: *frowns at you, dont like that you're laughing. You fucked THAT elf, I just know it. I'll do something to make you mad*

Lucifer: *is just loving the fact that you're jealous, laughs* Alec. I lied.

Alec: *glowers at you* could be lying about lying too *takes another long pull off the bottle*

Lucifer: If I wanted to fuck other people, I would have been fucking other people. *still amused*

Alec: *eyes you warily, no longer in a good mood that you're here, gets up to go switch the kind of alcohol I'm drinking* mmmhmmm

Lucifer: *ponders how long it will take you to pass out* So. Any reason you're indulging tonight?

Alec: *sets down the one bottle, picks up another, bringing it up to eye the lable* was bored

Lucifer: Aw, poor baby. *gets up and props my chin on your shoulder, contemplates the bottle* It's a bad year.

Alec: *snorts* s'almost 70 years old.

Lucifer: That's nothing. *nibbles on your earlobe*

Alec: *grunts some, wrinkles my nose as I open the bottle and drink from it* s'good 'nuff *ties to ignore what you're doing*

Lucifer: It's alcohol, that's all you care about. *presses my hands under your shirt and plays with your nipples*

Alec: *shivers, moans a bit* no. Never drink bad alcohol.

Lucifer: You're so very adorable. You love your gay carpet and you won't drink bad alcohol. *pinches them*

Alec: *jerks a bit, moans again* it's a bloody old, very expensive, oriental carpet *leans head back against you, despite my anger that feels fucking brilliant, moans again*

Lucifer: Why are you angry at me? Because I teased you? *grinds myself against your ass, chuckling* I hope you don't expect me to be nice all the time.

Alec: *moans again, bottle slipping a bit in my fingers, licks my lips* no, I dont

Lucifer: *idly wonders if you're going to manage to drop the bottle* Then, why are you mad? *runs my nails down your chest, then cups you through your pants*

Alec: *moans again, reaching a bit, barely setting the bottle upright, then hands move round to grab you* Elf

Lucifer: I didn't fuck him. I haven't seen him in months. *applies a bit more pressure, pleased to feel you growing hard under my hand*

Alec: *moans even louder, mouth popping open as I gasp* another elf then?

Lucifer: The only person I've fucked in the last couple of centuries is you. *unbuttons your pants and shoves my hands in there*

Alec: *gasps when I feel you warm hands slip over my skin, moans again* you've been with others

Lucifer: Hmhm. A few centuries ago, give or take. *nibbles on your skin as I start slowly jerking you off, wondering if you're even going to remember this conversation in the morning* Hell, I even slept with god. *smirks*

Alec: *is panting, moans again* braggart *starts thinking about the bed surface, wants to be on it and naked*

Lucifer: Nah, just stating the truth. *nibbles harder* Say please.

Alec: *hips straining forward, pushing myself in your hand, but wanting more, growls out* please

Lucifer: *has both of us naked in your bed in a flash, pins you under me* I love it when you miss me.

Alec: *blinks a bunch, totally disoriented, tries to shift some and groans again, realizing there are no clothes anymore* yeah well, you stayed away long enough

Lucifer: I'd drive you insane when I get bored. Trust me. *lazily rubs myself against you like a cat*

Alec: *moans again, fingers grabbing for bits of you, begins to claw down your back* mooooore

Lucifer: Since you're begging so beautifully... *pushes your legs apart, lazily plays with your already abused nipples*

Alec: *opens my eyes and growls at you* give it to me *spreads legs like a whore*

Lucifer: Fine. *growls right back at you, pressing myself to your vulnerable body, slowly tearing you apart with my cock*

Alec: *moans like a whore, legs spreading more, the pain jolting through me and I dont care anyway as I claw at you to get more, deeper*

Lucifer: Mine. *growls again, tugs on your hair to fuck your mouth with my tongue, barely pausing when I'm buried to the hilt in you*

Alec: mmmph *sucks in it, eyes clamping shut against the pain, moans against you again, scratching long trails down your back*

Lucifer: *savours your pain as I kiss you, slowly moving inside your body, loving the way you're so tight and I have to fight for it*

Alec: *wraps my legs around you, pushing my hips up to make it easier on me, though you're always too big for me, I love it anyway*

Lucifer: *chuckles, thinking that flattery will get you anything, wraps one hand around your cock as I use you for my pleasure, gnaws on your lip until I can taste blood*

Alec: *grinds self upward, wanting more of you in me and my cock to be worked faster, needing the friction and desperate to cum after so long without you here*

Lucifer: *pushes you back against the mattress and grunts a little as I slam into you, my hand almost cruelly stroking you*

Alec: *screams loudly, body bucking up, moaning even more after that*

Lucifer: *loves to hear you scream and deliberatly scratches down your chest with my free hand, smiling at the welts appearing on your fair skin*

Alec: *screams for you, just as you wanted, body bucking up hard again*

Lucifer: *goes after your neck this time, making sure you'll look like you've been mauled by a vampire, moaning when I taste a hint of your blood* Come on... *uses your precome to jerk you off, having no intention to stop fucking you even if I make you come*

Alec: *screams again, feeling each time you rip open skin, bucking up harder and squeezing around you as I cum*

Lucifer: *practically purrs when you finally come over my hand, dying to taste you as I keep fucking you through your orgasm*

Alec: *screams, bucking up, really fucking sensive right now*

Lucifer: *laughs and pins you down, still lazily fucking you* I'm sure you can take it.

Alec: *jerks more, screams myself hoarse*

Lucifer: *chuckles and deliberately brushes against your prostate, half closing my eyes when the pleasure starts overwhelming me*

Alec: *bucks, eyes shooting open wide, screaming silently as I buck more*

Lucifer: *finally takes pity of you and lets myself go, screaming a little myself as I throw my head back and come deep in you*

Alec: *nearly blacks out, bucking against you and seeing stars when you go so deep, pounding my prostate again*

Lucifer: *makes a little hum of satisfaction and licks across your lips* Stay with me.

Alec: *moans again, eyes closed and panting, body shaking some but still there* mmm

Lucifer: I don't really want to fuck you unconscious. Then I have no one left to bother. *chuckles and pets you a bit*

Alec: *shivers when you begin to pet me, moans again, pretty much still incapable of speaking*

Lucifer: *checks you over just to make sure I didn't break my favourite toy, then slowly pulls out of you*

Alec: *hisses, then moans, shuddering some more*

Lucifer: *curls up around you and starts petting you again* You want some water?

Alec: *practically purrs when you start doing that, grunts in the affirmative, cant speak yet as you've rendered me stupid*

Lucifer: *laughs and pretty much pulls a glass of icy water out of thin air, then presses it against your lips* You're so lucky I'm a nice evil thing.

Alec: *groans a bit more, shifts and moans, feeling pain in bits I didnt feel before as I reach for the glass to hold it with you, drinking*

Lucifer: You're going to feel hungover in the morning too. *tsks at you*

Alec: *grunts some, drinks more water, knowing that with it, I will not be hungover*

Lucifer: *snickers* Shall we bet on that?

Alec: *eyes you carefully, finishes the glass* I wont be

Lucifer: *feels a bit relieved to hear you talking again, not that I would ever admit I was worried about you for a second* Aw, come on. Live a little.

Alec: *snorts* that's rich, coming from you

Lucifer: *raises an eyebrow* Coming from me?

Alec: mmhmm *nods some, finally getting a grip on myself* you like to see people die

Lucifer: *well, I don't like to see you die* No, I enjoy watching them suffer, there's a difference.

Alec: *slow smile up at you* I can do that, die slow

Lucifer: No. *looks stubborn and glowers at you*

Alec: why not? I'd come back round

Lucifer: Just no. *rearranges the covers, having no intention to start a discussion on that very subject*

Alec: *snorts* well, okay then *eyes you, thinking you're being very weird*

Lucifer: Prince of darkness here. I'm supposed to be weird. *pushes you back on the bed* Sleep now, silly mortal.

Alec: *grunts when you do that, eyes you* that a command?

Lucifer: If it was a command, you would already be sleeping. *gives you a look*

Alec: *snorts, grins despite myself, then yawns* uh huh

Lucifer: *snorts too, wondering why you insist on fucking dying on me*

Alec: *keeps watching you a moment, then yawns again, body feeling completely undone*

Lucifer: Sleep. *still sounds exasperated*

Alec: *closes my eyes despite myself, wondering briefly if I shouldnt just start seeing if there are ways to kill myself that might be permanent*

Lucifer: *pretty much destroys the pillow I was fluffling into shape when I sink my fingers into it, makes a strangled little noise*

Alec: *opens eyes back up, looking at you* what? *coughs when I nearly inhale a feather*

Lucifer: *tells myself that I can't possibly have a panic attack* Nothing. *speaks through gritted teeth* Try it, mister, and I'll find a way to drag you out of hell kicking and screaming.

Alec: *blinks, wondering the fuck you're on about, having already stopped thinking about doing it. Already tried so many ways years ago* try what?

Lucifer: To kill yourself. *gives you a look*

Alec: *blinks again* oh *eyes you, then shrugs* done it more than 20 times. Nothing ever works

Lucifer: Well, good. *not that I care if he dies. At all* *glowers at you some more*

Alec: *frowns some, watches you more* what difference does it make? You've got others to play with *like that fucking elf*

Lucifer: *ponders the odds of you remembering this in the morning, decides to risk it* I don't want the others.

Alec: *snorts* I've seen you and that Elf together *totally thinks you're lying, and is tired of being bored here*

Lucifer: Once. *I didn't realize you would care* I'm not going to do it again.

Alec: *snorts a bit at that, closes my eyes again, wondering if blowing myself up would work* okay

Lucifer: No. *shakes you a little, not that I'm panicking or anything*

Alec: *opens eyes again to look at you, frowns more* well I'm bored here

Lucifer: I don't want you trying to blow yourself up. *looks stubborn*

Alec: *keeps watching you* why the hell not? You can go anywhere you want. Do anything you want. FUCK anyone you want. What do you want me here for?

Lucifer: *for once in my life, there is a spark of genuine emotion in my face, something that almost looks like pain* Because... *has no idea what to say*

Alec: *blinks, is pretty much staring at you because I've never seen you make that face before* ....why? I'm not some fucking toy to play with you know? I'm bored here. There is no reason to keep going, and yet I do

Lucifer: *really doesn't want to be having this discussion* I don't want you to go away.

Alec: So I am just your plaything? I'm just here because you want it, and nothing more *closes eyes, basically disgusted with myself for letting myself be a toy*

Lucifer: *sighs in a very tired, defeated way, thinking I can't be the devil in this place, but I'll never be human either* I love you. *barely audible voice*

Alec: *eyes pop open again so fast, and so wide, it almost looks comical, if it didnt also look like I've been seriously shocked, stares at you*

Lucifer: *stares back at you, feeling like I can't breathe anymore even though I should have no need for it*

Alec: *keeps staring, finally remembers to blink, stares a bit more, then opens mouth* ..... *cant speak*

Lucifer: *slowly buries my face in my hands, almost visibly shaking, tempted to just erase your memory*

Alec: *clamps mouth shut again, still staring at you, cant fucking believe you said that. So maybe I'm not just a toy after all*

Lucifer: *still refusing to look at you* Just sleep. *makes a move to get up, feeling like I'm about to pretty much to die, unable to recognize the symptoms of a panic attack*

Alec: *suddenly is a flurry of movement, reaching for you, trying to pull you to me, burying my face against you*

Lucifer: *weakly tries to pull away and hold you at the same time, shaking like a leaf now*

Alec: *clings, holding onto you tightly, not willing to let go for anything, even though you could dissappear if you wanted, I dont want you too. It always makes me feel sick inside when you're not around and I dont like that feeling*

Lucifer: *sighs, finally reaches to hold you back* You could fucking have said something.

Alec: *has no clue what you mean* about what?

Lucifer: *asked me to stay* Nothing.

Alec: *opens eyes again, lifting my head to look at you* what? I cant bloody well read your mind damnit

Lucifer: Be lucky that you can't. It's not a nice place. *sighs*

Alec: *sighs, feeling defeated again, starts to let go* fine, dont tell me

Lucifer: Oh fuck you. *sighs* You could have asked me to stay. *is apparently willing to say anything to stop you from feeling pain*

Alec: *frowns, looks up at you* you can bloody well read my damned mind. You should know how I feel when you're not here

Lucifer: It doesn't mean anything if you don't say it.

Alec: well when the hell did that become a rule? *sits up some, watching you* I never know what I can say. If I said that you'd probably think I was demanding something from you and stay away a long time

Lucifer: *sighs and looks back at you, pretty much looking defeated* The only reason I come here is because of you.

Alec: *frowns some* and since I cant read your bloody mind, like you can mine, I have no way of knowing that, or anything else

Lucifer: Well, now you know. *shrugs*

Alec: *glowers a bit, drops back on the bed* fine. I dont like it when you're gone a long time. It makes me feel...empty

Lucifer: *stares at you with genuine surprise, absently reaches out to heal one cut that's still bleeding a bit* You do realize I'm a souless monster, don't you?

Alec: *blinks a few times, watching you* you're the first angel

Lucifer: As I said. Souless monster. *sighs and starts healing the rest of your scratches, since it gives me something to do*

Alec: *shivers a bit, thinking that feels weird, says quietly* you're not a monster

Lucifer: You were thinking it would amuse me to see you die.

Alec: to have someone to torture

Lucifer: I don't want to torture you. *frowns a little, finally lets my hand fall away from your chest*

Alec: *drops back* I never know what you want

Lucifer: You.

Alec: *slow blink, looks back over at you* what is love?

Lucifer: Alec. Ask someone who's actually human. I don't know. *rubs my face*

Alec: *slow blink again, watches you* You said you loved me. I never loved anyone before. I dont know what it's supposed to feel like

Lucifer: The blind leading the blind... Pretty much feels like someone is ripping out my heart. I get happy watching you scowl at me for destroying your clothes and I get upset when you talk about dying. I don't know. *keeps rubbing my face*

Alec: *blinks a bit, watching you some more, internalizing that* so would feeling like my everything hurts when you've been gone for days fit into that?

Lucifer: Maybe. Or you're addicted to the pain. *truly doesn't believe anyone can love me*

Alec: *stares at you more* I'll ask someone that can give me answers. No one has ever made me hurt to miss them before

Lucifer: I can't be loved. *looks tired* Are you going to sleep now?

Alec: *watches you for a while, pondering, then asks quietly* will you stay here with me?

Lucifer: *looks at you with a strangely vulnerable expression* If you want.

Alec: *reaches out my arms* I want

Lucifer: *stares at you for a long moment, then slowly cralws into your arms, pretty much thinking you're fooling yourself with this love thing*

Alec: *pulls you to me, wrapping self around you, feeling comfortable again for the first time in weeks*
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