Lucifer (morningstar666) wrote in ringsresort,

Lucifer: Aren't you tired of reading books all day? *eyes you over my newspaper*

Alec: *peeks at you over the top of the current novel* of course. Give me something else to do

Lucifer: We could play cards or something. *smirks*

Alec: *smirks back at you* such a wild thought, that

Lucifer: What can I say, I'm such a boring and conventional... angel. You should get a nicer house. *folds my newspaper like a gentleman in a British club*

Alec: *puts a marker in my book and sets it aside* I have the house they gave me

Lucifer: *raises an eyebrow* Gave you? *still has no idea how this place works because I couldn't be bothered to find out* Would that bitch stop you from getting another one?

Alec: *shrugs* I have no idea

Lucifer: You've been living here for years. You should have an idea. Don't they have a welcome pamphlet? *smirks*

Alec: *shakes head no* you get here all confused because you're used to your reality. You get to see your movie and get a tour, then they give you a place to live

Lucifer: I'm so glad I didn't die. I have a boring movie, I'm barely in it. *smirks more* They didn't give you a very nice house.

Alec: *looks around the place* it's alright.

Lucifer: It looks like a suburban clone. *wrinkles my nose a bit*

Alec: there are no ritzy houses around here

Lucifer: I don't see why there shouldn't be. *finally puts my newspaper down and stretches like a cat*

Alec: *watches you stretching, grins a bit at you* so go talk to Chase and see what can be done

Lucifer: *eyes you as if you had finally lost your mind, not that it would bother me terribly* I'm sure we can have a nice conversation over a cup of tea.

Alec: *smirks* she is capable of a decent conversation

Lucifer: Not with me. *still eyeing you a bit strangely*

Alec: *chuckles, winks at you* we can go together if that would make you more confortable

Lucifer: It could stop me from killing her, yes.

Alec: *chuckles* you know it's not possible to do that, dont you?

Lucifer: You know you're messing with my dreams, don't you?

Alec: ahhh *mock sympathy noises* I'm sorry love *blows you a kiss* I'll pretend you can kill her

Lucifer: *very calmly throws a pillow at your head* Fine. You come with me to talk to her. *smirks* You weren't exactly calm last time we dealt with her either.

Alec: *smirks again* it was an unusual circumstance

Lucifer: Are there ever usual circumstances around here?

Alec: *shrugs a bit* on occasion. She and I used to actually have some good conversations over a nice martini

Lucifer: *pretty much boggles at you* I beg you pardon?

Alec: *chuckles* we used to get together for drinks on occasion. It was something to do

Lucifer: You had to be incredibly desperate to want to talk to her. *ponders* It's been ages since I pretended to get drunk.

Alec: *shakes head no* we had good conversations. We used to come up with different ways to kill people we'd idly pick out of the crowd

Lucifer: *stares at you, then blinks* Killing people isn't that complicated.

Alec: *chuckles* it gets very hard to come up with different ways when you do it as a party trick every day and cant use the same trick twice

Lucifer: My favourite has always been the plague.

Alec: *chuckles* that would do in more than a few here, thats for certain

Lucifer: The mass graves .The collective hysteria. Those were good times. *smirks* People praying to god, then despairing and pleading with me to save them. *makes a little happy noise*

Alec: *chuckles* you are truly evil. *watches you with adoration*

Lucifer: It's funny how quickly nice religious people will ask demons to come save them. *smirks*

Alec: *chuckles* I would never know, as I've never been nice, or at all religious *ponders for a moment* well, there were a couple times I almost called on God last night *smirks at you*

Lucifer: I always call on his name when I'm coming. He's used to it. *laughs softly*

Alec: *chuckles* well I barely managed to keep from doing it a couple times last night

Lucifer: Don't worry about it. He's not listening anyway. *summons a fag out of thin air, suddenly in the mood to start smoking*

Alec: *smirks* you never know. He could be bored too *grins, eyes you*

Lucifer: *lights it and inhales the smoke with obvious pleasure* I've never seen him get bored. It's hard to get bored when you have the universe to play with.

Alec: *snickers* I'd find a way, I'm sure

Lucifer: I can suck you off and distract you. *grins at you*

Alec: *groans, shifts a bit* you have the most amazing mouth that was ever created

Lucifer: I am perfect, what can I say. *doesn't say it the least bit sarcastically*

Alec: *chuckles* you can say you suck, it would be true

Lucifer: *gives you a bemused look*

Alec: *chuckles, continues watching you with great interest*

Lucifer: Sometimes, I don't understand you. *shakes head at you*

Alec: what is it you dont understand?

Lucifer: Many things. *smiles* Why you captivate me so much, for one thing.

Alec: *grins* oh, is that all? Must be my charming smile

Lucifer: *makes a show of seriously considering it* No. You don't have that great a smile.

Alec: *laughs* okay then, I kill people with panache?

Lucifer: That you do. *nods a bit* It's nice to see someone enjoy their job nowaday.

Alec: *chuckles* hard not to do that, what with the number of complete idiots just begging to be disposed of

Lucifer: That's pretty much the whole of god's precious creation, yes. Idiots.

Alec: *smirks* me included?

Lucifer: *makes a show of thinking about it* He did make you exceptionally pretty.

Alec: *chuckles* you are the only one that thinks so

Lucifer: I seriously doubt it. They undress you with their eyes. *smirks*

Alec: *chuckles* its not because I'm pretty

Lucifer: *eyes you* Do you seriously think you aren't pretty?

Alec: I seriously think i am not pretty

Lucifer: I'd tell you if you were ugly, you know.

Alec: *chuckles* yeah well, maybe you would

Lucifer: *rolls my eyes* Are your scars bothering you that much?

Alec: *shrugs* sometimes

Lucifer: Silly man. *picks up the newspaper again* I could fix them. *says that like it was no big deal*

Alec: *blinks, watching you* you like them, dont you?

Lucifer: I do like them, yes. *starts reading the comics*

Alec: *watches you for a moment, shakes my head* thought you were bored?

Lucifer: I am bored. But I'm talking to you. So I'm not quite as bored as I could be.

Alec: *chuckles* well what else would help?

Lucifer: I don't know. *gets a bit of a chuckle out of a particular comic then puts it down again* We should go out.

Alec: *shrugs a bit* if you'd like

Lucifer: I feel like watching you get drunk.

Alec: *chuckles* oh yeah? Alright then, off to Anarchy 99?

Lucifer: Hmhm. *eyes you to make sure you're actually decent, then snaps my fingers to get us there faster*

Alec: *blinks and stumbles a bit when I'm suddenly on my feet and in the loud, semi-dark bar*

Lucifer: *absently reaches out to steady you, ignores the startled looks all around us* Much better.

Alec: *blinks a few times to get my eyes adjusted to the gloom, grins at you*

Lucifer: What do you want? *pats your ass and makes my way over to the bar*

Alec: *smirks, follows you* we've been together how long, and you have to ask?

Lucifer: You might still change your mind one of these days. *absently reaches out to pat the dragon on the head when he comes to nudge me*

Alec: *wanders over* lets pretend today is a normal day for me then, and I dont change it *waves at Yorgi to come over*

Lucifer: *eyes the dragon digging its little claws in to climb along my arm* Do we ever have normal days?

Alec: *plops down on the stool next to you, eyes the dragon* too many of them

Lucifer: You're dead and I'm not sitting in hell. Those are not normal days. *makes a funny face when he curls up around my neck*

Alec: *chuckles* it is around here

Lucifer: You would think Yorgi would look after his goddamned pet. *growls*

Yorgi: *eyes the pair of men I havent seen in ages* what is this you are saying about me? *wanders in front of them* still together are you? *looks from one to the other of you*

Alec: *eyes widen at that, looking from Yorgi to Lucifer*

Lucifer: *eyes Yorgi too, then picks up the dragon by the scruff of its neck to thrust it at him* Was I supposed to go somewhere else?

Yorgi: *takes Kolya from you, scritches him under the chin* I am meaning you two, together *looks from one to the other* again

Lucifer: Well, we can't fuck all day. *tries to keep a straight face* Is there some reason you can't learn proper English grammar?

Alec: *laughs at that, shaking my head and watching the dragon waddle down the bar*

Lucifer: *rolls my eyes when one of the girl starts squealing that he's so cute and picks him up, pokes Alec who's still not talking* Well, order something.

Alec: *bats eyes at Lucifer* you won't do it for me?

Yorgi: *snickers* it is for things like this I continue to live. Bothering Lucifer with my terrible English and watching the mooning at each other *shakes my head*

Lucifer: Scotch, straight. *eyes Alec as if he was losing his mind* Take classes. Seriously.

Alec: *laughs at that, thinks it amusing that it bothers you so much*

Yorgi: *shrugs* it is not something which bothers me

Lucifer: It doesn't bother me. *eyes Alec some more*

Alec: *chuckles more* oh, but it does *nods some*

Lucifer: Keep it up and I'm not paying for your drink.

Alec: *laughs more, thinks that amusing as hell*

Lucifer: Your wallet is still back home, smartass.

Yorgi: *shakes my head at you both and I push drinks in front of you* I am guessing your homelife is a riot

Alec: *shrugs* Yorgi knows I'm good for it, dont you Yorgi?

Lucifer: We're planning on having 12 little angels. You want to be the bridesmaid? *incredibly snarky voice, reaches for my drink*

Yorgi: *eyes widen at that, throws my head back and laughs*

Lucifer: *drinks it all in one long swallow, ignores Yorgi*

Alec: *is pretty much just staring at Lucifer, half expecting him to make Yorgi go up like a torch*

Lucifer: No, I'd make him suffer before. *reads Alec's mind, as usual*

Alec: *grin widens* well okay then *takes a drink*

Yorgi: I am certain this is not something I am wanting to know *reaches for the empty glass, moves to refill it*

Lucifer: *growls* This is not something you want to know, no. *puts an emphasis on the verb in the faint hope you might actually learn how to use it properly*

Alec: *chuckles, noting what it is you just did and knowing full well it wont make a damned bit of difference with Yorgi*

Yorgi: This is good *pushes the drink in front of you, then sets a bottle down on the bar* are you needing of anything else?

Lucifer: Well, you could start stripping to entertain me. *sweet smile*

Yorgi: *smirks* you are wanting to make your boyfriend jealous, yes?

Lucifer: *chokes at the boyfriend bit, then blinks* It would make you jealous? *eyes Alec because god knows I never claimed to understand mortals*

Alec: *shakes head no* of course if he tried anything, I'd kill him

Lucifer: You would kill me or Yorgi? *looks fascinated*

Alec: *smirks* Yorgi of course

Yorgi: In your dreams Cossak

Lucifer: It would be fascinating to see which one of you would win. *means it too*

Alec: *chuckles* there are few things that would make me harm a fellow Russian

Lucifer: It's not the same fictional version of Russia, children. *reaches for the bottle*

Yorgi: Mother Russia is no more. It is not meaning we are not still comrads

Lucifer: *winces at the grammatical mistakes in that one sentence* I thought you wanted to destroy the world. *eyes Yorgi*

Yorgi: *shakes head no* it was anarchy, not obliteration of everything

Lucifer: Including your beloved mother Russia. *thinks you're both silly and insane*

Alec: *grins at Yorgi, having talked with him at length about his original plan to spark mayhem on the planet*

Yorgi: *shakes head no* only in places

Lucifer: *groans and looks at Alec* You were really, really bored.

Alec: *eyes widen, looks at Lucifer* it was an original plan with merit. Nothing boring about that

Lucifer: I thought it was crude and you lacked any kind of dedication to your cause, actually. *says that to Yorgi* I've seen better.

Yorgi: *bristles at that* there was complete dedication!

Lucifer: Of course. *smirks* You had the time to spend your time fucking women instead of keeping an eye on your organisation.

Alec: Yorgi: *glowers* every organisation has an off hour

Lucifer: My organisation never has an off hour. *is quite pleased to have found a way to annoy you*

Yorgi: You do not have an organisation. Magic powers to keep you awake all the time does not count

Lucifer: *cocks my head to the side* I have billion of demons at my service. And I don't have magical powers.

Yorgi: *snorts* you do. I can not just move from one place to another with a thought

Lucifer: I can do certain things according to my nature, that's all. There's nothing magical about it. *fills up Alec's glass again*

Alec: *nods* ta *reaches for my glass and watches Yorgi*

Yorgi: Your nature makes you such that you can do more than any one human could fathom

Lucifer: You just happen to be terribly limited, that's all.

Yorgi: *laughs at you, remembering how you couldnt handle our limits when Chase removed your powers*

Lucifer: *frowns at Yorgi, seriously pondering making all his internal organs explode*

Alec: *looks from one to the other of you, wondering why Yorgi is laughing and Lucifer frowning, curious*

Lucifer: Don't ask. Really. Just distract me before I kill him.

Alec: *sets a hand high up on your thigh* don't kill him, you'll get in trouble again

Lucifer: *finds your hand suitably distracting and relaxes a little* Sometimes, it almost seems like it would be worth it.

Alec: *wide grin* well if you did that, you'd have to breathe and I'd miss your ability to keep from breathing *grins wickedly, knows you'll get the reference*

Lucifer: *starts laughing heartily, actually sounding innocent and carefree for a brief moment* Alright.

Alec: *grin widens, eyes only for you, ignoring Yorgi now*

Yorgi: *chuckles more, eyes you both, thinks if that look isnt love, I dont know what is*

Lucifer: *glances over at Yorgi with a funny expression on my face, but doesn't comment on it, simply reaches out to squeeze Alec's hand*
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