Lucifer (morningstar666) wrote in ringsresort,

Lucifer: *decides that you've slept long enough and I'd rather have your undivided attention, unceremoniously rips the covers out of your clutches and exposes you to the cold morning air* Time to rise and shine!

Alec: *flails awake quickly, coming up with a gun, blinks, stares at you* oh *blinks again, yawns* what the bloody hell time is it? *looks around in the dark, cold room*

Lucifer: *pushes the gun away from my face, tsks at you* I don't know. Does it matter?

Alec: *reaches to set the gun down, plopping back down on the bed with a shiver, looking up at you* I wish you needed sleep

Lucifer: I wish you didn't need sleep. *pokes you a bit, won't admit that I'm bored and I want company* Nice reflexes, by the way.

Alec: *smirks, suddenly reaching up, grabbing your arm and yanking you down so you sprawl on me* thanks. m'cold

Lucifer: *humphs a bit and gets comfy on top of you* Hedonist. I don't see how you managed to survive for so long.

Alec: *wriggles under you, gets comfy just as you do* I really dont know either. My existence was pointless til you came along to wake me up at the ass-crack of dawn every morning

Lucifer: You wound me, it's not the ass-crack of dawn, you know. *not yet* You're still lazing about in bed too.

Alec: *looks at the still darkened window, then back at you* I'd hate to see what you consider earlier than this *smirks at you, barely awake*

Lucifer: Midnight? *bites your shoulder to get you to properly wake up* You were having a boring dream anyway.

Alec: *growls, wriggles more* you could do something about that

Lucifer: About your boring dreams? Not really. It's not my fault you were doing a final and had forgotten to study and you were standing naked in the classroom. *smirks*

Alec: sounds like a good day to me

Lucifer: You're strange and perverted. *sounds thoughtful*

Alec: *chuckles* you enjoy that about me, admit it *wiggles more, reaches to grip your ass*

Lucifer: Why, no. It was your innocence that attracted me to you. *somehow manages to keep a straight face, lazily rubs myself against you like a big cat*

Alec: *arches a brow, manages to keep from laughing for all of 30 seconds, then loses it*

Lucifer: *looks quietly pleased with myself, though I wouldn't admit that I enjoy making you laugh even if someone was trying to torture it out of me* Much better. Are you awake now?

Alec: *still grinning* yeah mate, awake *grinds you against me* you have too much clothes on, fix that

Lucifer: You know, that almost sounded like an order. *raises an eyebrow and makes my clothes vanish*

Alec: *wicked grin* would you mind too terribly if it was? I mean, nakedness is involved here

Lucifer: I should hurt you, just on principle. *wriggles again to get comfy*

Alec: *chuckles* you'd like that too, I'm sure

Lucifer: I'm sure you'd fight me very hard. *dry voice*

Alec: *laughs, pushing myself against you more*

Lucifer: Morning hard-on? *smirks, reaches between us to squeeze it in my fist*

Alec: *moans, squirms more* it's not even morning

Lucifer: You could pretend that it is. *squeezes again, doesn't want you to fall asleep on me*

Alec: *moans loudly, pushing myself up into your hand* bloody hell

Lucifer: I need to get you to start using a better curse. *sounds thoughtful, wriggles down a bit to lap at your nipples*

Alec: *moans again, hands coming up to bury themselves in your hair, tugs on it* you love it, admit *moans* it

Lucifer: I think it's pointless and inaccurate and it always distracts me. *waits until your nipples are all nice and hard and bites down*

Alec: *hisses, then yelps, arching upward* fuuuuck!

Lucifer: I like that one better. *nibbles my way down your chest, pausing here and there to tug on your hair with my teeth, then sticks my tongue in your navel*

Alec: *jerks a bit more, lifts up on my elbows to look down at you, speaking in a clipped and proper british accent* it's such a crass use of language

Lucifer: *blinks in surprise and looks up at you, then bursts laughing* Oh christ... *snickers* Nice accent you got going there, love.

Alec: *cocks a brow, looking at you* used it most of my life. What's wrong with it then?

Lucifer: You sound like you're a stuffy professor in Oxford. *still snickering*

Alec: *eyes you, wriggles a bit to remind you what you were doing before this outburst* and you have a problem with that?

Lucifer: One who buggers his students in exchange for good grades. *smirks because I knew who did exactly that, licks the tip of your cock like a cat*

Alec: *moans loudly, eyes practically rolling back in my head*

Lucifer: It's only 3 o'clock, by the way. *smirks and takes all of you down my throat, then swallows deliberately around you*

Alec: *howls, pushing my hips up, ignoring the comment about time as I dont bloody well give a rip what time it is as long as you keep doing that*

Lucifer: *lets you choke me for a bit then slowly pulls back to tease you with my tongue, laughing at your thoughts*

Alec: *moans again, hands finding your hair again, trying to pull you back down on me*

Lucifer: I can always let you go back to sleep. *breathes right against your skin*

Alec: *growls menacingly* don't you dare stop *pulls your hair more*

Lucifer: Or what? *gives you another lick* You'll hurt me? You'll force me to pleasure you with my mouth?

Alec: *frowns* just fucking blow me or fuck me, I don't give a damn which

Lucifer: *laughs* Temper, Alec. *finally stops teasing you even though I do enjoy toying with you, hums a little as I take you in my mouth again, licking and sucking*

Alec: *moans loudly again, hips pushing up again, desperate to have you take me all in again the way no one else on the planet could do*

Lucifer: *has to admit that flattery will get you pretty much anything you want, relaxes my throat to take you all the way in, not even bothering to breathe anymore*

Alec: *moans deep in my throat, mouth falling open as I spread my legs farther because damn, you're too fucking good at that*

Lucifer: *works my hands under you to grab your ass and lift you up to me, pleasuring you with my tongue and encouraging you to use me*

Alec: *moans out again, bucking up, pushing myself into your mouth, hands grasping your hair to pull you onto my cock*

Lucifer: *massages your ass, thinking how amusing it is that you have such a thing for my hair, hums a little around you*

Alec: *growls, writhing under your ministrations, fingers running through your hair a bit, then gripping it again*

Lucifer: *closes my eyes and focuses all my talent on pleasuring you, letting you control the way you're fucking my mouth, feeling perfectly happy for a rare moment*

Alec: *makes a series of odd noises practically gurgling with pleasure as you do the things you do, my body beginning to quicken with my need*

Lucifer: *sucks harder, thirsty and wanting to taste your seed on my tongue*

Alec: *moans louder stilll, then practically howls as I buck up again, cumming hard*

Lucifer: *pulls back just enough to actually taste your release and moans deep in my throat, starts sucking you dry*

Alec: *yelps, thrasing about* Lucifer, stop!!

Lucifer: *would sulk if I could and slowly pull back, giving your cock one last lick*

Alec: *shudders, moans again* bloody hell!

Lucifer: *sighs a bit at that one, then simply nuzzles your belly, waiting for you to return to your body or something*

Alec: *panting loudly, moans again* soooo worth waking up for

Lucifer: Of course it is. Was there ever any doubt? *smirks*

Alec: *chuckles, reaching to pull you up to me* your mouth is magic

Lucifer: Of course it is. *not even smugly, just stating a fact, wraps myself around you*

Alec: *tries to make myself your second skin* best thing I've ever felt

Lucifer: Good. That way I won't have to keep you chained to the bed. *kisses your neck*

Alec: *chuckles* not like I have anything else i'd rather be doing

Lucifer: You keep sleeping. It's really annoying. *nibbles*

Alec: *pokes you* so magic me awake

Lucifer: Well, I could, but it would drive you insane. *plays with a nipple*

Alec: *moans, writhing a bit* so? Not like I need a brain here

Lucifer: *frowns a bit, would miss you if you went insane, not that I would admit it* Uh uh. *pinches*

Alec: *jerks* uhhhh *runs hands all over you* you're the one wanting me awake all the time

Lucifer: You're a fragile little thing. *soothes with my tongue*

Alec: *moans again, hands working over your body* am not

Lucifer: You are. A week without sleeping and you'd be seeing critters climbing the walls. *presses myself into your hands*

Alec: okay *squeezes your cock* be something interesting to do anyway

Lucifer: *frowns and is about to say something, then moans and falls back into the mattress*

Alec: *squeezes again, begins to slow jerk your cock, my mouth finding your neck, sucking there*

Lucifer: *tugs on your too short hair to keep your mouth there and fucks your hand, moaning loudly*

Alec: *jerks you harder, teeth digging against your flesh, still sucking*

Lucifer: Hurt me... *whispers and tugs harder on your hair*

Alec: *moans, bites really hard, fingers gripping more, jerking you roughly*

Lucifer: *feels my cock jumping in your grasp and throws my head back, baring even more of my skin to you*

Alec: *growls against your skin, licking your neck, moving down to bite another spot, still jerking you*

Lucifer: *pants softly and arches my hips to fuck your hand, calling out your name*

Alec: *bites harder, rolling you over more so I can jerk your faster*

Lucifer: *gets a death grip on your shoulders and writhes under you, closing my eyes when I finally come in your hand, screaming*

Alec: *keeps working your cock through the after shocks, still feeling you buck as I suck your skin*

Lucifer: *doesn't tell you to stop even though I'm getting to be too sensitive. moans and runs my fingers through you rhair*

Alec: *sucks more, then lets go of your neck, begins to squirm downward to lick you clean*

Lucifer: *is quite happy that you also have an oral obsession, gently pushes you down*

Alec: *laps up the mess on your belly, groans, dips lower to suck you into my mouth*

Lucifer: *hisses a bit, bucks up a little* Alec...

Alec: mmmm *mumbles around your cock, sucking you clean*

Lucifer: I can't be killed, you know. *remarkably unsteady voice*

Alec: mmmhmmm *mumbles more around your cock, begins to suck harder*

Lucifer: *curses in a language you wouldn't recognize, tries to choke you with my cock anyway*

Alec: mmmph *eyes bug, but keeps you in my mouth, nearly biting you*

Lucifer: *laughs like a madman, wouldn't really care if you bit me but eases up a bit to let you breathe*

Alec: *gasps a bit, still keeping you in my mouth, tongue moving around the head of your cock*

Lucifer: Keep that up and I'll fuck you until you're screaming... *dark little whisper, pets your hair*

Alec: *moans around you, thinking that would be just fine with me*

Lucifer: *moans and lets you suck me for a bit longer, enjoying your mouth too much, then finally pulls away and flips you over* As you wish...

Alec: *makes a startled yelp, then laughs, spreading my legs and wrapping them around you*

Lucifer: Little slut. *affectionate voice, lightly brushes my lips against yours*

Alec: *moans against your lips, legs tightening around you*

Lucifer: *slowly eases myself in you, only helped by your saliva, moaning at the friction*

Alec: *moans louder still, legs spreading wider as I relax to take your huge cock*

Lucifer: Mine. *bites your shoulder as I force you to take it all, enjoys feeling all your internal muscles gripping me*

Alec: *moans, bucking against you as you move so hard in me* fuck *moans* good

Lucifer: Hmhm. *can only moan in agreement as I start fucking you in earnest, pining you down with one hand when you start squirming too much*

Alec: *reaches around you, begins to methodically scratch the hell out of your back*

Lucifer: *growls at the back of my throat but strangely enough, doesn't try to stop you* I'm supposed to do that to you... *bites your lips*

Alec: *yelps against your mouth, nails digging in more*

Lucifer: *chuckles and uses my strength to slam into you, nailing your prostate*

Alec: *screams, bucking up hard, practically seeing stars*

Lucifer: Oh, you can scream louder... *voice thick with lust, grabs a hold of your poor abused cock and keeps fucking you into oblivion*

Alec: *screams pretty much nonstop, bucking hard*

Lucifer: *jerks you roughly, watching your face as I keep plunging deep into your body, loving nothing more in this forsaken life than doing this to you*

Alec: *screams myself hoarse, writhing under you, bucking more, then finally cumming again weakly between us*

Lucifer: *raises my hand to my mouth to lick it clean, on the verge of coming myself but still using you for my pleasure*

Alec: *eyes bug, jerks more* nooooo

Lucifer: Yes... *laughs and finally lets myself come, not so much in the mood to torture you this morning, kissing you hard and possessively instead*

Alec: *jerks, shudders under you, moaning as my voice is pretty much fucked*

Lucifer: I'd eat you up if I could.. *licks the sweat from your skin, finally slowing down and letting myself fall on top of you*

Alec: *moans, arms reaching around you* mmm *throat totally trashed*

Lucifer: So fragile. *chuckles and kiss your throat*

Alec: *groans, licks my lips and squeezes you inside me*

Lucifer: *shivers all over, nips you* Don't make me fuck you again.

Alec: *moans, eyes bug at that*

Lucifer: *chuckles* How's your throat?

Alec: *groans, rolls my eyes*

Lucifer: Poor baby. *laughs, then presses one long ragged black fingernail against my throat* Here, drink... *cuts myself deeply and tugs on your hair to get your mouth on the wound*

Alec: *groans again, but does as you suggest, mouth moving to your throat, lips sealing against the warm, salty fluid as it begins to seep from the wound*

Lucifer: *moans when I feel you drinking my blood and pets your hair, keeping you there, knowing it will heal you almost instantly*

Alec: *feels the odd sensation of warmth spreading through me, body invigorated as I suck harder, swallowing more deeply*

Lucifer: *rocks a little against you and shivers all over, letting you drink as much as you want*

Alec: *clings to you, loving the way your blood feels like something touching me everywhere at once*

Lucifer: *thinks I might actually come for a third time, tries to press you closer even though it is not possible*

Alec: *moans against your throat, sucking harder now*

Lucifer: *clutches you to me, leaving bruises on you when I cry out again, my orgasm sneaking up on me and making me writhe helplessly on top of you*

Alec: mmmph *eyes bug, wasnt expecting that, keeps tonguing across the rip in your throat*

Lucifer: *finally has to tug on your hair to get you to stop, practically shaking all over and breathing hard*

Alec: *stops, blood on my lips, licks them a bit, eyes glazed over*

Lucifer: *fuck, I love you...* *only keeps running shaky hands all over your body and bites my tongue to keep silent*

Alec: *swallows hard again, looks at you for another brief moment, then pulls your face to mine, kissing you hard*

Lucifer: *kisses you back desperately, fighting to get control of the kiss and my feelings*

Alec: *kisses you harder, hands grasping at you*

Lucifer: *gasps into your mouth, suspecting sounding like I'm sobbing for a second though my eyes stay dry, finally breaks the kiss though I'm pretty much clinging to you, buries my face against your neck*

Alec: *wraps all my bits around you, not willing to let go for anything just now*
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