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A Plot To Kill Me Is Revealed!

Joelle: *goes looking for you, asking directions along the way for aphrodite's temple, pausing in front of the huge stone structure, eyeing it. This must be it, I suppose...*

Cupid: *is in my home on Mt Olympus, chasing after my son who is being nothing but naughty once again. He's too much like his grandma*

Joelle: *wanders in the temple, wandering around, eyeing the urns and such. wonders where you'd be hiding*

Cupid: *is completely ignoring the place cuz DUH! It's mom's temple*

Joelle: *um. how does one do this? hollers* CUPID!

Cupid: *is just in the midst of leaning around my favorite vase, looking for him when there is a suddenly shrill scream of my name echoing through the room, which scares Hades out me and makes me knock it over, growls* ooooh! That's WAY NOT FAIR!!

Joelle: *wonders if I'm going about it the wrong way, pokes and prods around the temple*

Cupid: *tries to pick up the pieces before my toddler gets to it, grumbling about inconsiderate mortals*

Joelle: *mutters something about supposed gods. tries again* CUPID!!!

Cupid: *jumps, dropping all the stuff again, growls then pops into the temple at the Resort* Okay okay stop or something *petulant tone*

Joelle: *blinks, turning around to eye you* Okay. I'll stop I guess... *beams at you* Will you let me kill you?

Cupid: *pops pops open, staring at you agape*

Joelle: *stares back at you*

Cupid: *blinks again, shakes my head to clear it* I'm hearing things or something

Joelle: Oh. well. That's not good.

Cupid: *blinks more, stares* what's your name little girl?

Joelle: Joelle. *stares back at you*

Cupid: *cocks head looking at you* did you just ask what I think you just asked?

Joelle: *blinks back at you* What did you think I just asked?

Cupid: Well I think you asked to kill me, but that can't be right

Joelle: Why not? *is genuinely curious*

Cupid: *eyes widen* people dont ask to kill, they just do it

Joelle: Well, I thought it was the polite thing to do. *nods*

Cupid: *stares more* you're too cute to be a killer really. This is a joke right? *looks around* Mom, are you up to something? *I call, looking round more*

Joelle: Joke? *stares back at you*

Cupid: Yeah. You can't really want to kill me. Everyone loves me!

Joelle: Oh, well. I'm sure I'll like you too, but I need to kill you so I can learn Aramaic. *sounds logical to me*

Cupid: *stares at you now, that just does not compute*

Joelle: *beams back at you. pleased with my logic*

Cupid: That doesn't make any sense at all

Joelle: *blinks* It doesn't? Sounds logical to me. *nods*

Cupid: *shakes head no* how does killing me help you learn a language?

Joelle: Well, if I kill you, Lucifer'll teach me Aramaic! *beams at you*

Cupid: *eyes bug* he asked you to kill me?

Joelle: Well. Not exactly. Alec hinted that he would if I killed you. *apologetic*

Cupid: *pouts some* that's way not fair!

Joelle: *blinks at you*

Cupid: They're ganging up on me!

Joelle: I'm sorry? *looks kinda sorry for you*

Cupid: *is totally pulling my best spoiled brat face* but you wanna kill me!

Joelle: Well, I really want to learn Aramaic, and I tried grovelling and everything. But he won't teach me.

Cupid: *still pouting* I'm not going to do anything that they're going to enjoy, no way! Has to be a different way

Joelle: Can -you- come up with a different way? *curious*

Cupid: *cocks head looking at you for a bit, then suddenly my entire face lights up, lips curling into a devious smile*

Joelle: *eyes you curiously. is not yet afraid of said smile*

Cupid: I can think of a way, yeah, but you can't tell Chase a thing or she'll take my powers away again

Joelle: Okay... *is all ears*

Cupid: I'm going to make Alec fall in love with you. You have to tell Lucifer that he has to teach you or I'm never taking off the love charm

Joelle: *stares* But I don't want to steal Alec away from Lucifer.

Cupid: *shrugs* if Alec is taken from him, you'll have a bargaining chip

Joelle: Oooh. True. *ponders this* Okay. *perks* When do we start and what do we do?

Cupid: *wicked grin* you know where Alec lives?

Joelle: Uh huh

Cupid: *wide grin* you have to go there. I can't be seen with you or he'll probably try to kill me himself. Get him to open the door and I'll hit him with the love spell. You'll be the first person he sees because he'll be looking at you

Joelle: Okay. *nods* I'll go do that then... and then what?

Cupid: Then Alec will be doing everything within his power to get you to want him and totally be ignoring Lucifer. You will have to tell Lucifer that I put a spell on Alec and if he tells Chase, I'll never take it off. That he has to teach you for me to remove the spell

Joelle: Okay. *beams at you* I'll go now then. Thanks for all your help.

Cupid: *giggles, clapping my hands* this is so COOL!

Joelle: *has left the temple and is heading in the direction of Alec's house*

Cupid: *pops into a nether form, spirit following you, getting my arrow ready for Alec*
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