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Wherein Joelle Wants Permission to Kill...

Joelle *goes looking for the owner/person-in-charge of the resort. wonder where... ah. knocks on the door*

Chase *looks up at my door frowning, never a moment's peace around here* It's open *thinks it'll be some gaggle of teens trying to hunt up another of Elijah or Orli's character pups*

Joelle *pokes my head in* Hi... I'm wondering if I could get permission to kill

Joelle Cupid for a bit.

Chase *blinks, staring at you* what on Earth for?

Joelle Well, I'm trying to learn Aramaic, but Luci won't teach me Aramaic unless I do something that gets his attention, and Alec tells me that killing Cupid would do the trick. *thinks that's a very logical explanation*

Chase *blinks, still staring at you* So you just thought killing someone would be okay?

Joelle Well, no, I normally wouldn't go around killing people. But I really want to learn Aramaic, and they do come back, don't they? *hopefully*

Chase *stares at you more* of course they do, but that's beside the point.

Joelle *blinks at you* Hmmm?

Chase *eyes you* Alec is just trying to use you to kill Cupid in a way they can get away with

Joelle *blinks at you* Huh? *is so not getting it*

Chase Lucifer killed Cupid and lost his powers for a while for it. If Alec kills Cupid he knows he'll get in trouble. So this is his way of using you to do it

Joelle *sighs* Well, I guess it was a good idea while it lasted. I really wanted to learn Aramaic.

Chase There must be some other way. You should play to Lucifer's vanity somehow *eyes you* My name is Chase, by the way. And you are?

Joelle Joelle. *tentative smile* Well, I tried asking nicely, and that begging thing. I don't think I grovel very well. *apologetically*

Chase *eyes widen* well he's not much into anyone but Alec lately anyway.

Joelle Well. I don't want to sleep with him, so you know. I didn't think that that'd be a problem.

Chase Well, considering you want his attention it does make a bit of a difference

Joelle It does? *blinks again*

Chase Yes *nods* if he was interested at all in women, the groveling might work better

Joelle Well. You did say he was only interested in Alec.

Chase *nods yes* they're desperately in love with each other, not that they'll say that to anyone else *smirks because I find that highly amusing*

Joelle Desperately in love! The devil is desperately in love! *eyes are huge*

Chase *nods yes* They think no one knows but we do

Joelle Why don't you tell them that you know?

Chase Well I'm pretty sure they know that I know. I own this place, and therefore know what all of them are up to

Joelle Oh. But what's the problemw ith other people knowing?

Chase *smirks* They're supposed to be evil and above that sort of emotion

Joelle Which they obviously aren't. *nods*

Chase *chuckles* dont say that to them, they'll come unglued

Joelle *grins, picturing Luci all decked in pink and mushy* That's pretty cute, I'd say. What else could I do that would persuade Luci to teach me Aramaic?

Chase *shrugs* other than being evil, I really cant think of a thing

Joelle So I can't kill Cupid at all?

Chase Well seeing as I dont even let the character pups kill each other, I can hardly condone guests doing it, can I?

Joelle *ponders* What if he agreed to let me kill him? Would that work?

Chase *shrugs* sure. If he did, I guess I could let that happen

Joelle *beams* Well then. Where do I go and find Cupid?

Chase *eyes you* I suggest you go to the Aphrodite temple he insisted we build and call out for him

Joelle Okay then. *beams at you* Thanks!

Chase *smirks and nods* my pleasure *at least much more intersting conversation that a bunch of squeeing teens*

Joelle *disappears out the door in search of cupid, wondering if he'll let me kill him.*

Chase *stares after you, then shakes my head with a chuckle, going back to my work*
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