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OOC: This is a little birthday pressie for the lovely enchanteresse:

Alec: *I have been reading for sometime, and only just recently begun to wonder where Lucifer has got off to this time. He's been worrying me more and more lately with his longer absences*

Joelle: *eyes the house. well. that's where they said Luci stays, so. rings the bell*

Alec: *jumps, book flying out of my hands when the bell is rung* bloody hell! *haven't heard that in months. No one ever comes here. It's then I remember that Lucifer had to come to the door when he lost his powers. I rush to the door thinking he may have done it again, pulling it open expectantly*

Joelle: *blinks stares up at you* Um. Hi, I'm Joelle, and I'm looking for Lucifer?

Alec: *eyes you, then they widen* you're a girl! *is sooo not at all what I was expecting to find out here*

Joelle: Um, yeah, last I checked, I was female... *thinks you're a little mad*

Alec: *eyes still trained on you, now suddenly suspicious* why are you looking for Lucifer? *doesn't bother to invite you in*

Joelle: I just wanted to learn Aramaic, is all. *nods, blinking up at you*

Alec: *blinks a few times, watching you* I thought he told you what he thought about teaching you?

Joelle: He did teach me to say devil in Aramaic. *nods* And he said something about grovelling. So I said okay. *nods* I'm not really good at this grovelling thing though. I don't suppose you know how? *eyes you hopefully*

Alec: *arches my brows* do I look like the sort of person that grovels?

Joelle: Well. *shrugs* I don't know. People never look like what they seem. And besides, you're with Lucifer, and he seems to like the whole grovelling thing. I thought you might know how to...

Alec: *rolls eyes* he likes the whole evil thing too, do the math

Joelle: Well, yeah, you're that bad guy from James Bond. *nods* But, do you know where I can find him?

Alec: *eyes you, thinks you're insane* No

Joelle: Oh. *face falls* I guess... *sighs* Any tips on how to find him?

Alec: Kill someone, then kill yourself. You're sure to go to hell

Joelle: ... But I don't believe in hell, and I don't want to go out and randomly kill people. *nods*

Alec: Well then you have a little problem, don't you?

Joelle: *nods* Yeah, yeah. I do. *bites lip* There's no other way?

elvinlordcsokas: *gasps, moaning and arching up a bit more*

Alec: *eyes you, ponders ways to make you do things against your will* you might try finding a local satanic cult and offering yourself up as virgin sacrifice

Joelle: *stares* But I'm not a virgin.

Alec: *eyes widen a bit* you're kidding, right? *eyes you, finds that hard to believe*

Joelle: *shakes head* Not really, no. Why would I joke about something like that? *curious*

Alec: *shrugs* people joke about a lot of things that have nothing to do with reality. Most people just call it lying though

Joelle: Well. Why would I lie about being a virgin? What do I get out of it?

Alec: *shrugs* status?

Joelle: *stares* Status?!

Alec: Yes, some people offer up sexual prowess as a way of getting information *knows that fact very intimately*

Joelle: How? *curiously. is infinitely intrigued. loves to learn how to get information*

Alec: *long suffering sigh* by offering yourself up in a wanton fashion, fucking a man senseless and then talking to him while he's feeling disarmed

Joelle: *ponders this* Would that work with Lucifer, do you think?

Alec: Not for you *and if you try I'll kill you*

Joelle: *face falls* Oh. Nuts. Is there some way I can get him to teach me Aramaic? Please? *wonders if that fucking thing will work on you. um. problem. how does one act wanton?*

Alec: *eyes you curiously* he taught you one word

Joelle: So? It's a whole language. *aggrieved* Nobody else knows how to speak Aramaic, really. One word... It's like knowing how to say one word in English. And that's it.

Alec: *shrugs* has to be someone that knows it. How else would people translate finds in archeaology finds?

Joelle: But they aren't fluent. It's not their first language. Contrary to popular belief, one doesn't get completely fluent with a language not their own. Lucifer was the original. He knows Aramaic. He was steeped in that tradition. *nods tons* He's a more valuable resource.

Alec: Well don't get used to the idea of ever getting more from him

Joelle: He'll say no, won't he? *sighs, sticks hands in pockets* Well, thanks I guess.

Alec: *nods yes* he'll say no until something about saying yes strikes his funny bone

Joelle: *perks* What sorts of things strike his funny bone?

Alec: death *wide smile*

Joelle: Oh. Um. What sort of death? Would animal death count? *could probably kill a chicken or something*

Alec: *eyes you, shakes my head no*

Joelle: Oh. It must be human death? *wonders if i could ask chase to kill somebody on the resort who would return if that would bring Luci around to helping me*

Alec: *nods yes, then grins mischieviously* or you could kill cupid. That might please him for a bit

Joelle: *makes note to self. kill cupid in particular* Okay. I'll see what I can do. Thanks for your help. *beams at you*

Alec: *eyes widen* wasn't aware I'd really helped

Joelle: You were a great help. *hugs you impulsively* Thanks so much.

Alec: *eyes bug when you do that, does NOT hug back*

Joelle: *is all happy and perky now* Tell Lucifer I said hi when you next see him, okay? *beams at you* You're really lucky. He's a nice guy.

Alec: *eyes widen even more* are we talking about the same person?

Joelle: Lucifer. Black lips and nails, abrasive personality... *nods lots* Has magic powers?

Alec: *blinks a few times* well I guess we are *suspects you're a raging mental case*

Joelle: *nods* He's kinda cute I guess. *shrugs* Well. The girls at home would call him adorable or something probably. *nods* But yeah. Tell him I said hello, and that they've taken Barney off circulation. *nods more*

Alec: *blinks a few times listening to you babble* right. Barney. Okay then *definitely off her nut*

Joelle: Yeah. Barney. Purple dinosaur. Sings that Love song. *nods* Luci knows what I'm talking about.

Alec: *eyes you* I might remember to ask him sometime

Joelle: You might not want to do that. He's not particularly fond of Barney. *nods knowledgeably*

Alec: *eyes you* well I'm guessing you're the same girl he'd mentioned meeting before. He's not too terribly fond of you either

Joelle: Oh. *face falls* What did he say about me?

Alec: I don't recall

Joelle: Oh. *bites lip* Okay. *shrugs. little defeated now* Well. I like him. He's kinda nice. I suppose I'll stop bothering you now then. Thanks for your help, Mister.

Alec: *raises a brow, finds you a somewhat amusing diversion to my day* it's Trevelyan. Alec Trevelyan

Joelle: Trevelyan. *nods* Well. It was nice to meet you, Mr. Trevelyan. *turns to walk down the path, wondering if talking with Chase would help any*

Alec: *eyes follow you as you go, hoping you take that Cupid thing to heart. That would be amusing*
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