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Joelle: *has been wandering around the resort looking for... THERE HE IS! goes over. is all excited.*

Lucifer: *looks up from my book and stares, I had already forgotten all about that silly girl* You're *still* here? *totally disgusted expression*

Joelle: Looks like it, doesn't it? *beams at you and then sits down next to you* Good book?

Lucifer: Yes... *keeps staring at you as if you were an annoying fly*

Joelle: *is used to your being all annoying. you are the devil, after all* I wanted to see if you'd teach me Aramaic.

Lucifer: .... *stares*

Joelle: *stares back, waiting patiently*

Lucifer: I told you already, give me your soul and I'll teach you whatever language you want. *starts reading my book again, expecting you to go away*

Joelle: Why are you so fixated on souls? And how does one trade in a soul, anyway?

Lucifer: *looks up again* *considers suicide to get out of talking to you* Well, I'm the devil, that's why I'm so fixated on souls. *patient voice that one uses on a child. a very dumb child, too*

Joelle: Yes, I know that. But WHY?

Lucifer: *blinks at you* You really can't be that dumb. I get the souls of the evildoers, yadda, yadda, read the bible lately?

Joelle: But what if I don't believe in the bible and don't believe in souls? Then what?

Lucifer: Well, if you were in my world I'd say you go to hell anyway. You're not in my world, though. *sighs deeply and puts down my book, wonders what I have done to deserve you*

Joelle: I know. So now what?

Lucifer: Now what? *stares at you* Now you're bothering me, apparently.

Joelle: Well. I just really want to learn aramaic. *nods*

Lucifer: Beg then. *smirks, actually beginning to enjoy myself a bit*

Joelle: *blinks at you* Beg? How?

Lucifer: *sighs and shakes my head* How do you manage to get laid if you're that damn oblivious?

Joelle: I don't. *beams at you. is perfectly fine with not getting laid, really*

Lucifer: You decided to become a nun? *sarcastic voice*

Joelle: Can't. *nods* 'M not Catholic.

Lucifer: Oh good. Catholics are terribly annoying. Now that we established I won't teach you anything without some begging on your part, why don't you go away?

Joelle: Well. How does one beg? *nods* If you show me how, I'll beg. And then you can teach me Aramaic.

Lucifer: I have another idea. Why don't you go ask someone else to teach you how to beg and then you can come back to practice your skills on me? *doesn't plan to let you find me a third time*

Joelle: *is not about to leave, now that I've found you. is quite determined to stick to you like a barnacle until i get what I want, thankyouverymuch* Oh fine then. *makes no move to leave* What do you look for in a good beg?

Lucifer: *smirks as I read your mind, is very determined to send you away if you won't leave yourself* Well, you could start by grovelling at my feet.

Joelle: *curiously* How does one grovel?

Lucifer: *throws a dictionary at your head, narrowly missing you*

Joelle: *eyes the dictionary* I know what it is, but somehow, grovelling is never quite properly explained.

Lucifer: Fine. Kneeling naked at my feet would be a good begining. *smirks*

Joelle: Why naked? You aren't even into me anyway.

Lucifer: That's the way one traditionally grovels. *pats your head as if you were an eager little dog* Don't worry, little girl, I don't like women much.

Joelle: *blinks at you* Okay. And then what after that?

Lucifer: You tell me how powerful and beautiful and terrible I am. *nods*

Joelle: *blinks at you. is trying to to compute that. is analyzing this grovelling thing* Is that the flattery bit? Make the person feel good about themselves? *is taking note in my head*

Lucifer: *smirks* It's the rush of power, actually.

Joelle: What rush of power? *clueless and willing to learn*

Lucifer: *throws my head back and starts laughing* You're so lucky I'm not looking for minions these days.

Joelle: Excuse me? *confused at the change of subject*

Lucifer: You'd make a lovely minion, if I could get you to be mute. *nods to myself*

Joelle: Why would I be a lovely minion? *is intrigued at the idea*

Lucifer: You're pretty for a girl. *smirks*

Joelle: *blinkblink* I am? *stares down at self* Are you sure? *stares back at you. was never noticed for my prettiness*

Lucifer: *shrugs* It's not exactly like I'd try to flatter you. *waves my hand at you* Go back to your hotel room and learn to ask nicely. Then maybe I'll teach you a few words.

Joelle: *blinks back at you* Will you please teach me Aramaic? *is very polite and really really wants to learn*

Lucifer: You're not cowering at my feet. *tsks at you*

Joelle: Oh. Right. *attempts to cower at your feet. is not really good at this cowering thing, but should at least get points for trying, cuz cowering isn't in my vocabulary.* Would you please teach me Aramaic, oh one of great power?

Lucifer: *bites my lips, looking for all the world like I'm about to burst laughing any second now. Dear god, this must the worse attempt at sucking up to me I have ever seen* Fine. The word for devil in Aramaic is 0wydd. It's pronounced D'D,aYOaA. *smirks*

Joelle: *blinks. attempts to pronounce it. keyword being "attempts"*

Lucifer: *shakes my head at you, repeats it again, correcting your pronunciation* Terrible.

Joelle: *tries again with some improvement in pronunciation*

Lucifer: Slightly better. There might be hope for you yet. *opens my book again, finds where I was at and starts reading*

Joelle: *keeps repeating it over* That better?

Lucifer: Well, it's recognizable now. *distracted voice*

Joelle: Okay. *keeps repeating it in my head. that word = devil.... eyes you* Do I have to go through the whole process for a second word?

Lucifer: Actually, I think that's enough for today. *is bored now, turns a page*

Joelle: Okay then. You're the teacher. *plops back on the seat next to you*

Lucifer: *eyes you over my book* That means you can go away.

Joelle: Why would I? *is honestly puzzled*

Lucifer: Don't you have friends, other places to be, something?

Joelle: Not really no. *is also fine with that, actually* There's Barney on TV. *shudders*

Lucifer: *stares at you with an appalled expression* Go away. Now. *is done being polite*

Joelle: *lost puppy expression* Now? I won't bother you or anything. I'll just sit here quietly. *nods lots*

Lucifer: *snorts, starts reading again*

Joelle: *sits quietly. is pondering the word, turning it over in my head. devildevildevildevildevil*

Lucifer: Stop thinking so loudly. *flips another page*

Joelle: *blinks* Thinking loudly? *so confused*

Lucifer: Hmhm. *starts on a new chapter*

Joelle: Okay... *is very confused about this thinking loudly thing. is now pondering the idea that one can think loudly*

Lucifer: *is trying to ignore you but is totally unsuccessful at it, finds your mental processes terribly annoying* Go away.

Joelle: *is so not paying attention, is pondering this thinking loudly thing*

Lucifer: *finally gets fed up with pretending to be a nice demon, snaps my fingers and sends you back to your hotel room. Awww... blessed silence*

Joelle: *appears in my hotel room.* ...

Lucifer: *sighs happily and starts reading again, knows that nobody else is stupid enough to come talk to me*
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