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Alec: *I take a few steps farther up the trail we've been hiking, then turn back to look at you with a grin* ahh common Lucifer. I thought you'd be happy to run off and kill things

Lucifer: *wanders in after you, my hands shoved in my pockets, looking like the very picture of boredom. The only thing that entertained me so far has been to watch your ass* It's too easy.

Alec: well then quit using your powers. You can actually ignore them cant you? Try to pretend it might actually take some skill

Lucifer: *raises an eyebrow* Can you stop yourself from breathing for very long? *wonders if I should tell you we just missed another animal by just a few feet, then decides you look too happy pretending to be a mighty hunter to shatter your illusions*

Alec: *rolls eyes* long enough to kill something sure *waits for you to catch up to me* rather just fuck in the woods? Give the elves something to talk about for a few days *is well aware there was an animal there, and that we've been tracked by the elves for quite some time now*

Lucifer: *grins a bit* I thought you wanted to hunt, not fuck me in the woods. I don't see why the Elves should have a free show. May their hair tangle forever. *smirks*

Alec: *laughs* ah now Lucifer, was that nice? They're not using their woods lore to tangle us in the underbrush you know

Lucifer: Oh, I'd just love to see them try. *leans against a tree, still wearing my eternal black and being less than invisible in the forest*

Alec: *rolls eyes, shakes my head at you* you're not the only one with powers at the resort

Lucifer: Oh, I realize that. We're not part of the same story, so it would be interesting to see who would win, don't you think? *winks at you*

Alec: *smirks* be a fun fight to watch, in any regard

Lucifer: You better bet that I will win, Alec, or I'll be very crossed. *looks up at the sky, decides that the yellow ball up there is far too bright and puts on sunglasses*

Alec: *smiles* always bet on you

Lucifer: *would normally mock you for being sappy, but I don't quite think it's worth it in this particular instance. Not that I'm getting soft or anything* Finding anything to kill? *cock a brow at you*

Alec: you know very well I'm only interested in venison and all we've encountered in small game

Lucifer: Maybe the Elves are hiding them. *grins*

Alec: *smirks* I wouldn't put it past them

Lucifer: Are you going to sulk if you don't find anything to kill? *figures we really won't find anything if I just stay here and starts walking again*

Alec: *shakes head no* it was just something to do

Lucifer: *grins* Making love to you all night wasn't entertainment enough?

Alec: *blinks, still finding it odd when you call it making love, but not complaining in the least, grins* thats pretty much all we do though, right? You seemed bored

Lucifer: *blinks too since I actually meant to say fucking, scratches my beard* I get bored easily. It has nothing to do with you. *distractedly bends down to pick up a flower and ends up tucking it behind your ear*

Alec: *blinks at you, then smirks* a flower?

Lucifer: I like flowers. You have a problem with that?

Alec: *arches a brow* I dont think its a very manly look on me

Lucifer: *stares at you as if you had lost your mind*

Alec: *watches you* what?

Lucifer: Alec. *still staring* Taking it up in the ass hasn't been considered manly by most cultures on Earth. That's just a flower.

Alec: *arches a brow* thats not something I do for the gratification of others either *watches you* I thought you preferred to eat flowers?

Lucifer: *cocks my head to the side, still watching you* I only do it if I'm trying to freak out a mortal, actually. I quite like flowers as they are. They're pretty.

Alec: *smirks a bit* does it work to freak them out?

Lucifer: Well, she looked pretty scared, don't you think? *grins* I like theatrical gestures.

Alec: *chuckles* I think she was ready to piss herself before that

Lucifer: *puts my arm around your waist as we keep walking, also determined to stop you from taking off the flower* She was pretty boring, yes.

Alec: *smiles, pushing my gun back in my waistband, wanders up the trail with you, doing my best to ignore the flower* do you still miss that? The tormenting?

Lucifer: Not really. I could torment you if I wanted to, really. *grins*

Alec: *smirks* what makes you think you dont?

Lucifer: *rolls my eyes* I can see how much I torment you, with the shadows under your eyes and everything. Be serious, will you? You've never been afraid of me.

Alec: *smirks* well its not that kind of torment though, is it?

Lucifer: I could keep you on the brink or orgasm for hours without letting you come. *thoughtful voice, sounds like I'm actually considering it for a second* Is that more the kind of torment you'd enjoy?

Alec: *groans* well you know I would. still, you do torment me daily

Lucifer: How? *grins, snatches another flower as we walk by, puts it behind your other ear*

Alec: *groans when you do that* well its the feelings I'm completely unprepared to deal with *smiles and looks at you, willing self to keep from batting the flowers away*

Lucifer: What feelings? *is amused by how silly you look with the flowers*

Alec: *stops to pick a flower, puts one in your hair, see how you like it* the being in love feelings *there, I said it, not such a completely dirty word after all*

Lucifer: *readjusts the flower at a better angle, doesn't even bat an eye* It's a very dirty word. *fervently hopes that an animal you could kill will stumble in front of us in the next five seconds to distract you*

Alec: *blinks, watching you* you're the one managed to say it first, and more than once *shrugs* its not at all something I'm used to and yet you continue to torment me with it every day

Lucifer: It wasn't my doing. *carefully doesn't look at you* I'm not worth loving, I'd tell you to quit it if i wasn't terribly selfish.

Alec: *continues watching you, the hunt and woods all but forgotten, pushes a bit of hair away from your face again* it is your doing. I've not suffered it before

Lucifer: You're making it sound like I put a spell on you. It wasn't my doing, I tell you. *shivers a bit when your hand brushes against my face*

Alec: *leans to nip at one pouty black lip* but you did put a spell on me, knowingly or not.

Lucifer: *still isn't terribly comfortable with those kind of romantic talk, lets you nip on me for a bit before pulling away* I'm not worth loving. No wonder you think I'm tormenting you. *starts walking ahead of you*

Alec: *arches a brow, follows after you* most would say the same of me you know. *admires your ass as you walk ahead of me*

Lucifer: *can't help but laugh a little* Stop ogling my ass, you're supposed to be hunting. And no, most people wouldn't say the same of you.

Alec: Yes they would. Nearly 50 years old and never once did anyone utter the word love to me before you. Not quite the stellar track record *continues staring at your ass because yes, its quite stunning really*

Lucifer: *grins at your sillyness* Did you ever actually bother talking to people over a meal, just for the hell of it? I thought you were consummed by your... hm, let's call it work.

Alec: *smirks* I was always working. But then again, a lot of my work had to do with seducing women, and sometimes men. None of them ever loved me

Lucifer: How can you love an illusion? *shrugs, looks up at a bird singing on a tree*

Alec: *shrugs* I have no idea *stops to look where you do, wondering why this particular bird caught your interest*

Lucifer: That's all you were, an illusion. When you were trying to seduce those people. *frowns at the bird*

Alec: *shrugs* okay, so no one knew me. Other people go through life like that and still find something to love

Lucifer: You know, I don't think that specie even exists. *abruptly starts walking again* You don't strike me as the type who was looking for something to love either.

Alec: I didnt think I was *quits looking at the bird, follows you again*

Lucifer: Well, there you go. How could you have some immortal and tragic love story then? *feels the flower about to slip and puts it back in place*

Alec: I have no idea. Its not as if I planned for us either you know

Lucifer: I was feeling all pleased that I had managed to put the spotlight back on you and away from me, too. *shakes head*

Alec: *smirks* I'll repeatedly remind you that you're the one brought this on

Lucifer: Just because I let the word love past my my lips one evening... humph.

Alec: *smirks* its been more than once *is busily watching your backside again, pondering doing all sorts of wicked things to you up against a tree*

Lucifer: *smirks, wondering if you will actually do any of those wicked things* Well, once I said it, there was no point to lying about it. Are you planning on actually hunting anything?

Alec: *smirks* you, at the very least. Though if we find any decent sized game, might even shoot something else later

Lucifer: Oh, now I'm your prey? *snorts*

Alec: *leers, stepping nearer to you* uh huh

Lucifer: *keeps lazily strolling along, not taking your threat the least bit seriously* Love you. *grins, thinking that will at least freak you out a bit*

Alec: *blinks, steps quicker, then suddenly tackles you*

Lucifer: *manages to catch myself before I end up face first into the dirt, starts laughing* I lost my flower!

Alec: *laughs and nips at the back of your neck*

Lucifer: You're never going to catch anything this way, you know. You'd starve. *bows my head, letting my hair fall in my face*

Alec: *grins, licks the back of your neck* Well I've caught the only thing that really interests me in this forrest

Lucifer: *arches back against you like a cat* That's a terribly cheesy line. *laughing*

Alec: *grins, working to roll you over, then mashes you down under me* but it's nothing but the truth

Lucifer: *ponders struggling just for the fun of it* You're ruining my clothes. *wraps my legs around you to keep you there*

Alec: *grins, grinding self against you* not as if you can't fix them *nips at your bottom lip, one of my favourite things in the world*

Lucifer: What about the Elves? *growls in frustration because you're wearing too many damn clothes*

Alec: I dont give a damn about elves *fingers trying to work your shirt free*

Lucifer: You're the one who mentioned them in the first place. *gets rid of both our clothes with only a thought, accidentally losing your gun at the same time*

Alec: hmmm *wriggles against your now bare flesh* much better *licks my lips, then yours*

Lucifer: Hedonist. *tries to tangle my fingers in your too short hair, dragging you into a real kiss*

Alec: mmm *kisses you deeply, tangling my tongue with you*

Lucifer: *has the feeling I'm going to get grass in some very, very strange placse, shamelessly rubs back against you anyway, moaning into the kiss*

Alec: *sucks on your tongue, grinds self against you harder, moans*

Lucifer: *releases my death grip on your hair and lets my hand wander over you, caressing your back, counting the bump of your spines before squeezing your ass, pulling you more roughly against me*

Alec: *groans, grinding down, then uses my leg to nudge yours open*

Lucifer: *smirks a bit and spreads my legs for you, already teasing your hole with one finger*

Alec: *moans as you do that, reaches to spread the precum around my cock, shifting to press myself to your opening*

Lucifer: *presses my finger inside of you none too gently, pretty much wanting to encourage you to take me hard*

Alec: *hisses, then moans loudly, driving myself into you*

Lucifer: *tightens around you and savagely bites your shoulder, urging you on*

Alec: *screams, pumping my hips to take you roughly*

Lucifer: *laughs breathlessly, always loving you best this way, bites you hard enough to make you bleed as I strain to meet your thrusts*

Alec: *growls loudly, driving into you hard and fast, hisses when you bite*

Lucifer: *lovingly sucks on your shoulder, twists my finger inside of you, finally rubbing against your prostate*

Alec: *yelps, arching up and driving in you hard again, moaning loudly, begins to drive inside you harder and faster, fist reaching to grasp your cock*

Lucifer: *cries out when you touch my cock, kisses you hungrily, keeps fucking you hard to make you lose it first*

Alec: *muffled screams as you drive your long fingers inside me, squeezing and jerking your cock hard, pushing myself to the ultimate limit*

Lucifer: *is evil and refuses to let you win, squeezes you cock hard on purpose, pushes another finger inside of you, invading your mouth with my tongue*

Alec: *screams loudly into your mouth, then arches again, spilling my hot fluid inside you*

Lucifer: *growls when I feel you coming, covers your hand with mine, urging you on*

Alec: *continues to jerk on you almost violently, body thrashing and bucking on yours*

Lucifer: *bites your lips as I finally let go, coming all over both our hands with a satisfied moan*

Alec: *gasping, jerks you a couple more times, then basically collapses on you*

Lucifer: *pets you a bit, thinking that I should give you a bit more time between fucking or I'll break you*

Alec: *panting a bit, moans*

Lucifer: *looks up just in time to see a deer wandering by and throwing us a curious look, starts laughing my ass off*

Alec: *blinks, then grins* win some you lose some

Lucifer: *starts laughing even harder when I notice that one of the flower is still miraculously clinging to your hair*

Alec: *blinks a few times looking down at you, smiles*

Lucifer: You're adorable. *kisses you*

Alec: *rolls eyes a bit, shaking my head* if you say so

Lucifer: I really do say so. *picks twigs and bits of grass from my hair*

Alec: *chuckles, fingers moving to get some of that out of your hair, puts the flower back where it was*

Lucifer: You didn't have to put the flower back, you know. *grins*

Alec: *smiles* well you liked them

Lucifer: They look silly. *finally admits it*

Alec: *grins* gee, you think?

Lucifer: *playfully swats you* You suck, as far as hunting goes. I thought I should let you know.

Alec: *smirks* I dont. If we hadn't been talking so loud, I've have had a buck down already

Lucifer: *rolls my eyes* Excuses, excuses. We could have a totally silent discussion, you know.

Alec: *eyes you* well why didnt you say so?

Lucifer: *laughs* I thought you already knew. I read your mind all the time. *pets your back*

Alec: *grins* well yes, but I never considered it a way to have a conversation with you *wriggles on you*

Lucifer: Silly mortal. *thinks there are rocks imbedded in my back by now*

Alec: *chuckles* you're the one with powers, not me

Lucifer: I could give you powers. *smirks*

Alec: *arches a brow* oh really?

Lucifer: Hmhm. I could. *rolls you over and straddles you*

Alec: *gasps when you do that, then grins up at you*

Lucifer: Is my back bleeding? *sounds mildly curious*

Alec: *rubs my hands down it, shakes head no* doesn't feel like it. Might look a bit battered though

Lucifer: You big brute. *sounds amused*

Alec: *chuckles* did you bite my skin off?

Lucifer: Well... you're bleeding. *brushes a finger against it*

Alec: *squirms a bit* well you always make me bleed. That's nothing new

Lucifer: You're pretty when you're bleeding. *bends down to lick your shoulder clean*

Alec: *shivers, then moans* I bet you say that to all the boys

Lucifer: *shakes my head* Don't have any other boys.

Alec: *eyes trained on you, is silent now, staring, eyes gone a deep, dark green, slow smile*

Lucifer: *stares back at you, speechless for a moment* What? *whispers*

Alec: *slow blink, watching you more, quietly* it just struck me, in this moment, exactly how lucky I really am

Lucifer: *shakes my head a bit* I'm the devil.

Alec: mmhmm, and I was destined for hell, but here we are

Lucifer: Alright.. maybe you're right. *slight smile, knows you're pretty much the only reason I'm staying here*

Alec: *smiles, still watching you* and we both found something neither of us has known as we have it. You may have had the ultimate love once, but that was different

Lucifer: It was a fairly one sided love. *sad smile*

Alec: *reaches up to stroke your face* I'm sorry. This isnt

Lucifer: *buries my face against your neck* I know. *says that so low you can barely hear me*

Alec: *reaches around you, holding you tightly to me, feeling unquestionably more emotional than I have in my life*

Lucifer: *stays in that position a long time, having no idea what to do with myself*

Alec: *whispers against your neck, voice heavy with emotion* will you take us home?

Lucifer: Yes... *clears my throat and straightens up a bit, taking a few seconds to compose myself before I can manage to bring us both back to bed*

Alec: *blinks as my eyes adjust to the difference in light, smiles a bit, pulling you down to kiss you*

Lucifer: *closes my eyes, still somehow trying to hide from you, softly kisses you back*

Alec: *kisses you, hands stealing around you almost possesively, afraid you'll dissappear and I'll wake up suddenly*

Lucifer: I'm not going anywhere. *voices thick with a feeling I couldn't even name, still refusing to open my eyes*

Alec: *kisses your face, each closed eyelid, voice husky* are you sure?

Lucifer: You're the only reason I'm staying here. *tries to bury my face against your neck again, can't stand to have you looking at me*

Alec: *grips you tightly* you're the only reason I havent continued trying to find a way to die

Lucifer: *shakes my head in denial, though I'm not sure if it's about the dying bit or that strange feeling welling up inside me*

Alec: Its true. Youre the only thing thats made this place tollerable *kisses you again* more so

Lucifer: I usually turn any place into hell. *strangled voice, presses my hands against my eyes*

Alec: *swallows hard, clinging to you still* you're my idea of heaven

Lucifer: No... *soft, almost dying voice, desperately trying not to sound like I'm crying*

Alec: Yes. You are *kisses your neck*

Lucifer: *still shaking my head no, shaken by silent sobs*

Alec: *realizes the change in you, blinks when I realize exactly whats going on, holds you to me tightly, kisses your neck, clinging to you*

Lucifer: *holds on to your shoulders in a bruising grip, still shaking my head no, convinced this cannot be happening to me*

Alec: *moans when you grip tighter, eyes becoming wet, kisses you again, rasps out* I love you

Lucifer: *starts sobbing in earnest, tears freely rolling down my cheeks* We can't cry.. not possible.

Alec: *kisses your cheeks repeatedly, licking the tears from your cheeks*

Lucifer: *totally breaks down, finally crying for what happened to me for the first time in my life*

Alec: *holds you to me tightly* shhhh *rubs your back, afraid to let go still*

Lucifer: *finally abandons all pride and lets myself relax against you, still crying softly*

Alec: *holds you to me, clings*

Lucifer: didn't think I could cry... *thick voice, still not looking at you*

Alec: *kisses your cheeks* I didnt think I could love

Lucifer: *finally looks at your face, then swallows hard* I don't know what to do.

Alec: *kisses you again* just abide *smiles*

Lucifer: I don't know how to do that. *tiredly curls up around you, not letting go*

Alec: *refuses to let go* you're doing it now

Lucifer: I'm just faking it.

Alec: *blinks, looks over at you, whispers* that mean you'll leave?

Lucifer: Alec... *looks you in the eyes* I'm not leaving. Stop it.

Alec: *blinks a few times, heart suddenly feeling like its squeezed in a vice* no?

Lucifer: I'm not leaving. I can't give you anything better than a promise, but I'm not leaving. *still staring in your eyes*

Alec: *blinks a few times, eyes welling up again*

Lucifer: Don't do that... don't know how to deal with that. *lightly touches your cheek*

Alec: *blinks a few times, trying to get a grip on myself*

Lucifer: I think today is not the day for that. *reading your mind, as usual*

Alec: mmm buries face against your neck*

Lucifer: I think... I need to sleep. *that's something new too*

Alec: *small smile* alright *tugging you closer*

Lucifer: *uses your chest as a pillow*

Alec: *rubs your back, afraid to close my eyes, thinking you'll dissappear*
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