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Lucifer: *reappears inside the house, finally feeling like myself again, mentally looks for you and finds you doing weird shit in the garden* Only him. *bemusedly shakes my head and hunts you down*

Alec: *throws another weed over my shoulder, grumbling about needing to get a fucking gardener*

Lucifer: *ducks the weed, pinches your delicious ass* You should get an apple tree.

Alec: *practically flies off the ground* warn a guy when you're going to do that

Lucifer: You're awfully nervous. *tsks at you*

Alec: *eyes you* I thought you had a terrible hangover

Lucifer: I had one, yes. *nods a bit* An apple tree would look nice in that corner. *points*

Alec: *blinks, looks at you* you get over hangovers fast

Lucifer: Do you have something against apple trees? *pokes you, seems in a much better mood*

Alec: *shakes head no* I dont. You really think I should plant one?

Lucifer: The symbolism would amuse me. *grins a bit, pokes you again* Why are you killing yourself working in the garden anyway?

Alec: *shrugs* its not going to do itself

Lucifer: It's your birthday. You're supposed to be doing something fun, no?

Alec: *shrugs* its a day no different than any other

Lucifer: *blinks, watches you for a bit, trying to remember what mortals usually do* Don't you want to go to a nice restaurant or something? *belatedly remembers that gift thing too*

Alec: *blinks, eyes you* are you feeling alright?

Lucifer: Yes, I'm feeling fine. *I'm finally feeling like myself, actually* *eyes you up and down, wondering what kind of gift you'd appreciate*

Alec: *blinks, watching you, steps closer* are you sure?

Lucifer: Yes, yes, I'm sure. *maybe some expensive clothes, he's always bitching about me destroying them...*

Alec: *slow smile* you like apples?

Lucifer: I really love apples. Why?

Alec: You were just so interested in an apple tree

Lucifer: *grins* Just a joke, really. So, where do you want to go?

Alec: *blinks again* you were serious?

Lucifer: *sighs deeply* Yes, I was serious. I promise not to scare the waitress this time.

Alec: *slow smile* sure you're up to it? *has no idea you got your powers back*'

Lucifer: Yes. *looks down at myself* Are my clothes nice enough? *smirks*

Alec: *looks you over* did you go shopping? Thats not the clothes you were wearing this morning

Lucifer: Something like that. *makes a show of dusting them off even though they're already perfect* So, where are we going?

Alec: *cocks a brow at you* Italian?

Lucifer: The expensive one near the beach? *cocks a brow right back*

Alec: *shrugs* that'll do, sure *slow smile* romantic table for two?

Lucifer: Why not? *smiles* Are you hungry yet?

Alec: *smiles* I could eat. Of course, I need to clean up first

Lucifer: Don't bother. *suddenly grabs your arm and makes us both appear at the door of the restaurant, both of us wearing nice clothes and perfectly groomed*

Alec: *blinks, looking around, then looks at you surprised* you got your powers back!

Lucifer: You think so? *beams at you, tugs you closer and kisses you hard*

Alec: mmm *eyes wide, is kissed, then joins in, hands grabbing your ass*

Lucifer: *sucks on your tongue for a long moment, then nips on your lips, definitely in a very good mood*

Alec: *growls against your mouth, rubbing body against you*

Lucifer: *cups you through your pants, not caring if anyone is watching*

Alec: *moans, shifting to rub myself against your hand*

Lucifer: I thought you were hungry. *sucks on your lower lip*

Alec: *groans* yes well, then you started pawing on me

Lucifer: I'm in a good mood. *paws you some more, then gently pushes you towards the door*

Alec: *groans a bit, turns to go where you push me* I can tell

Lucifer: Really? How come? *smirks as the girl greeting us turns a bit pale when she sees me*

Alec: *grins* because you're not moping any longer and you actually chose to leave the house *eyes the girl*

Lucifer: I was leaving the house... *lets you talk to the girl because it would slow down the service if she fainted on me*

Alec: *gets the woman to get us a nice secluded table, then takes your hand to drag you there)

Lucifer: *mentally lights up the candles on the table, contemplates you fondly as you order the wine*

Alec: *waits til she's gone, then looks at you, smiles because you are* you havent done that in a long time

Lucifer: Don't get used to it, I'll get back to being a bastard tomorrow morning. *grins at you* What do you want to eat? Pick something.

Alec: *eyes the menu* I think I'd like to have the Veal Scaloppine

Lucifer: Okay, I'll take the same then. *it makes no difference to me, after all*

Alec: *blinks* You'll eat lamb?

Lucifer: Why not? *takes a sip of the wine, ponders doing evil things to you under the table*

Alec: *smiles* well you were adverse to beef and pork the other day

Lucifer: I'm not afraid of catching a horrible disease anymore. *picks up your hand and sucks on a finger*

Alec: *small groan* is that what the problem was?>

Lucifer: Hmhm. *keeps sucking*

Alec: *groans again, shifts in my seat as I'm getting a bit harder than is comfortable*

Lucifer: *finally releases you, innocently smiles at you* So, had a good day?

Alec: *smiles a bit, looking a bit glassy eyed* I worked in the garden the whole time you were gone

Lucifer: Sorry, I had to walk for a bit, it took me a while to get back. I could fix your garden now, you know. *shrugs a bit*

Alec: *smiles and nods* you dont need to waste your energy on that.

Lucifer: I wouldn't even feel it. *plays footsies with you*

Alec: *squirms a bit, grins* nice to see you happy again

Lucifer: *tsks at you* I don't do happy.

Alec: *lopsided grin* I know when you're feeling yourself. And to be yourself is a good thing

Lucifer: I suppose, even if I'm a figment of people's imagination. According to Chase, I should have minions and be happily evil. That woman needs mental help.

Alec: *smirks* everyone has an opinion

Lucifer: Well, her opinions are dumb. Are we getting an apple tree?

Alec: *smiles when you say we* I can look for one tomorrow

Lucifer: I didn't even notice I said we. Well. I can get an apple tree too.

Alec: for the yard? Or were you talking about some other place?

Lucifer: What, you want a tree in the middle of the living room? I could do that too, but I figured it would offend your aesthetic sense.

Alec: *smirks* cant get proper light to grow fruit in there anyway

Lucifer: I could mess with its genes a bit. Those are details that can be fixed.

Alec: Would they taste the same?

Lucifer: I don't know. We can taste them on someone, see if it poisons them.

Alec: *laughs* you better let me handle that. Don't want you losing your powers again

Lucifer: Oh, yeah, if I kill a guest I love them forever and ever, apparently. Bummer.

Lucifer: *lose

Alec: *blinks* better leave them for me too then

Lucifer: It's really sad. What am I supposed to do with myself now?

Alec: *smiles* help me kill people?

Lucifer: I knew there was a reason I liked you. *nods* Speaking of killing, do I have to go scare someone to get some food around here?

Alec: *laughs* veal is not to be rushed *slides my hand up your thigh*

Lucifer: *spreads my legs for you and moans* If you say so. *forgets about the veal*

Alec: *palms your cock, leaning to kiss your neck* anything good is worth waiting for

Lucifer: I don't agree with you there... *closes my eyes, focuses on what you're doing to me*

Alec: hmm *licks up your neck, fingers working to get your pants undone*

Lucifer: We're in the middle of a restaurant. *smiles, doesn't lift a finger to stop you*

Alec: so? pushes fingers inside your slacks, rubbing against the velvety skin of your cock*

Lucifer: *moans softly, grips the edge of the table when you touch me* It's your birthday, not mine...

Alec: *blinks, had completely forgotten about that* oh yeah *snickers*

Lucifer: Don't stop. *pushes myself in your hand*

Alec: *begins to slow jerk you, squeezing tightly around the base on every down stroke, leaning to kiss your neck again*'

Lucifer: *turns my head to hungrily kiss you, having totally forgotten where we are*

Alec: mmm *sucks on your tongue, hand working you faster*

Lucifer: *makes a little noise of pure need that is swallowed by your mouth, holds you by your neck as I push myself in your hand faster too*

Alec: *pumps and squeezes your cock, thumb pressing against the head, rubbing there almost frantically*

Lucifer: *groans and tangles my hand in the hair at the base of your skull, comes in your hand with a long satisfied sigh*

Alec: *smiles against your skin, jerks a bit more to drain you*

Lucifer: *leans my head against your shoulder, radiating sexual bliss*

Alec: *smiles, lifting my hand to lick it clean*

Lucifer: *kisses your neck, still with my eyes closed*

Alec: *laps the hand clean, then sees movement out the corner of my eyes* mmm food's coming

Lucifer: *stirrs a bit* Hmm, is it now? *still utterly relaxed*

Alec: uh huh *has pulled some of the table cloth up to cover the fact your cock is still out of the pen*

Lucifer: *grins* I suppose we'll have to really tip them.

Alec: *grins* I think free shows are pretty nice tips

Lucifer: I'm not that popular. *slowly comes back to earth... errr.. whatever this place is*

Alec: *chuckles* well I like it anyway

Lucifer: You're the pretty one. *looks down at my plate*

Alec: *shakes head no* you're pretty. You have the most gorgeous eyes

Lucifer: *blinks, startled* Nobody ever looks in my eyes.

Alec: *slow blink, watches you* I do all the time

Lucifer: *almost squirms* How's your veal?

Alec: *takes a bit* its good

Lucifer: *looks relieved now that the focus isn't on me anymore* Good. Back in a minute. *goes to corner the poor girl who served us and whispers in her ear*

Alec: *watches you wander off for a minute, smiles, then goes to eating my meal again*

Lucifer: *comes and sits down, looking very pleased with myself*

Alec: *grins at you* that your way of getting out of hearing more compliments? *teases*

Lucifer: No, I'm up to evil. *digs into my plate*

Alec: *chuckles* well thats fitting then

Lucifer: You'd be surprised how little evil I've done lately.

Alec: Not really. You didn't leave the house much *gooses you*

Lucifer: *slaps your hand* I'll make you pay for it. *doesn't sound the least bit threatening*

Alec: *chuckles* love it when you get like that *blows you a kiss*

Lucifer: When I get like what? *looks quietly amused*

Alec: *smirks* pretending you're needing to be mean or something

Lucifer: I'm supposed to be mean, that's the part they gave me.

Alec: *grins* well I dont mind it a bit *licks my lips*

Lucifer: *laughs then reaches out to ruffle your hair* I think you're the only one who could put up wiht me.

Alec: *wide grin* fancy finding each other

Lucifer: Strange coincidence, yes.

Alec: *chuckles, gropes you again*

Lucifer: *jumps a little* Tsks. Stop unwrapping your gift.

Alec: *slow blink, looks at you* That mean I get to keep you

Lucifer: *blinks too* Was I going somewhere?

Alec: *shrugs* no clue *grins*

Lucifer: *stares at you, actually looking around your brain* Why would I leave once I have my powers back? I didn't leave before.

Alec: *shrugs* well you couldnt easily leave. I'm not saying you were going to leave at all. I'm just saying I'm glad you're here

Lucifer: I might disappear for a few days, but I wouldn't permanently go away.

Alec: *smiles at you* thats nice to know *finishes my meal, rather pleased with self now*

Lucifer: You only had to ask. Silly man. *smirks a bit as I see all the waiters and waitress coming over to our table, carrying a birthday cake*

Alec: *wide grin* never know what's going to make you uncomfortable you know *is oblivious to them*

Lucifer: *snickers as they start singing happy birthday at the top of their lungs and put the cake in front of you, obviously expecting you to blow out the candle*

Alec: *jumps, blinking up at the group, in a bit of shock now, stares*

Lucifer: *cackles evilly as they keep singing, attracting the attention of everybody else in the restaurant*

Alec: *continues staring, is rather embarassed suddenly, having never been through this before*

Lucifer: *starts clapping along with everybody else, enjoying the hell out of your reaction*

Alec: *sits in stunned silence, no clue what I'm supposed to be doing besides blushing for the first time in my life*

Lucifer: *ponders fucking you over the table when I see the blush, then nudges you* I think you're suppose to blow on the candle and make a wish. *smirks*

Alec: *jumps when you prod me, was in that much shock* yeah, err, okay *blink blink blink, blows out the candle*

Lucifer: *looks so very pleased with myself, amused that most people are still staring at you*

Alec: *looks around at them, still blushing brilliantly*

Lucifer: *takes a picture of your blush*

Alec: *jumps when you do that* okay, yeah *blushes more*

Lucifer: Aren't you the prettiest thing. Eat your cake. *nudges you again*

Alec: *wriggles* I have never in my life experienced anything like that

Lucifer: *looks very, very pleased with myself. smug, even*

Alec: *eyes you* just you wait Lucifer *smirks*

Lucifer: Your birthday isn't over, Alec. *smirks*

Alec: *stares at you* you planning to embarass me more?

Lucifer: Nope. I'm so glad I don't have one of those, by the way. *grins*

Alec: I'll consider yours on January 1st

Lucifer: I don't have one. No calendar at the begining of time. Don't even try it.

Alec: its considered the beginning date, so I'll pin it to you

Lucifer: *trusts that you'll forget about it by the time the date rolls around* As you wish. Eat your cake.

Alec: *eyes you, has no intention of forgetting, knows I'll have to make plans when you're not around to read my mind*

Lucifer: Good luck on that, I don't plan on letting you surprise me. *smirks*

Alec: *smirks* it could happen *eats some cake*

Lucifer: I could read your mind even if I wasn't here.

Alec: *rolls eyes* thats no kind of fun at all

Lucifer: You can't block me, Alec, you have no powers. *smirks*

Alec: *smirks* I have my ways

Lucifer: *raises an eyebrow* What ways?

Alec: Well if I told you, you'd find a way to make it not happen

Lucifer: I might. I might not. You know, I don't bother reading your mind most of the time.

Alec: *smiles and nods* you've mentioned that, yes

Lucifer: Well, would you read my mind if you could? It makes for damn boring conversations.

Alec: *slow smile* I might sneak in on occasion, but I wouldn't want to all the time, no

Lucifer: There you go. How I feel exactly. *finds the idea of you sneaking in my brain vaguely amusing*

Alec: *smiles* well good *eats more cake*

Lucifer: *stares into space while you eat your food, smiling to myself*

Alec: *eyes you* not planning anymore sing alongs are you?

Lucifer: No. Just waiting for you to be done. *looks innocent*

Alec: *pushes plate away* well I'm done *eyes you*

Lucifer: That's good then. *is very pleased that I finally managed to make you nervous* You want to go back home?

Alec: *continues watching you* whatever you'd like to do

Lucifer: It's your birthday.

Alec: A day, up until today, that was just like any other day

Lucifer: Well, it's time you start living a little, don't you think? *doesn't seem to realize the irony of me saying that*

Alec: Well I'd say having Lucifer himself planning a night of romance for me is living a lot

Lucifer: You don't know that I have anything else planned. Maybe I'll just fall asleep on you. *grins*

Alec: *wide grin* I'd say you've already done enough to shock me for a lifetime

Lucifer: You're easy to shock, then. *leaves a totally insane tip on the table*

Alec: *rolls eyes* no one would ever pin you for a romantic. Of course I'm bloody well shocked

Lucifer: I'm just enjoying your reaction. *gets up and offers you my hand*

Alec: *takes it, eyes you suspiciously* well its facinating to say the least

Lucifer: As I said, I'm in a good mood. *still grinning because I'm so enjoying you acting nervous around me, abruptly brings us back to your house*

Alec: *blinks, looks around* whoa. Warn a guy

Lucifer: Where would be the fun in that? *smirks, turns you around, puts my arms around you and presses myself against your back* I should be really evil and do a surprise party for you.

Alec: *stares at you* that's not necessary Lucifer. One sing along is enough

Lucifer: I know it's not necessary. Still. Now I know how to scare you. *chuckles, nibbles on your necK8

Alec: *groans, pressing self to you* mmmhmmm

Lucifer: So, you're supposed to get a birthday gift.

Alec: *raises a brow, eyes you* am I?

Lucifer: Hmhm. Only I'm terrible at giving gifts to people. In fact, I never tried before. *chuckles again* So I thought you should pick what you want.

Alec: *runs a hand down your chest* got everything I want right here

Lucifer: *laughs, bites your neck* You know those stories where people get three wishes? You get three wishes for your birthday. Think about it, I can do pretty much anything you want. *licks*

Alec: *shivers as you do that* I've never been real good with making wishes

Lucifer: Well, think about it, not expecting you to figure it out tonight. You seem.. distracted. *rubs myself against you*

Alec: *small moan, hands stealing around you* just a little, yes

Lucifer: Just think about it. I could do anything you want. Absolutely anything. *seductive voice as my hands wander over your chest, rubbing your nipples through your shirt*

Alec: *groans loudly, mouth falling open* bloody hell

Lucifer: Hell isn't bloody. *nudges you towards the bedroom*

Alec: *groans, rolling my eyes* well its not litteral *lets you prod me that way, going willingly*

Lucifer: You keep using that expression. I just have to correct you. *gropes your ass before pushing you on the bed*

Alec: *falls over on the soft surface, grins up at you* does it bother you that much?

Lucifer: Well, it's inaccurate. *slowly takes off your clothes, actually taking my time about it for a change*

Alec: *moves a bit to help you shift my clothes off* of course it is. Idiomatic expressions are dumb when taken litterally

Lucifer: People use my name in vain so much. *rains kisses all over your bare chest, flicks my tongue over your nipples*

Alec: *moans a bit, arching up toward your mouth* I'd think God would get the worst of it

Lucifer: Yes, well, he deserves it. *playfully pokes your belly button with my tongue, then slowly, slowly unzips your pants, making sure to brush against your cock at every move that I make*

Alec: *moans long and low, fingers gripping double handfulls of covers* fuuuuuuuck

Lucifer: *teasingly licks the tip of your cock, actually enjoying the play of muscles under your skin as you tense up*

Alec: guh! *shivers almost uncontrollably when you do that*

Lucifer: *rubs circles on your hips with my thumbs as I slowly, slowly takes your down my throat, then does something decadent with my tongue*

Alec: *eyes bug, jerking under you, moans loudly*

Lucifer: *wants to hear you scream, backs away a little, letting you feel my teeth scraping against your skin, then takes you all the way down again, swallows around you*

Alec: *rewards you with a very loud scream, hands tugging hard on the bed clothes*

Lucifer: *practically makes a purring noise like a cat, closes my eyes as I focus on pleasuring you, using millenias of experience against you as I get lost in the scent and the taste of you*

Alec: *writhes on the bed, hands finally flying up to bury themselves in your hair, tugging as I push my hips up*

Lucifer: *releases my hold on your hips to let you fuck my mouth as roughly as you want, enjoying not being limited by that damn gagging reflex, massages your balls*

Alec: *moans loudly, tugging on your hair hard, thrusting up into your mouth repeatedly*

Lucifer: *chuckles around you, lets my hand wander lower, rubs against your entrance as I do my best to make you come screaming*

Alec: *pulls harder again, eyes practically rolling back in my head as I arch again, panting your name*

Lucifer: *slowly but surely pushes my finger inside of you, crooks it a little to press against your prostate, swallows around you again*

Alec: *eyes bug wide open, screaming when you press my prostate, tugs tightly, then arches as I cum down your throat*

Lucifer: *keeps fucking you with my finger as I swallow everything, sucks as hard as I can*

Alec: *screams again, bucking under you*

Lucifer: *is evil, doesn't let go of you*

Alec: *thrashes, screaming more* LUCIFER!!

Lucifer: Hmm? *still has my mouth full*

Alec: *tugs on your hair to try to get you to let go of my cock*

Lucifer: *finally releases you with a lewd wet noise, laughs softly*

Alec: *shudders when you let go* fuuuuck

Lucifer: If you want. *grins as I nuzzle your belly*

Alec: *still panting* jesus wept

Lucifer: *starts laughing so hard tears practically come to my eyes*

Alec: *smiles when you start to laugh, knew something like that would set you off*

Lucifer: *keeps laughing, kicks off the covers without meaning too, holds my stomach after a while*

Alec: *grins, crawling up the bed a bit, trying to get my equilibrium back*

Lucifer: *finally stops laughing long enough to catch my breath, tweaks your nipple*

Alec: *jerks, growls a bit* you really are evil *grins, making myself comfortable against the pillows*

Lucifer: *snorts* You love it. I'm not THAT evil. Next time I'll get you a surprise birthday party. *tweaks your other nipple*

Alec: *jerks under your touch again* well now it won't be a surprise, will it? *snickers, reaching for you*

Lucifer: You won't remember it in a year. *licks my lips and lets myself be pulled closer*

Alec: *tugs you up closer to me* you'd be surprised about the things I can remember for extended periods *drags you up over me*

Lucifer: Mortals forget too easily. *runs my hands along your side, squirms on top of you to get comfy*

Alec: I am not your every day, run of the mill mortal

Lucifer: Well, you're prettier, I'll give you that. *abruptly makes my clothes disappear, squirms again when I feel your bare skin against mine* Much better.

Alec: *slow, wide grin* hmm very nice indeed

Lucifer: *nibbles on your neck* So, how old are you? *smirks a bit*

Alec: *wriggles more, ponders* hmm, good question

Lucifer: *slowly sinks my teeth in your neck, then licks the bite mark* Well, think about it.

Alec: *groans, arms sliding around you* do you think I'd continue counting years after my film birth? I haven't aged visibly since then

Lucifer: Well, I'm curious. That always got me in trouble. *adds another bite mark to my collecton*

Alec: *jerks under you as you do that* not that anyone could chastise you for the trouble

Lucifer: Before I got thrown out. I got myself in plenty of trouble. Hmm, I love blonds, they mark so easily. *licks*

Alec: *wriggle, groan* well I know you get in trouble, you wouldn't have been tossed out of that weren't the case *runs hands up your back*

Lucifer: Bah, I just dared to point out that the king was naked. Came up with any wishes yet? *smirks*

Alec: *laughs* naked? *shakes head* you're really something

Lucifer: *preens* You really think so?

Alec: *smiles more, wiggles* yes, I do

Lucifer: *moans at the wiggling, pins you down under me* Well, good.

Alec: *groans again* you know you're like sex incarnate, sincerely

Lucifer: I didn't use to spend that much time having sex, actually. *wriggles down a bit to suck on your nipple*

Alec: *gasps, arching up toward your mouth* mmhmm. I remember you hadn't let a man have you

Lucifer: *chuckles* You'd remember that. Not as a man myself, anyway. Did it plenty as a woman. *plays with your nipple until it's all nice and hard*

Alec: *really begins to squirm* that must *gasp, arches* feel weird

Lucifer: What, being a woman? *runs my fingertips along your cock, amused that it's stirring back to life already*

Alec: *sighs* uhhhh yeah *moans*

Lucifer: No, not really. But then I don't really have a gender. Want to try it out? *snickers as I push your legs apart*

Alec: *groans, breathing becoming ragged* maybe *shifts* some other time

Lucifer: As you wish. *amused that it didn't send you screaming into the night, runs raggled fingernails along the sensitive skin of your inner thighs*

Alec: *groans, arching toward your hands* I prefer you as you are

Lucifer: I could turn you into a woman, then. *sucks on my finger then slowly presses it inside you*

Alec: Hisses, arching up more, hips pushing to take more of it inside* that'd be weird

Lucifer: Probably. *actually agrees with you on that one* I like your cock too much. *licks it as I press another finger inside of you*

Alec: *gasps, arching again* fuck *shivers* my cock likes you too

Lucifer: *growls and abruptly pulls my finger out of you, suddenly impatient to be inside of you, roughly tilts your hips up and shoves myself inside of you, moaning at the heat and the tightness*

Alec: *screams when you drive yourself inside me, fingers clawing down your back*

Lucifer: *doesn't even leave you the time to adjust since I love hearing you scream so much, starts fucking you roughly as I bite another spot on your neck*

Alec: *screams again, throat tightening with the strain, body tensing around you*

Lucifer: *takes pity on you, just a little, slows down and strokes your cock instead*

Alec: *panting raggedly, claws down your back again, legs tightening around you, lifting myself up*

Lucifer: Good boy. *can't help but tease you a little as I move in time with my strokes, enjoying the slight pain of your nails scratching my back*

Alec: *growls, eyes you, their colour a deep, dark green now* bastard *evil grin*

Lucifer: *laughs breathlessly* You love it. *kisses you hard, possessing your body every way I can*

Alec: *moans loudly in answer, squeezing your cock inside me*

Lucifer: *growls, freezing for a fraction of a second, then slams inside you, eyes slowly going totally black*

Alec: *screams again, clinging to you like my life depended on it*

Lucifer: *bites your lips hard enough to make you bleed as I run my hands all over your body, scratching you without realizing it, pushing you back into the mattress at every thrust*

Alec: *drives self up, panting and occasionally howling when you scratch or bite me*

Lucifer: *wraps my hand around your cock, stroking you hard and fast, goes after your neck again to worry at a bite I already made, wanting to make you bleed in my mouth*

Alec: *growls, arching to thrust my cock in your fist, howling when you tear my flesh*

Lucifer: *hungrily sucks on your neck like a vampire, moaning when your taste explodes in my mouth, scratches your cock with my nails*

Alec: *screams again* Lucifer! *body arching off the bed*

Lucifer: *smiles against your neck, thinks you're very, very good for my ego, scrapes my teeth against your neck as I keep hitting your prostate at each thrust*

Alec: *scrambles, scratching at your back, yelping again, then arching hard as I cum*

Lucifer: *keeps fucking you through your orgasm, not letting you get away from me, having no intention of coming so soon*

Alec: *scrambles under you, trying to get away*

Lucifer: *laughs and kisses you hard, holds your hips still as I still move inside of you*

Alec: *bucks more, growling* killing me!

Lucifer: You can take it. *licks your neck as I speed up my thrusts, the strain beginning to show in my voice*

Alec: *panting, eyes gone wild, body jerking and twisting under you, trying to buck you off me*

Lucifer: *slams into you one last time, freezing and throwing my head back as I scream, spends myself in you, still holding you down easily*

Alec: *throws arms out, eyes practically rolling back in my head as you drive into me so bad again, screaming right along with you*

Lucifer: *licks the sweat off your shoulder as I finally still myself, breathing harshly*

Alec: *shivers a bit, barely able to move now, entire body throbbing*

Lucifer: *almost purrs as I let myself fall on top of you, then pulls you even closer to me*

Alec: *panting, shudders again* bloody hell

Lucifer: You keep saying that. *chuckles*

Alec: trying to kill me *eyes you*

Lucifer: No. *gropes you* Just celebrating your birthday.

Alec: *groans* uhhhh

Lucifer: Did I break you? *sounds amused, nibbles on your earlobe*

Alec: My everything is throbbing

Lucifer: Good. *lightly kiss you again*

Alec: *panting, looks up at you, pretty much stares*

Lucifer: *props my chin on my hand and stares right back* What?

Alec: *blinks a few times, feeling that alien feeling again, swallows hard when I think it might be what love is, looks confused*

Lucifer: Hush. *kisses you to distract you* Stop worrying.

Alec: *clings suddenly* I feel weird

Lucifer: *blinks in startlement at the clinging, kinda pets you because I don't know what to do* You're fine. I didn't even break anything.

Alec: *nods* well I know that, its just *frowns, still feeling that* weird

Lucifer: Don't look at me, I don't know. *falls on my side and brings you with me*

Alec: *rolls over with a groan, laying against your chest* neither one of us was built to feel

Lucifer: You're still damn more human than I am. *runs my fingers through your hair in a way that would be considered as tender if it was anybody else doing it*

Alec: mmhmm, but I wasnt meant to have a heart

Lucifer: *covers your chest with my hand* Funny, I feel it.

Alec: *arches a brow, looking up at you* I didn't mean in literal terms. My heart pumps, I live, but I wasnt meant to care or feel

Lucifer: *sighs, rubs my face* I really can't help you with that. I barely know what to do with myself these days.

Alec: *drops face back against your chest* Yeah. I know what you mean

Lucifer: *gathers you in my arms, squeezes you a bit* Stop worrying. *kisses the top of your head*

Alec: *wriggles against you* well *short pause, the feeling stronger* thank you for my first birthday celebration

Lucifer: *frowns a bit at you, almost worried that there's something wrong* It was my pleasure.

Alec: *looks up, then tries to wipe the frown from your face, kisses you* what is it?

Lucifer: Nothing... *blinks* I just don't want you... troubled. I don't know. *shrugs*

Alec: oh *nods* its just an alien feeling is all

Lucifer: Tell me about it. *mumbles under my breath*

Alec: *runs fingers across your chest* so, what do we do about it?

Lucifer: *shifts a bit when you touch me* We have to do something about it?

Alec: *shakes head no* I dont think so. Its just *lifts head to look at you* how do people deal with it?

Lucifer: They get married and have 2.5 kids and then get themselves a mistress after a few years. *dry voice*

Alec: *blinks a few times, then starts to laugh*

Lucifer: Sorry, I just deal with those people all the time. *grins*

Alec: You helping them cheat or something?

Lucifer: *snorts* As if they needed help.

Alec: *laughs, drops head onto your chest again* right. Well, I've helped quite a few in the past

Lucifer: *blinks* What do you mean?

Alec: I mean I've bedded a lot of married women

Lucifer: Oh, that. Well. Told you, you were damned anyway. As long as they enjoyed themselves. *pets you*

Alec: *wide grin* always

Lucifer: I'm not surprised. *grins* You're pretty good in bed.

Alec: *slow smirk* gee, thanks. I think

Lucifer: It was a compliment. *rolls my eyes*

Alec: *laughs* I know that! *bites at your bottom lip, sitting up a bit, winces* what the hell did you do to me? *tries to look at my own back, failing miserably*

Lucifer: You're the one who shredded my back this time. I didn't do anything. *runs my hands over your body*

Alec: *squirms* bit me, scratched me, about poked a hole from the inside out *wide grin*

Lucifer: Oh, poor baby, want me to fix it? *smirks*

Alec: *smiles up at you, bats my eyes at you* please?

Lucifer: *laughs* Oh, let me just kiss it better... *kisses the worse bite and heals it at the same time, more amused than I'd probably admit*

Alec: *wriggles, chuckling* that tickles

Lucifer: So, where does it hurt now?

Alec: *smilles and starts pointing at bits here and there down my chest and sides*

Lucifer: *kisses my way down your chest, still smiling in amusement as I erase all your lovely bruises and scratches* Don't think it will become a habit.

Alec: *chuckles, still wriggling* well I dont mind bruises but you cut me up more than usual

Lucifer: You're pretty when you're bleeding. I can't help it. *licks the last one, eyes your skin* Hurting somewhere else? *smirks*

Alec: *squirms a lot* well you did ream my ass pretty good *wicked grin*

Lucifer: I didn't hear you complain at the time. *easily flips you over*

Alec: *groans when you do that* back is pretty trashed too *wiggles my but at you*

Lucifer: I didn't do anything to your back, you scratched the hell out of mine. *kisses the base of your spine before wandering lower, licking my seed off your skin before sticking my tongue inside of you*

Alec: *hisses, then moans loudly* fuuuuuuck

Lucifer: *thoroughly indulges in my oral obsession as I fuck you with my tongue*

Alec: *moans again* Lucifer! *moans more* stop *moan* please stop

Lucifer: Why? *raises my head, licks my lips*

Alec: *groans* because it's still way too damned sensitive

Lucifer: Aw, you're just no fun to torture. *sounds incredibly cheerful as I say that, actually letting you get away with it for once* But not hurting, right?

Alec: *squiggles a bit, sighs* not any more *grins, rolling over a bit, reaching for you* commere

Lucifer: We're not arguing yet. It's strange. *settles against you again, oddly comfortable*

Alec: *squirms a bit to get comfy* It's odd, isn't it?

Lucifer: Very. *actually snuggles you*

Alec: *kisses you* interesting, huh?

Lucifer: I never expected you to happen to me, no. *puts my head on your shoulder*

Alec: *rubs your back, smiles a bit* well same here

Lucifer: I still don't want to have a birthday. *closes my eyes*

Alec: *chuckles* how many millions of years old are you anyway?

Lucifer: An angel never reveals his age. *smirks*

Alec: *laughs* that anything like a girl?

Lucifer: Yeah, yeah, yeah, you can laugh now, but you won't laugh when I start asking you for a ring. *pokes you in the ribs*

Alec: *eyes widen* very funny mister

Lucifer: *smug smile* Thank you, I thought so too.

Alec: *chuckles more* you really are evil

Lucifer: The look of near panic on your face was worth it, yes.

Alec: I cant even say *frowns ponder the L word* that out loud and you're teasing about rings

Lucifer: Love? That terribly dirty word? *only manages to say the word myself because it's disturbing you so much*

Alec: *blinks* thats the weird bit, yeah

Lucifer: It's all your fault, somehow. *nods*

Alec: Oh sure, blame it on me. You're the one used that word first *eyes you*

Lucifer: I'm sure you're the one who used it first, actually. Some time ago. *nods*

Alec: *blinks, shakes my head no* nuh uh

Lucifer: I used the word boyfriend first. I didn't use that other dirty word. *huffs*

Alec: *rolls eyes* you did too. And I heard you do it

Lucifer: Keep arguing with me and I'll distract you with my tongue again.

Alec: *eyes widen, shuts mouth*

Lucifer: I win. *smug*

Alec: Dont you always?

Lucifer: No. *snuggles you* I always lost when it mattered.

Alec: Did you? *clings, being decidedly "couplish" with you*

Lucifer: You know the old story. Everybody knows it. *sighs, kisses your shoulder*

Alec: That was just once. Doesn't count for always, even if it is the one time that probably matters to you most

Lucifer: What can I say, I tend to obsess.

Alec: *kisses you again, nibbles on a bit of your lip* mmm I've noticed

Lucifer: Humph. *kisses you back* Keep doing that and I'll fuck you again.

Alec: *groans, blinks and looks at you* that'd just kill me

Lucifer: I suddenly have all my energy back. *looks forlorn* Oh well.

Alec: *smiles, runs fingers up your chest, tweaking a nipple* well, as you're so fond of reminding me, I'm only human. I've already cum twice in the last half hour. I couldn't do it again right now if I wanted to

Lucifer: I'm sure I could make you enjoy it. You don't have to come again. *shivers pleasantly*

Alec: *wriggles more* I haven't fucked you in ages

Lucifer: Don't let me stop you. *looks hopeful*

Alec: *sighs, looks down, pokes cock* can you fix this?

Lucifer: *pokes your cock too* Well, yes, but it would be cheating. I kind of like you like you are.

Alec: *rolls eyes* I meant help me get hard again!

Lucifer: I'm naked in your bed, what else do you need?

Alec: *laughs* well, much as that turns me on, I'm an old guy, far as humans go, and just plain cant get hard three times in an hour

Lucifer: That's terrible. I don't know how you can possibly stand it. *hovers over you, looking down at your body with great interest*

Alec: *chuckles* don't usually have an interest to cum so many times

Lucifer: I'm going to force you to eat a lot of oysters. *grins and starts licking your chest, tracing patterns on your skin with my tongue*

Alec: *wriggles, moans a bit* vitimin E too?

Lucifer: Maybe my blood would work better. Puny human. *sounds more affectionate than anything else as I keep writing something with my tongue on your skin*

Alec: *chuckles, wriggling more* well you love me anyway

Lucifer: Don't use that dirty word. *pets your poor spent cock as I lazily sucks on your nipple, ready to do this all night if that's what it takes*

Alec: *groans more* It wants to help you out

Lucifer: Maybe I should let you sleep a bit. *ponders this as I keep caressing you, more because I can't keep my hands off you than because I really think you'll be able to get it up*

Alec: *squirms* if anyone can get it to come alive, you can

Lucifer: *chuckles* You don't have a pet name for it?

Alec: *shakes head no*

Lucifer: I could call it Little Alec. *pets it*

Alec: *snickers* if you want

Lucifer: Or Mine. *nods*

Alec: *laughs* that too

Lucifer: *finally lets go of you and gently kiss you* Sleep. I'll wake you up in the morning and you can fuck me.

Alec: *smiles, kisses you again, snuggles up with you* maybe I'll wake you?

Lucifer: Maybe. *knows you're not sneaky enough to manage it* Night.

Alec: *rolls eyes* just you wait

Lucifer: *draws the covers around both of us without having to lift a finger* Impress me.

Alec: *smiles* uh huh. Make the light turn off please?

Lucifer: *pries one eye open to glare at the lamp* There. *snuggles you even more when it turns off*

Alec: *snuggles, kisses your chest, whispers* thank you
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