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Lucifer: *politely knocks on the door of your office, wearing sunglasses because I have the worse hangover ever and I just wish someone would cut off my head already*

Chase: *looks up from my paperwork* come in *not expecting you to walk through my door at all*

Lucifer: *walks through your door anyway and settles down in a chair, stares at you in silence*

Chase: *blinks, a bit surprised to see you come through my door* you look like shit *wide, sunny smile*

Lucifer: It warms my heart to see how pleased you are about it. *ponders throwing up all over you and your desk just for entertainment value*

Chase: *snickers* I'm just surprised about how long it's taken you to come here.

Lucifer: I'm not that predictable, dear. *folds my hands in my lap to avoid accidentally strangling you*

Chase: *chuckles* still just as taciturn as ever *leans back in my seat, totally comfortable* can I get you a drink?

Lucifer: *winces as my stomach turns over in disgust at the mere idea* No, thank you.

Chase: *quirks a brow* hungover are we?

Lucifer: I'm impressed by how perceptive you are, really. *dry voice*

Chase: *smirks* you know, a shot of the hair of the dog that bit you, then some crackers or bread and lots of water will clear that right up

Lucifer: Funny, that's pretty much what Alec said. Only Alec is prettier than you are. *finally remembers I'm supposed to be sucking up to you, sighs deeply*

Chase: *rolls eyes* don't suppose you did what he told you at all?

Lucifer: *raises an eyebrow* What makes you think he gave me a choice?

Chase: *Smirks* you dont seem the type to do anything you dont wish to do

Lucifer: Funny, I'm sitting in your office anyway.

Chase: *smirks* well thats not something you wish to do, but I think for you, a matter of survival

Lucifer: *leans back against the chair and watches you with a totally neutral expression* I really enjoy your little analysis of my life, really.

Chase: *smirks* well if you don't need your powers to survive, feel free to leave. *watches you*

Lucifer: Oh, fine, fine. What the hell do you want? Should I lick your feet for your entertainment?

Chase: *arches a brow* that's not necessary

Lucifer: Well, that's a relief. *keeps waiting in silence because I just know I'll end up cursing if I keep talking*

Chase: *sits and watches you, eventually speaks* so, what have you come for then?

Lucifer: *crosses my arms, sighs deeply* To get my powers back before I slit my wrists out of boredom.

Chase: *nods, continues to watch you* Alec not keeping you busy?

Lucifer: *cocks my head to the side* You want to have details about our sex life? That's really naughty of you.

Chase: *shakes my head no* not in the least. It was a simple yes or no question

Lucifer: He's trying. *doesn't bother adding anything else*

Chase: And he hasnt kicked you out yet? Amazing

Lucifer: Yes, well, I'm fucking mortal and he hasn't kicked me out yet. Really amazing. *stares at the wall*

Chase: I'd think you're so self centered and a serious whinning bastard. I'd kick you out just for that

Lucifer: Well, you're not fucking me. Your point would be? Are all the fucking characters in this place going to be put on trial by you about the way they act too? *contemplates my nails*

Chase: If any of them killed another, yes, they would *smirks*

Lucifer: I'm fascinated by the fact that Diaper Boy can get away with threatening everybody. It's fascinating. He's that good in bed? *sounds mildly interested*

Chase: *smirks* I wouldn't know. As for threatening people, he's not killing anyone, just playing around. He did lose his powers for it

Lucifer: *deep, deep sigh* You know, as fun as chatting with you is, can I have an answer so I can get out of here?

Chase: That all depends on if you're capable of asking me nicely

Lucifer: *calmly counts to ten in my head in Hebrew* *I can do this, I can do this... * Can I please get my powers back? *sweet smile, thinking in graphic details of various ways to kill you*

Chase: *chuckles* good boy *knows you're probably wishing you could tear me from limb to limb* Now then, some rules to abide by. You know what its like now, to be powerless. If you kill another character in the resort, you'll lose them for a lot longer. And if you kill any resort guest, you will lose them permanently. Do I make myself clear? *smiles again*

Lucifer: *blinks* There are resort guests? I never noticed. *shrugs*

Chase: I've seen you talking to one or two on occasion, yes.

Lucifer: I must have been really drunk. *smirks*

Chase: *shrugs* be that as it may. Killing one of them will make your powers null and void for eternity

Lucifer: Were you a tax collector in a past life? *watches you with professional interest*

Chase: *rolls eyes again* I run a resort Lucifer. I get the joy of dealing with business taxes, loan officers, insurance people, complaints from visitors and residents alike. Not to mention your sorry ass

Lucifer: My ass is very sexy, thankyouverymuch. You should feel honored. *is in a better mood now that I think I might actually get my powers back*

Chase: Honored, why? Because its sitting on one of my chairs?

Lucifer: Well, they're really ugly chairs. Have you considered hiring a decorator too? *smirks*

Chase: No one's taste makes you happy I'm sure. I'm quite happy with my office the way it is thank you

Lucifer: One day a pile of paper will fall on your head and smother you to death. *gleefuly smile*

Chase: *shakes head no* I can't die, just like you

Lucifer: Oh, my sympathies then. *sighs again*

Chase: *smirks* sucks, but somebody's got to be here to keep you lot under control

Lucifer: I used to say that, and look where it got me. *taps my foot* Well?

Chase: *smirks* long as you understand *pushes a button* you're free to go

Lucifer: *winces as my headache suddenly evaporates and the thoughts of everybody in the fucking resort slam into me at the same time* You could have warned me, dammit!

Chase: *slow smile* you didn't specify it was a requirement.

Lucifer: Fucking bitch. *grumbles, then abruptly disappears, sending some of your papers flying in the air*

Chase: *pushes the button to turn your powers off again*

Lucifer: *is abruptly dumped on my ass in the middle of the road, curses loudly again*

Chase: *grabs one important paper, continues working, certain you'll find your way back eventually*

Lucifer: *calmly curses everything you are, all your ancestors back for a few thousand generations and your whole fucking species while I walk on foot back to your office*

Chase: *finishes processing an order for alcohol to the resort, continues plowing through my list of requisitions*

Lucifer: *storms back inside your office, plants myself before your desk and glares at you* You can talk, you enjoy torturing people as much as I do.

Chase: *shakes head no* I think it's just you. *speaks with a voice of authority* There is absolutely NO reason to be rude whatsoever. Now then, you'll clean up this mess you made and apologize to me. I am NOT the person you want to piss off

Lucifer: *laughs at you* You get off on ordering me around, woman. Admit it. *smirks as I pick up your papers one by one, then squints at some of them* You need to learn to spell properly. *tsks, makes nice little ordered pile on your desk*

Chase: That is an requisition from Yorgi for a new speaker system. Its his spelling, not mine

Lucifer: True, his English is terrible. *nods cheerfully* I apologize for calling you a fucking bitch. Better now? *smirks*

Chase: *waves hands around* pick up the rest of the mess you made

Lucifer: The mess was there before I got here. Don't you ever clean?

Chase: If you're aiming for being powerless another month, please do continue *knows full well my office was spotless before you walked in*

Lucifer: *yanks a book from under your desk, sneezes at the dust*

Chase: *eyes you* quit making shit up Lucifer. Pick up the fucking mess already

Lucifer: Such a language for a lady. *tsks at you as I dump all the books back on your desk too*

Chase: *points* put them back on the shelf you knocked them from

Lucifer: Yes m'am. *rolls my eyes, lines them up on the fucking shelf, thinks I'd be better off than dead than putting up with you and your power trips*

Chase: You will learn to respect other people's rights around here. Just because you came to be, believing you're omnipotent, doesn't mean you actually are.

Lucifer: *eyes you strangely* I'm not omnipotent, you're confusing me with god.

Chase: There is no confusion. You have a fucking power trip complex all your own. You're the only one I've got problems with like that. There are other "Lucifers" here you know? They don't cause problems like you do

Lucifer: Well, they're not very good Lucifers then, are they?

Chase: They are. They have their minions amongst the rabble in the resort and they take pleasure in many things. You on the other hand, are a walking study in misery

Lucifer: Here we go, now she thinks she's my shrink.

Chase: *rolls eyes* you have every reason to be happy, and the means to be so, and yet you continue to pout and winge as if you're not the least bit happy

Lucifer: Right. As if I'm fucking meant to be happy. Give me a break, accept my apology and let me go. I'm not in the mood for a lecture. *slams down the rest of the books on the shelves*

Chase: You're never in a mood. *shakes head, pushing the button again*

Lucifer: You have no idea what you're talking about. I'd love to know what this happiness shit is about. *doesn't even look at you as I walk out of your office again*

Chase: *rolls eyes, shaking my head as I watch the door, then go about my work again*
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