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Lucifer *I'm still sulking while reading my book, just to broadcast to the whole world my extreme displeasure about being so disgustingly helpless. To add insult to injury, I had to raid Alec's closet and I'm actually wearing one of his white shirt. Hell probably just froze over*

Alec: *I come back into the house after grocery shopping, sees you on the couch* heya

Lucifer *eyes you over my book, still sulking*

Alec: *smiles* having a bad day?

Lucifer You know very well I'm having a bad week. I'm probably going to have a very bad ten years, for that matter. *and I'll make you suffer along with me, you can count on it* Where did you go?

Alec: *grins more* you were sleeping so I went grocery shopping

Lucifer *won't admit that I almost panicked when I woke up from a nightmare and found myself alone, because I'm trying to repress the whole incident from my memory* Who needs groceries?

Alec: Us of course. Dont tell me you're not hungry *is busy putting them away*

Lucifer *makes a face* Is it supposed to feel like this? I always think I'm dying.

Alec: is your stomach making growling noises?

Lucifer *groans* I have a stomach?

Alec: I guess so *shrugs* been any gurgling in your middle?

Lucifer Yes. *looks miserable. and sulky. and your shirt is ugly*

Alec: *grins* then you have a stomach. Let me feed you then

Lucifer This is all totally disgusting.

Alec: *laughs* food can be very enjoyable

Lucifer I can eat food. I just never HAD to before. It makes all the difference. *sighs*

Alec: but its more enjoyable to eat when you're hungry

Lucifer Chocolate and champage was plenty enjoyable all by itself. Ugh. *tugs on that damn shirt*

Alec: *eyes you* what are you doing? *is going about getting steaks prepped to broil in the oven*

Lucifer I'm not doing anything. *keeps fussing with the shirt*

Alec: keep tugging on that shirt, you'll lose the buttons *cuts up a couple potatoes and puts them in the microwave, then shoves steaks in the oven*

Lucifer It could only be an improvement. *snarls at the shirt*

Alec: *rolls eyes* I have other shirts

Lucifer Yes, you have a pink one. It made me worry about your sanity.

Alec: *laughs* that was a gift

Lucifer *narrows my eyes at you* Who gave you a shirt?

Alec: That was from Jill I think. She said I dont ever wear any colour

Lucifer *rolls my eyes a little* I think she was making fun of you.

Alec: *snorts* probably. I decided to keep it and wear it on her birthday. I'll get her a tasteless frock

Lucifer Get her thongs in bright colours. *dumps my book on the floor, suddenly utterly bored with my life*

Alec: she'd probably like that *steams some broccoli, gets out some cheese to make a quick sauce*

Lucifer *watches you doing mysterious things in the kitchen, sighs again* Get her a chastity belt then.

Alec: *laughs* as if she'd ever wear that *gets the cheese melting in some cream and butter, starts sauting some mushrooms for the steaks, then turns the steaks, the house really starting to smell good*

Lucifer We could hold her down and make her wear it. *sniffs the air, stomach growling again*

Alec: *laughs* well I suppose we could, but I dont particularly have an interest in touching her

Lucifer Are you sure you're not gay? *tsks at you*

Alec: *laughs* yes, I'm sure

Lucifer No that there's anything wrong with that. *smirks*

Alec: *laughs* well not for you there's not. *stirs the sauce, then the mushrooms, gets the potatoes out and puts then, the broccolli on two plates*

Lucifer Women are boring anyway. *watches you with great interest, though I wouldn't admit it if you asked*

Alec: I've not met any I'd like to spend more than a night with *gets out the steaks, puts sauteed mushrooms over them, pours sauce on the broccoli, then puts butter and sour cream on the potatoes, carries the plates to the table*

Lucifer *wanders a bit closer, watching you doing mysterious things with food as if you were a magician about to pull a rabbit from a hat* Not more than a few hours, even.

Alec: *chuckles* I've spent a few hours with them if there's more than one *grins, setting down the plates* can you grab that bottle of wine please? *points*

Lucifer Witch covens were vaguely entertaining, I have to give them that... *shrugs a bit, wanders away to grab a bottle of wine, having no idea why I'm even bothering to help*

Alec: *cuts up your steak because I can't help but feel you'll whine if you have to do it*

Lucifer *frowns at you* Why are you doing that? *dumps the bottle on the table*

Alec: Because I didnt think you'd want to *goes about opening the bottle and pouring out two glasses*

Lucifer I'm not totally helpless, you know. *sulks*

Alec: *rolls eyes, sighs* you've done nothing but bitch since I got in the door Lucifer. I just thought I'd do something nice for you

Lucifer .... I want my fucking powers back. *lets myself fall in the chair*

Alec: Well then go talk to chase about it

Lucifer *tugs on the sleeves of that fucking shirt, glowers your way* Can you imagine me managing to be nice to her for more than two seconds?

Alec: *smirks* I doubt she expects that. She probably just wants to hear you say you wont kill again

Lucifer He's not really dead, unfortunately.

Alec: *chuckles* well I know that *points at your plate* you going to eat?

Lucifer *looks at my plate, looks at you, then back at my plate* I suppose. *picks up the fork and slowly, slowly, bring a piece of meat to my lips*

Alec: *watches you, chewing on a piece of steak*

Lucifer *starts chewing on it as if I wasn't quite sure I should even be touching a dead cow, sighs deeply, picks up another one*

Alec: *cocks head, still watching you* dont you like it? *knows its very good steak*

Lucifer It's fine. *keeps eating it in silence*

Alec: *blinks, still watching you* I was hoping for better than fine.

Lucifer *can tell you're not going to let this go* Dead animals... make me squeamish. But at least it's not pork. *sighs*

Alec: *blinks a few times* you've eaten both sausage AND bacon with me

Lucifer *makes a face* Do you know what kind of nasty diseases you can get from a pig? Why do you think Jews were forbidden to eat it? *wrinkles my nose, keeps eating*

Alec: *rolls eyes* the meat is washed before its packaged. They're no dirtier than any other animal from the inside

Lucifer Well, excuse me, I'm still hung up on three millenia ago. *drinks too much of the wine*

Alec: *long suffering sigh* okay. I'll shut up. Just throw it away if you're not interested in it *eats, looking a bit beaten*

Lucifer Why in the world do you keep expecting me to be nice? Seriously? *keeps eating anyway*

Alec: *shakes my head no* I dont. I constantly hope to find some thing that you can find pleasure in, but nothing makes you happy at all.

Lucifer Sex works. *eyes you over the edge of my glass* Music. Books. *shrugs a bit* Torturing people but I'm sure that bitch would have problems with that too.

Alec: *smirks* Well I can torture and kill them for you. She can't do anything to me

Lucifer *perks up at the idea* Would you?

Alec: *slow smile* if its something you wanted, sure. I'd do that *anything to make you quit dragging around the house like the end of the world*

Lucifer If I could read your mind, I'm sure I'd be very annoyed. *points my fork at you*

Alec: *slow smile* probably. I have been thinking you're being petulant and deserve nothing more than a spanking over my knee *sits back comfortably, still eating*

Lucifer *smirks, not believing you for a second* I don't know, it sounds exciting.

Alec: *smiles* I'd be more than happy to oblige you know. Anything to make you stop whinging like a girl

Lucifer I'm not whinging like a girl. *narrows my eyes at you*

Alec: *rolls eyes, does an impression of you whinging* your shirt is ugly, my middle hurts, you cooked COW

Lucifer *growls, my eyes darkening* Alec, I'm going to hurt you.

Alec: *slow smirk* well thats an improvement. At least you're not whinging

Lucifer *looks like I'm seriously contemplating doing bad things to you with the steak knife*

Alec: *chuckles, continues to eat* at least if you kill me, she won't do anything about it

Lucifer What makes you think you're that special? She was complaining about a bit of blood the other day. *won't admit right now that I don't particularly care to kill you*

Alec: She wouldnt do anything to you for killing someone that doesn't mind the idea of being killed

Lucifer *raises an eyebrow* Is there a rule book that I don't know about?

Alec: *shakes head no* I doubt it. But if I tell her I asked for it she shouldnt bitch. We've done that before

Lucifer Thank you, but no. *eats the rest of my food more out of stubborness than anything else*

Alec: *continues to watch you* why wont you kill me? *because you love me, I did hear you, smiles*

Lucifer I don't want to put stains all over your precious carpet. *watches you suspiciously*

Alec: *snorts* so kill me in the bathroom, the yard, in the kitchen over the linoleum

Lucifer *crosses my arms, frowns* No. I said no.

Alec: Why won't you kill me when you'd gladly kill anyone else at this resort?

Lucifer You cook for me and you're nicely warm at night. *is really not liking where this discussion is going*

Alec: There are hundreds of people here that would do the same.

Lucifer *raises an eyebrow* You know, sane people tend to stay away from me.

Alec: *Shakes head no* there are hundreds of women and even some men that flock to the Resort looking for you.

Lucifer *blinks, stares at you* You're joking.

Alec: *shakes head no* I've fielded questions from a few of them myself when they were searching for you. Of course, Yorgi gets most of the questions from patrons searching for one person or other around here. He's got some interesting tales

Lucifer *blinks again, then stares at the ceiling* I told you ages ago they were too fucking stupid to bother to save, but did you listen? Nooo. *takes a deep breath, grumbles under my breath in a dead language before switching back to English* That's it, I'm never going out again.

Alec: *chuckles* its not as if you cant just tell them to fuck off

Lucifer Right now they could do whatever the hell they want to me. I can't even get a decent shirt. *wrinkles my nose*

Alec: *sighs* My shirts are better than anyone else's in this place. I buy only the best money can buy

Lucifer It's white. It just looks wrong. *sighs, suddenly gets up and goes to sit in your lap like a big cat*

Alec: *blinks, looks up at you* comfortable?

Lucifer Much better. *wriggles a bit*

Alec: *shifts, still looking up at you* You could have sat here the entire meal, if you'd have wanted.

Lucifer It's hard to think now.. my brain is just so damn slow. *lets my head rests on your shoulder*

Alec: *I slide my arms around you then, leaning my head against yours* we really should go to Chase's office. I'd like for you to be happy again *even if I can't help but think you'll leave here once you can*

Lucifer *laughs* I can't be happy, it's not in me. But I'd probably stop whinging so much.

Alec: Well then perhaps I should have put that you will feel more like yourself? *runs fingers through your hair*

Lucifer *absently pushes my head against your hand, still acting like a cat* So, I have to promise that woman I'll try to be a good little boy? *makes a face at the very idea*

Alec: *shrugs a bit* I really have no idea what she expects. But I dont really think she'll just give you your powers back without you going to ask her to do it

Lucifer *snorts* Of course she won't, she wants me to lick her boots first. Fuck. Fine, I'll go. Don't be surprised if she pisses me off so much that I walk into the bar and start randomly killing people.

Alec: *sighs* maybe I should go with you? Just in case? That way you wont end up losing them again?

Lucifer *no, thank you, I really don't want someone else watching when I get humiliated* You can wait outside if you're that worried.

Alec: *kisses the top of your head* I'll do that then.

Lucifer *snuggles a bit* I made a mess of your closet, I think. *says that totally out of the blue*

Alec: *continues to run fingers through your hair* I dont care. Thats fine

Lucifer I burned your pink shirt too. I was bored.

Alec: *snickers* I told you I was going to wear that on Jill's birthday

Lucifer I'll give you a rainbow one if it can make you happy. *rolls my eyes*

Alec: *chuckles* you know it wouldn't. I don't ever wear colours. Its too distinctive.

Lucifer With little lights and everything. *smirks, shifts in your lap again*

Alec: *Tries to keep my body from reacting to yours too insistently* Thats just far too tacky. I don't own anything tacky. At least, not now that you've burned the one Jill gave to me

Lucifer *makes a mental note to offer you something terribly tacky...* When's your birthday? *squirms on purpose*

Alec: *blinks, ponders this. No one has asked me that in years* in six days

Lucifer What?? *twists my neck to look at you*

Alec: *blinks, looks at you* 17th of April. Only time anyone asks for my birthday is to fill out some paper or other *shrugs*

Lucifer *narrows my eyes at you, the only knowledge I have about the way people really live coming from books or movies, but still* Aren't you supposed to tell me these things? So I can surprise you?

Alec: *shrugs* it never dawned on me to tell you. No one ever cared before

Lucifer *gently twaps you* Well, it's a good thing I asked. Bad boyfriend.

Alec: *smirks a bit* I didn't think you'd care

Lucifer I don't care! *hotly denies it, then stops abruptly, frowning*

Alec: Then why did you call me a bad boyfriend for not telling you?

Lucifer I'm mad. That explains everything. *nods*

Alec: *snorts* does it? *decides not to sneak around the subject of your admission in bed the other night* is that why you told me you love me?

Lucifer *doesn't even react, since I know I'm a damn good liar and won't have to admit anything* I'm not able to love anything. That takes a soul. *hand wandering over your chest, teasing your nipples through the fabric*

Alec: Well you told me you loved me. I guess that goes in with the father of all lies theory, hmm?

Lucifer *shrugs a bit* I thought you'd like hearing it. *flicks your buttons open*

Alec: Then why did you whisper it at a moment I likely wouldn't have heard?

Lucifer *you weren't supposed to hear me, dammit* Why am I always attracted to the bright ones? *sighs*

Alec: *smiles a bit, pleased you have, to some extent, admitted to it* stupidity is boring

Lucifer Are you done eating or will you start bitching again if I drag you to bed? *raises an eyebrow at you*

Alec: *smiles a bit, shaking my head no* I'm not going to bitch at all. Bed's the one place we get along the best

Lucifer That's because I keep your mouth busy. *smirks and gets off your lap before dragging you to your feet*

fades to black...
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