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OOC: This chat happens after Lucifer loses his powers...

Lucifer: *My legs are hurting, I'm cold and wet because it started raining and it took me hours to figure out that yes, I was walking in the wrong direction. I'm sitting on the porch, not even bothering to protect myself from the rain. I forgot about pesky things like locked doors, since they could never keep me out. I can't even go back to my world now. I can't do anything*

Alec: *I wake, shiver a bit, finding myself out of the covers and Lucifer nowhere in sight again. I sigh a bit, getting out of bed and wandering into the livingroom, dragging my robe* Lucifer? *I call out, wondering if you're here*

Lucifer: *pushes wet hair out of my face, so fucking cold out there*

Alec: *calls again, a bit louder, thinking you might have gone off to Yorgi's like you sometimes do and will just pop in* LUCIFER?

Lucifer: *sneezes, then looks totally horrified*

Alec: *grumbles something not very nice when I dont get a response and throws a coffee cup against the wall, feeling satisfied by the sound of breaking glass*

Lucifer: *jumps a bit, didn't hear the bellowing, but did notice the sound of broken glasses, tiredly pulls myself to my feet* Oh, right, you can knock on these things. *stares at the door, then does knock*

Alec: *stops self from throwing another when I hear the knock on the door, wonders who the hell that can be, no one comes here. I wander over and pull the door open, blinking in surprise when I see you shivering and wet on the doorstep, blinks* Lucifer?

Lucifer: Yes, that's my name. *frowns when I realize I can't pull off sarcasm very well when my teeth are chattering*

Alec: *blinks again, still staring in surprise* Why are you out here? *reaches for you to pull you inside*

Lucifer: You locked the door. *starts dripping on your rug instead*

Alec: *stares* never stopped you before

Lucifer: Don't ask. Really. *sneezes again, looks even more disgusted*

Alec: *eyes bug when you sneeze* you're SICK? *immediately starts leading you to the bathroom*

Lucifer: *lets myself be dragged, eyes you* I can't be sick. It's not possible...

Alec: You just sneezed *gets you in the bathroom and immediately begins to strip the wet clothes off of you*

Lucifer: *watches you bemusedly* The rain is cold. I never noticed how cold it was.

Alec: *drops the last of the clothes, then moves to turn on the taps for the shower* why did you get in it today?

Lucifer: Hmm... you know when that bitch said she'd take my powers away if I killed someone? *leans against the nearest wall* Guess what, she meant it. *smirks a bit*

Alec: *blinks, stares for a moment* She took your powers away? *reaches for you to pull you in the shower*

Lucifer: Hmhm. It's interesting. I had to walk... *yelps when the hot water hits me*

Alec: *steps between you and the water, turns it down a little, rubbing on your skin* you're freezing!

Lucifer: You know, I don't think I'm liking this. *leans against you because you're warm*

Alec: *holds you close, rubs on your back* I'm sorry. I'd fix it if I could. So, who'd you kill?

Lucifer: *blinks a bit at the unexpected sympathy, since I was pretty much expecting you to laugh at me* Cupid.

Alec: *grins* well good, it wasn't wasted then *hugs you* were you outside long?

Lucifer: Oh, it was almost worth it... *smiles a little* I don't think he enjoyed getting his heart ripped out. *blinks at the hug* I don't know... I got lost.

Alec: ahhhh *pets your back, then scoots back a bit, begins to wash you* did you eat it?

Lucifer: Actually, I just squeezed the blood out of it. *still looks totally confused* Why are you washing me?

Alec: Because you're cold and you're standing here letting me *keeps doing it*

Lucifer: Well, I can't really fight you right now. *sighs* Here's your chance to make me pay for everything I did to you.

Alec: *blinks a few times* you don't want me to wash you? *stands back a bit*

Lucifer: Who told you to stop? *grabs your hands and put them back on my body*

Alec: You mentioned fighting me. I thought you didn't like it *goes back to washing you up*

Lucifer: If I don't like something, I'll bite you. How's that? *tired voice*

Alec: *arches a brow, chuckles a bit* if you want, just dont bite anything off. *begins to wash your hair*

Lucifer: You're awfully cheerful this morning. *sour expression*

Alec: *sighs* you said something funny

Lucifer: You're not going to say anything? Just wash my hair?

Alec: what did you want me to say to you? Are you hungry?

Lucifer: I don't know. If I had the devil helpless in my house, I'd be busy torturing him. *slight smile* Hungry... no. I don't think I ever want to eat again.

Alec: *slow blink* if you don't have powers, you'll need to *goes about rinsing your hair*

Lucifer: *looks slightly horrified* Can I go kill myself now?

Alec: *looks horrified* absolutely NOT!

Lucifer: You always come back anyway. *sulks*

Alec: yeah but I'd have to watch you really die and I dont want you to

Lucifer: *shivers again, despite the warm water* I didn't think it would bother you.

Alec: *groans* I thought we just went over this all yesterday. We both have the same problem, remember?

Lucifer: *rubs my face tiredly* Right. Congratulations, you're stuck with me being as helpless as a newborn. Enjoy.

Alec: *pinches your ass* stop being so gloomy

Lucifer: *yelps and gives you an indignant look* Tell me one thing I should be happy about right now.

Alec: *grins* you have me to help take care of you

Lucifer: I never needed anybody to take care of me before. *grumbles*

Alec: well cant you be happy that you have someone that fucking cares?

Lucifer: *eyes you, then sighs* You're beautiful when you're all indignant. *brushes my lips against yours*

Alec: *lets you do that, tightens my arms around you* stop fussing about it then and let me just do for you

Lucifer: I'm not fussing. I'm coping perfectly well. *sulks again*

Alec: liar *reaches to turn off the taps*

Lucifer: *looks annoyed* I can't even read your mind anymore. Do you know how damn silent everything is?

Alec: I have no idea. I never could read minds *moves to get a towel to help dry you* are you warmer now?

Lucifer: I'm back to being a bastard again, no? So I must be feeling better. *leans a bit into the rubbing*

Alec: Yeah I guess so *dries all your bits, then moves to plug in the blow dryer*

Lucifer: *eyes you* What do you think you're doing?

Alec: I'm going to dry your hair

Lucifer: Not with that thing, you're not. *takes a step back from you* I'll turn... fluffy. *looks disgusted*

Alec: *snorts* it'll be dry and warm, then I'm going to tuck you into bed

Lucifer: That's just so undignified. *still trying to back away, stops when my shoulders hit the wall*

Alec: *steps closer to you, brandishing the blow dryer, turns it on* I dont give a damn, you'll get sick if I dont

Lucifer: *eyes the blow dryer, then eyes the door, ponders making a run for it*

Alec: *reaches and slams the door shut* try it and you're dead meat mister

Lucifer: *pokes the wall that persists in remaining solid and mocking me* You wouldn't dare.

Alec: I would too *starts drying your hair, glowering, daring you to try to get away*

Lucifer: *glares at you in a way that promises ten thousand painful deaths, but doesn't move*

Alec: *doesnt so much as flinch, just dries your hair silently, feeling very much put upon and unloved because you're being such a dick*

Lucifer: *closes my eyes because I don't want to see how fluffly I'm turning out to be*

Alec: *manages to get it all dry, moves to set down the dryer and grab a brush. I brush your hair all down so you dont have a cow about messy hair*

Lucifer: *alright, that almost feels nice... leans into the touch a little* Thank you... *reluctant voice*

Alec: *snorts a bit, doesn't say anything else, have had enough abuse for one morning with no coffee or anything* common, we'll get you into bed

Lucifer: Only if you stay in bed with me.

Alec: *slow blink* okay, but when I get hungry I have to go get food, even if you dont want to eat

Lucifer: I can get it for you... *blinks, suddenly remembers that I can't* Never mind. *stares at my feet*

Alec: *small, somewhat sad smile, reaches to take your hand* I'll make some later, after you're more rested and warmed up *leading you back to the bedroom*
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