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Good Things Do Come in Small Packages

Yorgi: *I move from the end of the bar, turning and noticing a lone person sitting at one of the tables. I watch her, a pretty young asian woman. She looks like she could use something to wet her throat. I pour her a tall glass of iced raspberry tea, then move away from the bar to take it to her*

Joelle: *is sitting quietly in my corner. only here because i was forced to come.*

Yorgi: *I smile then, setting down the glass in front of her* you looked as if you could use something cold and wet *stops to smile at you*

Joelle: *eyes you. belligerently* Wasn't my idea. *is miffed. is very miffed. wasn't supposed to be here. nope.*

Yorgi: *arches a brow* is that so? What is it that you would rather be doing? *shifts, rubbing a hand over my mesh-clad stomach, watching you*

Joelle: I'd rather be back home, minding my own business instead of sitting in a damn bar and getting abandoned. That's what. *upset*

Yorgi: *gestures to the seat across from you* would you mind it if I were to sit down with you?

Joelle: What's to stop you. *is v. v. disgruntled*

Yorgi: Well if you were to tell me nyet, I would not do so *gives you a charming smile*

Joelle: *mutters. sighs* Da.

Yorgi: *wide smile* spaceba *moves to sit across from you, offers my hand* I am named Yorgi, and you are?

Joelle: Joelle. *shakes your hand*

Yorgi: *smiles and shakes it only briefly, leans to kiss it* it is a pleasure meeting you Joelle

Joelle: *stares* Nice to meet you too.

Yorgi: *smiles, looking you over just a bit* your name is pretty. It goes very well with you

Joelle: *slow blink* Um... thanks?

Yorgi: *smiles* you are welcome Joelle. So, you were forced to come here you say?

Joelle: More or less, yes. *plays with the glass of tea*

Yorgi: *still smiling a bit, looking you over* is there anything I could do to make your stay a more pleasant experience?

Joelle: *shrugs* Aren't you busy? Don't you have to you know, *nods towars the bar* tend the bar?

Yorgi: *smiles still, shakes head no* I have many minions to do as I wish. *waves in the general direction of the bar* they will tend to it in my absence

Joelle: Minions? *what a word to use. almost amused*

Yorgi: *wide smile* I would call them employees, but that would denote having actually paid them a salary, da?

Joelle: *blinks* You don't?

Yorgi: *shakes head no* Sweeper has room and board for his services. The others just work for nothing. I do not ask it of them, it is just so

Joelle: Oh. I see. *rests chin on hand* So... they'd still work for nothing?

Yorgi: *smiles* so it would seem. There is no want for anything here. That must be the reason then, da? *eyes trained on you, watching avidly*

Joelle: *nods* Probably. *looks around to see who you're looking at. is pretty sure there's just wall behind me*

Yorgi: *my smile widens as you do that* what is it you are looking for?

Joelle: *blinks* Looking for what you're looking at, of course.

Yorgi: *smiles, cocking my head slightly* it is you I am looking at Joelle.

Joelle: *stares* Me? *looks down at self. sloppily dressed in baggy hoodie sweatshirt and pyjama pants. looks back up* Is there a dress code or something?

Yorgi: *chuckles, shaking my head no* nyet. I am liking the way you dress. It says a lot about you

Joelle: It does? *blinkblink*

Yorgi: *nods yes* da *looking you over again* comfort, it is important to you, yes?

Joelle: *nods* Well, yeah. *hugs self in comfy clothes* What's the point of wearing clothes if you just can't wait to remove them because they're painful to wear.

Yorgi: *laughs* take a look around the bar. There are many people here dressed in clothing they wish to be rid of

Joelle: *eyes them* Takes them ages to get into it, I bet. *lil grin* Took me less than a minute to get dressed.

Yorgi: *smiles* so you can get undressed just as quickly then?

Joelle: Well, yeah, probably. *tugs at hoodie that's a couple sizes too big for me*

Yorgi: *still smiling, eyes twinkling with mischief* that is something I would like to see

Joelle: *blinkblink. thinks i've missed something* Huh?

Yorgi: *smiles, cute but definitely a little slow in the pick up department* you, naked

Joelle: *stares at you. um. is he flirting with me or something?* Me? Naked?

Yorgi: *nodding yes, smiles* you, stripped bare and laying flat on my king sized bed

Joelle: *gulp. squeak* Don't strip for strange men.

Yorgi: You could not be here if you did not know who I am. And though I have corporeal form, I am not, in a sense, real. So there is really no reason you should lump me in with other men

Joelle: Ah, but I'm not here to shag people. I'm here because my friend dragged me in here. *nods* I was waiting for her. And besides, I've only ever talked with you in person once. *blink* Or as in person as this gets, anyway.

Yorgi: *smiles and nods* this is so. Yet you come here knowing infinitely more about me, than I of you and still I wish to worship your body as if nothing else existed in this world

Joelle: *exceedingly curious* Is that how that all works for you? I mean, shagging people is all well and good, but you know, I'd like to get to know them better besides a roll in the hay.

Yorgi: *shakes head no* nyet. It is with some, but with others, it is talking and taking time to get to know the person. I wish to know each thing which brings you pleasure

Joelle: Why with some and not with others? *insatiably curious*

Yorgi: There is no deisire for speaking with some that I have met. It is only an interest in my body they have, and not with my mind

Joelle: But the mind is so interesting. I mean, it lasts a lot longer than your body does, for one thing. And there's so much to find out, so much to learn.

Yorgi: *smiles* I can teach you Russian, discuss Aristotle, Van Gogh or Bach. Of course, all of this is much more pleasurable if it is while you allow me to worship the rest of you

Joelle: *perks* Russian?

Yorgi: *wide smile* da *pauses* Vee kraceevee *smiles* (yes, you are beautiful)

Joelle: *hesitantly, trying to copy what you said with accent and everything* Vee... kraceevee?

Yorgi: *chuckles* it is a matter of opinion *is purposely obtuse*

Joelle: What did I just say?

Yorgi: you asked if I was beautiful

Joelle: Oh, but you are!

Yorgi: *smiles* spaceba. So, as I was saying, are you

Joelle: *chuckles* Me? Like you said, it's a matter of opinion.

Yorgi: It is my opinion that you are so

Joelle: *shyly* Well, thank you.

Yorgi: *smiles and nods* pazshalstah (you're welcome)

Joelle: *wrinkles brow* Pazshalstah. *looks across at you* Was that right?

Yorgi: *wide grin, nodding yes* da. It is meaning you are welcome

Joelle: Oh! *repeats to self* Pazshalstah. *smiles across at you* Spaceba.

Yorgi: *wide grin* Pazshalstah

Joelle: *grins across at you* I'll be the most polite person to ever visit Russia.

Yorgi: *laughs* If it is bad language you wish to learn, I could be teaching it to you

Joelle: *grins* I love learning anything to do with languages. *sips at my iced tea. won't get seduced by your accent, nope*

Yorgi: *smiles* If you let me take you upstairs I would be most happy to tell you the name of everything I am touching with my lips

Joelle: *perks. vocabulary!* Okay. *wait. blinks. touching with your lips... stares at you. you can't mean... gulps* ...touching with your lips?

Yorgi: *smiles, standing and offering you my hand* Please, let me show you my place, da?

Joelle: *slowly takes your hand. lil smile* Da.

Yorgi: *helps you up kisses your hand* reekah (hand)

Joelle: Reekah. *gets up. lips... questioningly* Hand?

Yorgi: *smiles, taking yours and leading you through the crowd toward the elevator at the back* da. Hand

Joelle: *follows you docilely*

Yorgi: *I get to the elevator and press the button, it opens and I use the key to make it lift us away from the crowd*

Joelle: *clears my throat* You live above the bar?

Yorgi: *nods yes, watching as the doors open. I lead you through an office and back into my home, which is decorated nicely, not at all garish*

Joelle: *looks around, hands behind my back, careful not to disturb anything* Oh, nice. *sincerely* You have a beautiful home.

Yorgi: *smiles* spaceba *turns to you* can I get for you anything to drink?

Joelle: *shakes my head* No, thank you. *is looking around, intrigued with your space.*

Yorgi: would you like to be having a tour? I have a large library

Joelle: Oh, please... library? *turns to you* You have a library? *you have my complete attention now*

Yorgi: *wide smile, nods yes* da *takes your hand and leads you further into the house, walking into the library lined wall to wall with books*

Joelle: *jaw drops, books. books! is enthralled. starts browsing*

Yorgi: *chuckles, running fingers along one shelf*

Joelle: *looks reverently at all the books. Tolkien, Wordsworth, chekhov, plays by oscar wilde. this place is a treasure trove*

Yorgi: *I slowly slide up next to you* are you finding anything to your liking?

Joelle: *slow laugh* I don't even know when to start.

Yorgi: *I slide my hand along the small of your back* The library would not be my first choice

Joelle: *unconsciously leans into your hand* What would be, then? *fingers running along the spines of the book. eyes immediately riveted by a specific book.* You have Foucault's Pendulum!

Yorgi: *chuckles, nodding yes* I prefer a tour of the artwork first, before settling into the written word *leans to run my lips along your ear, whispers* ahshee (ears)

Joelle: *shiver* Artwork?

Yorgi: mmmhmm *does it again, nibbles at the lobe*

Joelle: *trying to think. focus* What sort of artwork?

Yorgi: Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, Sisley, Cezanne...*makes a little trail of kisses along your neck as I rattle off the names of various artsists whose work I have throughout my home*

Joelle: *tilts head to one side, cheek half resting against your upper arm. breathless* Mucha? *still trying to keep on thinking*

Yorgi: hmm no. I'm interested in impressionists, though I appreciate his work *fingers sliding over your stomach playfully*

Joelle: *sucks in a breath* Ah. *must. focus. mucha. right* I never could quite appreciate the Impressionists. Much preferred Art Nouveau.

Yorgi: *presses my tongue to your pulse point, sliding a couple fingers along the skin, just inside the waist band of your pants, then* as I said, I can appreciate them, I just prefer the impressionist

Joelle: *lil gasp* Mmmm. *can't think*

Yorgi: *kisses your neck again and slides my hand up the front of your shirt, pressing the flat to your warm belly*

Joelle: *whimper, leaning completely against you, hands reaching back to clutch at you. think. must. think.*

Yorgi: *smiles, kisses your neck again, then turning your head just a bit, your back pressed to my front as I lean my head over your shoulder to brush your lips with my own*

Joelle: *breathing shallowly. looking up at you. softly* Probably shouldn't be doing this.

Yorgi: *smiles, fingers still teasing your warm skin* but is it something which feels nice? *pressing my lips to your throat once again*

Joelle: Mmm yeah. Very nice.

Yorgi: *smiles against your skin* then it is worth exploring *sliding one hand lower, brushing teasingly between your legs, tonguing your pulse point once again*

Joelle: Probably... *breath hitching. loses all train of thought. moans*

Yorgi: *kisses you again, more insistently, palm curling around your sex, still outside your pants, rubbing teasingly*

Joelle: *moans, pressing against you, rubbing myself against your hand*

Yorgi: *I slide my other hand up your shirt further then, cupping one breast, large hand engulfing you easily*

Joelle: *hands fisting in the material of your pants. feels really tiny with you surrounding me. well hell. is really tiny, anyway*

Yorgi: *still kissing you, hand fingering your sex, then rubbing with more insistance there as my tongue seeks entrance into your mouth*

Joelle: *parts my lips for you, my hands aren't fisted any more, but are gripping onto your upper thighs*

Yorgi: *I press myself more tightly to you, arousal evident as I hold you against me, moving my hand down to push inside the pyjama pants, fingers sliding inside your panties, curling around your hot, wet sex*

Joelle: *pretty much turns to jelly on the spot. mewls, pressing myself against you*

Yorgi: *I find your clit easily, pressing it between my fingers, then sliding them down, spreading your sex for me, adding my second hand, rubbing you*

Joelle: *gaspwhimpermoan*

Yorgi: *I slide two fingers inside you then, curling them as I massage your clit, tongue exploring your mouth*

Joelle: *kissing you back, pretty much relying on you to hold me up, holding on to you like a life line*

Yorgi: *fucks you with the fingers, working over your clit, my body pressing tightly to yours*

Joelle: *so sensitive, can't think. for some reason, this seems really depraved, am being fucked, or close to it, fully clothed in the middle of a library*

Yorgi: *slides in a third finger, working you harder, faster*

Joelle: *whimpergasp, wound up so tight, can feel my orgasm building*

Yorgi: *continues working you, sucks on your lip, then moves my mouth, whispers in your ear as I grind my hand down against your clit* Ya shoy eemet gol cee bamee (I want to have sex with you)

Joelle: *that accent in my ear, russia spoken to me in that low, sexy voice pushes me over the edge. climaxes.*

Yorgi: *I lick along the shell of your ear, still working your through the aftershocks, loving the feel of your shuddering body against my own*

Joelle: *tremblemoan. brain still mushy*

Yorgi: *licks the shell of your ear again, then pulls my fingers from you, dipping down a bit to put arms under you, lifting you off your feet*

Joelle: *gasp. is lifted. blinking up at you. wee bit stunned, yes*

Yorgi: *I smile at you, carrying you toward my bedroom as if you weigh nothing, stepping inside the large room*

Joelle: *finally finds voice. still massively stunned* I think I came in the library.

Yorgi: *chuckles, laying you down on the bed* I am sure that you did *goes about pulling off your sweatshirt*

Joelle: *swallows as you removed my sweatshirt, rubbing a hand down my bare arm. plays with the strap of my camisole. states the obvious because I'm still processing* This is your bedroom?

Yorgi: *smirks a bit, teasing my fingers down your side* it is, yes

Joelle: *looks around at you* It's a nice bedroom. *shiver.*

Yorgi: *leans and presses my lips against your breast through the silk of your camisole, teases, then* thank you *hands moving to take off the pants*

Joelle: *lil gasp, shifting a bit, letting you undress me. not particularly thinking at this moment. spies a book on your bedside table. From the cyrillic on the cover, it's probably russian and is immediately distracted* What book is that. *reaches over and picks it up*

Yorgi: *tugs your pants down, tossing them* Atlas Shrugged *leans to nip at your thigh, raising my hand to suck at my fingers briefly*

Joelle: Atlas Shrugged! *flips it open. face falls when I see it's all in Russian, and I can't understand it* It was a good read. Interesting concepts.

Yorgi: *smiles when I see you're more interested in fiction at the moment, than me. Need to rectify that. I sit back and pull off my shirt, tossing it aside, then lean to kiss your inner thigh*

Joelle: Did you like it? What did you think about it? Have you read The Fountainhead?

Yorgi: *smirks, pushing up the camisole* I've only just started it

Joelle: Oh. *mildly disappointed. was hoping to get into an interesting discussion with you. lets you remove my camisole, then realises what I just did. blink* You removed my clothes.

Yorgi: *smiles, dipping my head to lap over a nipple* da

Joelle: *looks down at self. looks at you. accusingly* I'm naked, but you're clothed.

Yorgi: *smiles* I have pants on *licks over the other nipple, pushing a hand between your thighs*

Joelle: More clothed than I am. *nods. is still holding the book*

Yorgi: *curls the fingers around your sex suddenly, squeezing a bit* da

Joelle: *gasp. eyes widening. drops the book on the bed, clutches your forearm*

Yorgi: *smiles, mouth dipping to suck your nipple in*

Joelle: *lil moan. wait. book. book. gasps out* Book. Nightstand.

Yorgi: *bites the nipple a bit, sucks harder as my fingers begin to work over your sex again, rubbing across your clit*

Joelle: *whimpers. all thoughts flying out of my mind*

Yorgi: *sucks more, then pops mouth off and moves to the other nipple*

Joelle: *little whimper, hands moving in your hair, curling fingers through it*

Yorgi: *works fingers over you more, feeling the wetness again*

Joelle: *shivers, leans over and in an uncharacteristic move, takes the initiative and starts nibbling on the shell of your ear*

Yorgi: *I growl a bit, mouth beginning to move downward*

Joelle: *following your movement, hand at the nape of your neck, my mouth not straying from your ear*

Yorgi: *I kiss across your skin, then move up again, lips sliding up your neck, body pressing against yours*

Joelle: *presses body against you, and grumbles with frustration when the lower half of my body meets leather*

Yorgi: *nibbles just under your ear*

Joelle: *slides away, pushing you down, trying to remove your pants. If you're going to keep doing this, you're going to need to be naked, dammit. growl, trying to remove the pants* Do you have to wear them so tight?

Yorgi: *chuckles* it is the way in which leather is meant to be worn *wriggles a bit, assisting in getting them off*

Joelle: Yeah, well, they're a pain in the ass to remove. *shakes head. honestly, the clothes people wear nowadays*

Yorgi: *pushes them down, lifting my legs to help you get them off me*

Joelle: *finally pulls them off and tosses them to the floor. declares.* Never wearing leather ever.

Yorgi: *chuckles* you could just go naked all the time *eyes traveling over you, laying back leisurely*

Joelle: I'd probably get arrested for indecent exposure or something. *picks up the book beside me and replaces it on the nightstand*

Yorgi: *reaches around you, pulling you back down on the bed, mouth immediately sealing against your skin*

Joelle: Hey... *is tumbled back down on the bed*

Yorgi: *laughs, leaning to lick a nipple again, then kiss my way farther down*

Joelle: *squirms, breathy giggle, legs twining around you*

Yorgi: mmmm *kisses and licks downward, then buries my face between your legs, tongue lapping over you*

Joelle: *breath hitches, strangled moan*

Yorgi: *laps again, then sucks at your clit, pushing fingers inside you again*

Joelle: *whimpers* omigod.

Yorgi: *sucks harder, then uses my tongue to flick it back and forth, fingers working themselves inside you*

Joelle: *whimpermoanshudder. hands fisting in your hair*

Yorgi: *alternates sucking and licking you, fucking you with the fingers*

Joelle: *writhing and twisting against you. moans*

Yorgi: *continues working you into a frenzy, wanting to bring you off again before I take any pleasure from you*

Joelle: *arching hips up into your touch. whimpers*

Yorgi: *sucks on you more, tongue flicking over the clit as I suck around it, fingers thrusting inside you*

Joelle: *strangled scream, comes. writhing on the sheets in ecstasy*

Yorgi: *sucks at you more, then pulls fingers from you, sliding down to lap up your juices*

Joelle: *shivermoan. limp as a wet noodle*

Yorgi: *begins to kiss my way upward again*

Joelle: *panting. breathe. breathe. breathe. breathing is good*

Yorgi: *stops at a nipple sucks there as I spread your legs further*

Joelle: *arches into you, spreading my legs for you*

Yorgi: *I slide up your body, the head of my cock pressing to you just as I claim your mouth*

Joelle: *kisses you back eagerly*

Yorgi: *begins to push myself inside you as my tongue slides between your teeth*

Joelle: *lightly sucks on your tongue, thighs clenched around your waist*

Yorgi: *moans then, sinking completely inside your warmth*

Joelle: *warm shiver, clenches around you, adjusting to having you in me*

Yorgi: *I slide back, altering my angle some, then push forward, beginning a rhythm as we kiss*

Joelle: *rocks against you, kissing you wetly*

Yorgi: *keeps at a steady pace, driving myself inside you, hands exploring your body*

Joelle: *tweaks your nipples*

Yorgi: *moans*

Joelle: *leans up and sucks on them*

Yorgi: *moans again, pace speeding up some, pushing a hand between us just a bit, thumb pushing over your clit once more*

Joelle: *scrapes my teeth over your nipples, hands running down your side, over your ribcage*

Yorgi: *I thrust hard, angling thrusts to try to work your sweet spot from the inside as my thumb works over your clit from the outside*

Joelle: *bites down on your nipple when you hit it just right, tightening around you*

Yorgi: *hisses loudly, then moans* more *works myself inside you*

Joelle: *gasp* More? *bites down harder*

Yorgi: *yelps, then moans loudly, beginning to fuck you faster still*

Joelle: *scrapes my teeth across your chest, biting down on your other nipple, is probably leaving teeth marks*

Yorgi: *growls, rolling my hips, working over your clit faster now*

Joelle: *brings your head down to me, kissing you almost frantically, my hips pistoning into yours*

Yorgi: *mouth ravishes yours, tongue searching deeply*

Joelle: *sucks on your tongue, clenching my muscles around you*

Yorgi: *moans loudly, pushing against you desperately now, determined to bring you off*

Joelle: *shudders, writhing against you, clenching down on you again*

Yorgi: *jerks against you, pulling my mouth back and bitiing my lip to keep from cumming too soon*

Joelle: *moans at your sudden movement, comes, clenching down on you*

Yorgi: *yelps, then howls as I cum, driving inside you hard*

Joelle: *silent scream, tightening around you, twisting against you*

Yorgi: *kisses you then, still thrusting in you*

Joelle: *shiverpurr, writhing against you, tightening around you*

Yorgi: *groans again, shifts, then begins to slow down finally, panting*

Joelle: *tightens around you again. stretches against you leisurely, sated.*

Yorgi: *moan, chuckles, licks across your lips*

Joelle: *slow smile* Maybe it was a good idea for me to come here after all.

Yorgi: *smiles with you, shifts back just a bit* I would say it is so

Joelle: *gently traces a finger along the tattoos across your chest*

Yorgi: *shivers a bit, smiles* you will stay this night?

Joelle: *slow blink. stares up at you* You want me to stay? *is really surprised that you'd want me to*

Yorgi: *smiles, licks across your lips again* for the night

Joelle: *nods. slightly shy now* I'd like that.

Yorgi: *I pull myself from you, rolling over onto the bed*

Joelle: *shifts around on the bed, fluffing a pillow*

Yorgi: *stretches, then pushes a pillow over nearer to you, scooting up farther on the bed and reaching for you*

Joelle: *takes the pillow, smiling my thanks and stretches out half on my side*

Yorgi: *wraps my arms around you and pulls you in snugly against me, shifting to pretty much use you as a human blanket*

Joelle: *moves into you, shifting until I've found a comfortable spot, resting my head against your chest, my leg looping over your lower torso, arms around you*

Yorgi: *smiles, snuggling close* Goodnight Joelle

Joelle: Mmm. 'Night. *nestles down and sleeps*
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