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Chase: *sits up, completely startled out of sleep by the loud noise, blinking in confusion for a moment, until I realize what that alarm is* what the fuck? *I get out of bed and wander over to my desk, checking on the alarm panel I have here, staring* that bastard! *I grumble to myself, then yell out* Lucifer!

Lucifer: Yes love? *shows up in your office, still busy cleaning my hand, having expected that call*

Chase: *I turn and glower at you* you were warned, now pay the price *snaps my fingers, thats all it takes to remove the powers you're so bent on abusing*

Lucifer: *blinks slowly, suddenly feeling strange, looks down at myself in confusion*

Chase: Let's see how you deal with being like the rest of the people you usually pick on

Lucifer: *tries to disappear like I usually do, but nothing happens. I frown, not having expected everything to be so... silent. Fuck, I can't even hear people's thoughts anymore*

Chase: *watches you, chuckles* you'll have to use your feet at the door Lucifer. You havent got powers anymore

Lucifer: You sadistic little bitch. *flexes my fingers, still feeling strange... weak*

Chase: You just killed Cupid. You were warned *still grinning, loving that you're left without your powers now. It should do you some good to realize you can't really have everything you want*

Lucifer: The little cherub will come back to warm you at night anyway, darling. *looks annoyed*

Chase: I'm not interested in playing with Cupid. And he can't come back that soon, it does take time when body parts are rendered useless *eyes your blood smeared face* and seeing as how you ate his heart, he won't be around until tomorrow at the soonest

Lucifer: Next time I'll rip off every vital organ in his body then. *wipes my face clean*

Chase: It will still just take a day. And you won't have your powers back for a while. Not until I feel like you've earned them back

Lucifer: *snorts at you* I'll get right to building orphanages and learning my lesson, m'am. *how bad can it be to have to walk for a change, anyway? I can manage*

Chase: *laughs* you wouldn't know the first thing about hard labor. I'd like to see you try to build a birdhouse

Lucifer: You stupid monkeys can manage it fine, woman. *smirks* It'd take me thirty seconds.

Chase: with powers perhaps *smirks at you* do you know your way home on foot?

Lucifer: *eyes you* One would think you're trying to get rid of me. *has the sudden disquieting thought that I don't, actually*

Chase: That death alarm just woke me up Lucifer. Its the middle of the fucking night, I haven't had coffee or anything *moves to pull a robe on, looking for my slippers*

Lucifer: *makes a face at you being half dressed* Well, enjoy your little power trip, I'll get back home... *fuck, it's Alec's home, not mine*

Chase: You're the one chose to bend the rules. It is the only rule we have around here. One would think you could manage *finds the slippers, gets them on* You didn't answer my question. Do you know how to get home?

Lucifer: *glares at you and doesn't answer you*

Chase: *smirks* do you want me to call Alec to come get you?

Lucifer: *stares at you without seeing you, barely registering the smirk, pondering the odds of Alec having any interest in being with me now that I'm powerless* No, thank you, that won't be necessary. *turns around and starts to walk away*

Chase: *blinks, finding it amusing that you just said thank you*

Lucifer: *focuses on getting one foot in front of the other, trying not to think, ignoring the disquieting voice at the back of my mind whispering that maybe I made a mistake*

Chase: *I watch you go and consider calling Alec just in case, wondering what kind of mindfuck going without powers would be if you'd had them your entire existence*

Lucifer: *closes the door behind me and keeps walking, taking a direction at random*
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