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Lucifer: *Alec is happily snoring the night away. There's only so long I can watch him spread naked in front of me before wanting to wake him up, so I just showed up in the bar to order beers that I could conjure out of thin air anyway. It's a waste of money, but I still enjoy scaring the staff*

Cupid: *I laugh at another pair of lovestruck girls, both mooning over Yorgi who is busily ignoring them, playing chess with one of the Resort residents*

Lucifer: *makes a face when I notice diaper boy in a corner. I was hoping he would go away and stay lost.*

Cupid: *I watch another girl dancing with one of David Wenham's characters when I notice the dark presence of Satan enter, then grin*

Lucifer: *clears a table only by walking in, which suits me fine. I sit down and gets comfortable, watching the madness*

Cupid: *circles around where he is, coming up from the other side* told you you'd be in love with Alec. Didn't take one of my arrows to make that happen either *smirks*

Lucifer: *looks you up and down as if I couldn't believe someone such as you would come talk to me* You have no life of your own so you have to get cheap thrills spying on others?

Cupid: Watching everyone else is what I was made for. It is my life. At least I'm not out to ruin everyone

Lucifer: *yawns in a totally exagerrated way* You're boring me. If you want to start whinging about what I am, feel free, but please go talk to someone who cares.

Cupid: *chuckles* bothering you? Don't want to talk about how much you LOVE a mortal? Maybe I'll go wake him up or cause him to love someone else?

Lucifer: *narrows my eyes at you* You wouldn't dare, diaper boy. I'll tear you from limbs to limbs if you go anywhere near him again.

Cupid: *rolls eyes* Chase will have your powers if you try anything on me *waves an arrow at you, still grinning like a loon*

Lucifer: *makes said arrow burst into flames, smirks at you* You're the one who lost your powers last time, winged freak. Not me.

Cupid: oooh that's way not fair! *pouts, blowing on my singed fingers* Was only for a little bit *eyes you, still glowering*

Lucifer: I heard you had to walk home. *smirks* You're just lucky I didn't encourage Alec to go kill you while you were vulnerable.

Cupid: *shakes fingers* he'd get in trouble you know. I can make him love someone else

Lucifer: It's not real, why the fuck would I care? Chase would just force you to reverse it again. *smirks, I can so use Chase's name against you too*

Cupid: Because he'd be in love with someone other than YOU *giggles, thinks its funny*

Lucifer: *leans back in my chair, coldly pondering ripping your head off your body. at least that way you'd shut up* You know, as far as using your powers for evil, you're pretty good at it.

Cupid: Love is never evil *gets out another arrow, scooting backward*

Lucifer: False love is evil, no matter what you say. *watches you coldly*

Cupid: *snorts* what does Satan know of real love?

Lucifer: Nothing at all, it's not my department. But I can recognize deception when I see it. *smirks* That's mine.

Cupid: *rolls eyes* people can only love what they already have some interest in

Lucifer: Oh goodie, at least he won't end up fucking a Hobbit. *eyes you*

Cupid: Who knows? Maybe he will *eyes glittering with mischief*

Lucifer: He's not going to fuck anyone but me. *deadly quiet voice*

Cupid: *laughs* bit possessive for someone who didn't want to be in love with a mortal

Lucifer: Well, he's my mortal. *doesn't look the least bit amused* Stay the fuck away from him.

Cupid: No one person owns another *twirls the arrow, thinks this is funny*

Lucifer: I do. I own countless souls, you little twit. Don't tell me what I can and cannot do. *face slowly darkening, getting pissed off like I always do when you're around*

Cupid: *laughs* a soul is not the whole of a human. Has your human given his soul to you?

Lucifer: *eyes you strangely* Fictional people don't have souls, you moron.

Cupid: If he can love he's got something to give

Lucifer: *is getting a headache from from this discussion* Can you go bother the waitress about love instead?

Cupid: Why? Does being in love bother you?

Lucifer: *narrows my eyes at you, hates that fucking l word* Go. away.

Cupid: you're in Looooooooooove

Lucifer: *slowly gets up, gives you an ugly smile* I wonder if I could bash your entire head against a brick wall.

Cupid: *giggles* you'd get in a lot of trouble lover boy

Lucifer: Yes, but it would be worth it to see you writhe in agony. *is not smiling. at all*

Cupid: *laughs more* yeah riiiiight

Lucifer: Get the hell away from me. That's your last chance. *eyes nearly turning black*

Cupid: *eyes you, grins and suddenly pops out of the bar, directly into Alec's bedroom*

Lucifer: *growls loudly enough to startle several of the customers away from me, shows up in the bedroom too* What do you think you're doing, you little worm? *hisses threateningly*

Cupid: *already had an arrow knocked, lets it go when you startle me, shooting Alec in his sleep*

Lucifer: Little fucker... *grabs you by your throat and slams you into the nearest wall*

Cupid: *grunts, squirms and prepares to blink out of the room*

Lucifer: Not so fast... *uses all my powers to keep you pinned against this wall, smiles in satisfaction as you start bleeding from my nails digging into your skin*

Cupid: *growls, face taking on a stormy look, knee coming up to slam into your cock*

Lucifer: *grunts in pain, then snarls at you, not moving like anything human anymore, presses my hand against your ribcage and digs in, intent on tearing your heart of your chest*

Cupid: *yowls in pain, hands coming up to tear at your eyes*

Lucifer: *mentally forces Alec to fall asleep again when he starts stirring awake, ignoring the pain, smiles at you victoriously when I can feel it beating just under my fingertips* Say goodbye, little cherub. *tears it out of your chest*

Cupid: *screams as I tear at your skin again, a sound like a sonic boom resounding as you pull my heart from me*

Lucifer: *smirks at you and makes a show of squeezing your heart and drinking your blood, knowing that you're still able to see me for the moment*

Cupid: *watches then, drops, body suddenly blipping out of existence*

Lucifer: *licks my bloody fingers with a thoughtful expression* Well, that was fun.
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