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So Lucifer and Alec were having a conversation back and forth. Then Alec decided to finally tell Luci he loves him. And we took it from there.

Alec: *wiggles on you, finally puts a finger under your chin* cat got your tongue?

Lucifer: *blinks and stares at you*

Alec: *blinks, looking down at you, not sure what's wrong* Earth to Lucifer

Lucifer: *visibly shakes myself, decides that you obviously lost your mind and I should ignore it* Yes?

Alec: *grins when you finally speak* you're really going to sleep with me? *has no idea what you were reacting to*

Lucifer: *is very glad you have no idea, nods a bit* Yes. If you want. *still thinks I'm going to hurt you*

Alec: *wide grin* oh I want. *tugs at your shirt* you're gorgeous

Lucifer: Yes, yes, I am. *breaks into a smile because that's finally something I can agree with, then starts unbutonning my shirt*

Alec: *wide grin* and you're always so hot

Lucifer: *shakes my head at you, a bit bemused* You're in a good mood.

Alec: *runs hands down your now naked chest* you said you'd sleep with me

Lucifer: *moans a little when you start touching me* You want to go to bed now?

Alec: Well, not to sleep, but bed it good *wicked grin*

Lucifer: *suddenly gets up, carrying you in my arms as I wander upstairs, still a bit shocked that you said the l word at all*

Alec: *clings, laughing when you pick me up* if you were anyone else, I'd worry bout you breaking your back

Lucifer: You barely weigh anything. *licks along your neck as I avoid bashing your head into the doorway*

Alec: mmmm *grins, small squirm* you're just strong and all

Lucifer: *chuckles* I could crush your bones, yes, but I couldn't carry an elephant up the stairs. *gropes your ass before putting you down on the bed*

Alec: *laughs at that* yeah well, one wouldnt fit

Lucifer: I don't know, they're fairly wide stairs. *crawls after you on the bed and works on removing your shirt, trying not to rip it off this time*

Alec: *squirms under you moans loudly*

Lucifer: *throws your shirt on the floor and licks circles around your nipple, pins you down with one hand when you start squirming*

Alec: *moans, squirming more* bloody hell

Lucifer: *chuckles at your favourite curse and bites on your nipple without warning, practically drawing blood*

Alec: *yelps loudly, arching up toward your mouth*

Lucifer: *easily pushes you back down and sucks hard on your nipple, thinking that one day I should make you come without ever taking off your pants*

Alec: *moans whorishly, writhing under you, hands grasping at you*

Lucifer: *smiles against your skin and lazily licks my way to your other nipple, determined to take my time*

Alec: *squirms more, pulling at your hair* Lucifer, common!

Lucifer: Hmm? *lightly laps your nipple and ignores the hair pulling*

Alec: *tugs more* come up here and fuck me already

Lucifer: What if I want to get fucked? *teasing voice, nibbles on your flesh*

Alec: *moans loudly, squirming more* well, I can do that

Lucifer: I don't really want to get fucked. *bites down suddenly, sucks hard before letting go* Just wanted to see what you'd say.

Alec: *jerks, moaning loudly* I'd do anything for you

Lucifer: *stops suddenly and looks up at you, stunned*

Alec: *grins down at you*

Lucifer: You don't really mean that. You can't really mean that. *works on getting your pants undone with slightly shaky hands*

Alec: *lifts up hips to let you undress me* I can and I do

Lucifer: Don't. That's a bad idea. *tries to tug you so you'll turn around, mostly so you won't be able to see the expression on my face*

Alec: *pushes against your hand* no, I want to watch you take me

Lucifer: *lets my hair fall in my face instead as I get rid of my clothes with only a thought* Stubborn. *smiles fondly as I nudge your legs apart*

Alec: *grins, spreads them for you* well you're so sexy and all. Watching you's half the fun

Lucifer: *still half hiding behind my hair as I press one finger against your hole and slowly work it inside, breathing faster now that I mostly want to be buried in you*

Alec: *moans loudly, pushing my hips up for you, legs spread wide*

Lucifer: Slut. *makes it sound like an endearment as I twist my finger, pressing against your prostate*

Alec: only for you

Lucifer: *gives you a strangely vulnerable look, then hides my face by licking your cock as I keep fucking you with my spread fingers*

Alec: *moans loudly again, pushing myself up into your mouth, pulling at your hair*

Lucifer: *sucks strongly as I add another finger, swallowing around you when you push yourself deeper in my mouth*

Alec: *groans, shifting, squeezes around you*

Lucifer: *abruptly decides that I have to be inside you now, scrapes my teeth along your cock as I pull back*

Alec: *shudders as you do that, moaning and reaching to pull you up*

Lucifer: *hovers over you as I pause to look at you, wondering how exactly we managed to get to this point, then gets a hold of your hips and plunge inside you, wanting to get lost in flesh and not my own thoughts*

Alec: *wraps legs around you, reaching to pull your mouth down to mine, kissing you possessively*

Lucifer: *moans as I fist your hair and devour your mouth, already rocking inside you, thinking you're the one burning me*

Alec: *groans loudly, bucking up against you, wanting you in deeper*

Lucifer: *pulls you up and changes the angle so I sink all the way in, then holds myself there for a few heartbeats, moaning*

Alec: *gasps, then moans, eyes closed, then eventually opens them, staring at you*

Lucifer: *closes my eyes when you look at me and starts fucking you hard, moaning at the friction and leaving imprints of my fingers on your hips*

Alec: *growls when you dig into my skin, bucking and writhing under you, moans your name*

Lucifer: *only fucks you harder when you start squirming, nailing you to the bed, biting my lips not to say your name*

Alec: *reaches down, grabs your ass to grind you into me, moaning louder still* yes, yes, YES!!!

Lucifer: *wraps my free hand around your cock and roughly jerks you off, almost laughing when you get even louder*

Alec: *howls when you do that, entire body arching up*

Lucifer: *watches your face and leans closer to lick the sweat from your skin, lightly runs my nails along your cock*

Alec: *shivers and groans, tightening around you*

Lucifer: *savagely bites down on your neck, still refusing to scream your name, squeezes your cock*

Alec: *howls your name loudly, bucking up again as you do that*

Lucifer: *sucks hard on your neck as soon as I can taste your blood, brutally fucking you, moaning at the friction*

Alec: *howls again as you do that, blunt nails digging into your ass cheeks*

Lucifer: *hungrily kisses you again, sharing the taste of your blood with you, muscles tensing as the pleasure becomes too much*

Alec: *moans loudly again as you share that taste with me, bucks up harder, so damned close*

Lucifer: *bites your lips as I come long and hard, clutching you to me as I keep fucking you through my orgasm*

Alec: *screams against your mouth as you bite, bucking up and cumming hard*

Lucifer: *uses your come to keep jerking you, still hitting your prostate, just loves when you beg me to stop because it hurts too much*

Alec: *howls again, bucking up harder, nearly launching you off me*

Lucifer: *laughs and easily pins you down, keeps slowly fucking you*

Alec: *moans loudly* Lucifer!

Lucifer: Yes? *nibbles on your shoulder, wants to hear you begging*

Alec: *is panting, tries to move* ohh...uhh...*twitches, jerks more* oh fuck, stop!

Alec: (i think i missed the beginning of house. its on the beginning credit thingy)

Lucifer: *chuckles, licks the bite mark on your neck* What's the magic word? *still moving inside you*

Lucifer: (awww. *pets you* I haven't watched it yet.)

Alec: *yelps, bucking more* oh fuuuuuck! Please, stop!

Lucifer: *laughs outright and finally stops, nuzzles your neck*

Alec: *drops back against the bed like a wet noodle*

Lucifer: *gets comfy on top of you, licks more sweat from your skin*

Alec: *shivers and squirms a bit* so bloody good at that

Lucifer: I know. *shifts again to get comfy since you keep squirming, looks smug*

Alec: *grabs at you again to try to get you to stay still* drives me crazy

Lucifer: I could still fuck you, you know. *chuckles, lazily rubs myself against you*

Alec: *moans loudly again* Lucifer

Lucifer: Is that a no? *thinks I'll flip you over and do it anyway next time*

Alec: *groans a bit more* well you can, but I can guarantee I'll pass out

Lucifer: I'd have fun anyway. *laughs, paws you all over*

Alec: *moans loudly again* well you can

Lucifer: Another time. *curls around you, assuming you'll want to fall asleep now*

Alec: *curls my bits around you* mmm *buries face against your neck* love you

Lucifer: *eyes widen because you said that word again, freezes*

Alec: *pulls face back and looks at you* what?

Lucifer: Nothing. *tugs you back down*

Alec: *frowns a bit* do you not want me to tell you that?

Lucifer: *sighs* Alec... I'm the devil.

Alec: So? Satanists worship you and they dont even know you. I love you

Lucifer: It's not possible to love me. You should sleep.

Alec: *reaches up, pulls your face close to me* I love you

Lucifer: *closes my eyes* I love you. *won't argue with you even though I know it's not possible*

Alec: *reaches around you and holds you to me tightly* I had to learn what love is with you

Lucifer: *eyes pop open* I'm the last person who could possibly teach it to you.

Alec: *shakes head no* you did. I know what it is now

Lucifer: Alec. I'm the devil. I'm not made to love or be loved. *shakes you a little for emphasis*

Alec: *growls a bit* well I love you damnit, so get over it. God did too. You dont hear stories of God ever loving any other angel

Lucifer: *stares at you because you're actually right about that* It's not the same thing.

Alec: *frowns some* is too. He loved you, I love you

Lucifer: *shakes my head, has no idea what to say* It didn't end well that time. You shouldn't.

Alec: I can and I do

Lucifer: *makes a lost noise and buries my face against your neck*

Alec: *clings to you, holding tightly to you*

Lucifer: Sleep, alright? Just sleep. *restlessly runs my hands over your back, doesn't want to talk about this*

Alec: mmmph *rubs face against your neck* I do love you

Lucifer: *wishes for the first time in my very long life that I could be human and able to accept those words at face value, instead of knowing I'm stuck being evil forever and ever* I love you too. *sighs*
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