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Lucifer: *finally looks up from my book, tired of you silently moping around the house* Yes?

Alec: *finishes rearranging all the books in the shelf next to my favourite sitting chair, turns to look at you* yes what?

Lucifer: I know I should find it entertaining, but I don't actually enjoy watching you torture yourself. *eyes you*

Alec: *stops moving around and looks up at you* what do you mean?

Lucifer: You're brooding. *still watching you*

Alec: *slow blink, watches you a moment, then moves to drop on the couch* am I?

Lucifer: Hmhm. *shamelessly puts my feet in your lap* I can tell. See, I'm the devil.

Alec: *wraps a hand around one foot, begins to massage your toes with my other hand* that fact had not escaped my notice

Lucifer: I knew you would notice eventually. *would purr if I didn't find it too tacky* So yes. You're brooding. And not saying a word about it to me.

Alec: what is it I'm brooding about?

Lucifer: You tell me, you stubborn bastard. *grins*

Alec: *blinks a few times, watching you, still rubbing your feet* well, seeing as I was unaware I was even doing it, I can hardly tell you anything

Lucifer: Still convinced I'm going to leave you? *raises an eyebrow*

Alec: *stops massaging your feet and looks up, staring at you*

Lucifer: *stares right back, ready to wait the whole day for you to answer me*

Alec: you will eventually

Lucifer: You can see the future now? I'm impressed. *slightly sarcastic*

Alec: *arches a brow* well I'm stuck here for eternity, you're not

Lucifer: Yes... *thinks that's actually the very reason I'm staying, stares at you blankly*

Alec: so, you'll eventually get bored and move on

Lucifer: You're incredibly random. I don't think I'm about to get bored.

Alec: I didn't say right this minute, did I?

Lucifer: So, how long do you think it will take me to get bored? A month? A year? Ten years? A century?

Alec: *shrugs* I really have no idea

Lucifer: I'm not even going back there anymore. What are you talking about?

Alec: *shrugs* boredom of course

Lucifer: Maybe I should start obsessing you're going to get bored with me, then. *doesn't even think that's possible, but you obviously need to be talked some sense into you*

Alec: just having you in the room with me is more excitement than I'd had here in years, so that wont happen. You on the other hand, were off doing things you enjoy doing before you met me

Lucifer: I can see how exciting it is, having me reading a book all morning. *dry voice*

Alec: *slow blink* and you used to be out stalking people for their souls or whatever

Lucifer: Actually, I just waited for the souls to come to me, most of the time. You wouldn't believe how easy it was.

Alec: *smirks* considering how easy I found it to bend people to my will, I would believe it

Lucifer: *grins* I knew there was a reason I loved you. So you see, I'm not going anywhere.

Alec: *smirks* right, if you say so

Lucifer: You know, for once in my life I bother telling the truth and you don't believe me. *tsks at you*

Alec: well yes, its the truth, but as I said, it may just be a matter of time

Lucifer: Alright. I'll make you believe me, then. *gives you a serene smile, certainly won't tell you what I'm planning to do because you will come unglued*

Alec: *eyes widen when you smile like that* what are you up to?

Lucifer: Nothing. Nothing at all. *picks up my book again*

Alec: *frowns a bit, continues to watch you*

Lucifer: You're going to get wrinkles. *tsks at you*

Alec: *blinks, continues watching you* you know as well as I, that I will never change

Lucifer: I was teasing you. You're much too angsty and depressed.

Alec: I'm living with something I never experienced before.

Lucifer: What kind of something? *watches you*

Alec: Love

Lucifer: *puts down the book again, eyes you* Do you have to keep using that word?

Alec: You pushed me. It's not as if you didn't know what I was thinking

Lucifer: *makes a face, privately wondering exactly why I made you say the word. It can't be that I'm actually enjoying it now* Well, stop worrying. I'm not going anywhere. I'll prove it to you.

Alec: Yeah...right. How can you do that?

Lucifer: You'll see. *tries to look innocent, which should make all kind of alarm bells go off in your head* Did you want to do something today, instead of playing with your bookshelves?

Alec: *continues watching you, completely curious* you're trying to make me crazy, arent you?

Lucifer: No... but I can drag you in bed and lick all over if you'd prefer. *eyes you* I think I'll go back to my world for a few days. Just to warn you.

Alec: *watches you, nods yes* alright

Lucifer: Alright then. *practically beams at you* So, you never managed to kill anything.

Alec: *shrugs* doesn't matter

Lucifer: *pokes you with my toe* If you say so. So, are we doing something this afternoon? *is in a strangely good mood*

Alec: well I liked that sound of that tongue bath you mentioned

Lucifer: *grins wickedly* Why do we bother getting out of bed in the morning again?

Alec: *slow smile* I really dont know

Lucifer: You want me to do some dark magic? *wicked smile, asks you that out of the blue*

Alec: *cocks my head, watching you* do you want to do some?

Lucifer: Well, that involves you bleeding a bit, so I'm asking.

Alec: *cocks head, still watching* I don't mind bleeding

Lucifer: I know you don't. *gets up suddenly, grabs you by your wrist and drags you over to the kitchen*

Alec: *goes where you pull me*

Lucifer: Remember when I told you I could give you powers? *looks around for the kitchen knife*

Alec: Yeah *eyes you warily*

Lucifer: Good boy. *smiles innocently as I slice your palm open and uses your blood to write in strange characters on your arm*

Alec: *winces a bit when you cut me, then watches in facination as you do your little ritual*

Lucifer: *winks at you, rather enjoying doing the showy satanic stuff, writes down the symbol for your name, then slices my palm open to continue writing using my blood*

Alec: *eyes move from me to you, then back to my arm*

Lucifer: *finishes my name with a flourish, smirks, quickly says something in another language, the symbols abruptly sinking into your skin and disappearing* There, done.

Alec: *blinks again, staring at my arm* that was...interesting. I dont feel any different

Lucifer: *grins* I didn't do much, I don't want it to go to your head. *slowly backs you against the wall* Are you sure you're not feeling any different? *starts working on ripping your shirt off your body*

Alec: *groans, wriggles against you* well I'm horny, but that's no different

Lucifer: *knows you're always horny and that's one of the reason I love you, bends down to lick your nipple*

Alec: *blinks, watches you* you sending me what you're saying?

Lucifer: *Nope. I'm too lazy to do that* *smirks a bit and keeps licking*

Alec: *blinks, stares at you* then why can I hear you?

Lucifer: *abruptly bites down on that hard little bit of flesh, convinced you'll figure it out eventually because you're a bright boy*

Alec: *cocks a brow at that* is that how you always think of me?

Lucifer: *chuckles* Among other things. *straightens up and brushes my lips against yours*

Alec: *eyes you more, pushes you back a bit, looking at you* is that what you gave me?

Lucifer: Hmhm. *waits to see if you're going to freak*

Alec: *stares at you* freak?

Lucifer: Yes. *waits some more, amused by your reaction*

Alec: Amused? *arches a brow, looks at you seriously* I can hear your thoughts

Lucifer: *starts laughing* That'd be the point of what I did, yes.

Alec: *slow blink, watching you, mouth hanging open in a bit of shock*

Lucifer: *pokes you to get you to react, thinking it's a good thing I didn't give you anything more spectacular. Mortals are fragile, I really got to remember that*

Alec: *eyes widen more* I'm not fragile, just *stares* shocked a bit. I didn't know you could do that!

Lucifer: I'm the devil, I can do pretty much anything I want. *leans a bit closer to lick your lips*

Alec: mmm *blinks, lick my lips after you do* yeah but...*trails off, not exactly sure what I was going to say*

Lucifer: Maybe you should sit down. *still pretty much laughing at you*

Alec: *frowns suddenly* you're laughing at me

Lucifer: You're adorable. *actually means it too*

Alec: *blinks, still watching you, finally smiles* I can hear your thoughts

Lucifer: Hmhm. So you can. *idly takes your hand into mine and licks clean a drop of blood*

Alec: *shivers a bit, smile widens* wow *eyes glittering, watching you*

Lucifer: You're easy to entertain, you know that? *grins, brushes my lips against yours*

Alec: *licks my lips, smiles* no, actually I'm not. It's the fact you're so all bloody powerful that makes it so I can be entertained

Lucifer: That's easy. *slowly backs you against the walls, knows it will fade in a few days anyway, otherwise you'd probably go mad*

Alec: I would not *wrapping arms around you, hands tugging at your shirt, moving under it*

Lucifer: *knows that you would because I tend to drive mortals crazy* *goes after your neck and sucks on your skin, drawing all the blood to the surface*

Alec: *squirms against you* I'm not like other guys *snickers*

Lucifer: *I noticed, you never had the sense to be afraid of me* *bites down*

Alec: *moans, well you're evil, I admire that*

Lucifer: *thinks you're the only one who'd even considered fucking the devil if he showed up in your living room, and yeah, I admire that* *suddenly whisks us both away in your bed and starts ripping your clothes off you*

Alec: *is surprised a moment, then laughs*

Lucifer: *rips your white and expensive shirt to shreds, enjoying myself immensely*

Alec: You really get off on ruining my clothes

Lucifer: Very much so. *only because you react so beautifully, actually* *laughs as I do the same to your pants*

Alec: *doesn't react at all about the clothes, just smiles evilly, watching you enjoy yourself*

Lucifer: *pouts a bit because you're not getting all indignant over me, sticks my tongue in your belly button*

Alec: *laughs, wiggling when you do that* have to have my way sometimes dont I?

Lucifer: Once every year, maybe, I'll give you that. *lightly licks your cock, acting like a total tease*

Alec: *groans* just maybe?

Lucifer: *laughs* I don't know, should I let you get away with more? *is probably spoiling the effect because I'm totally teasing you, but hell... keeps lightly licking your cock*

Alec: *squirms a lot more, hands gripping the sheets* course you should. I'm your favourite minion

Lucifer: *starts laughing, breath puffing against your cock* I haven't had minion in ages and they tended to be on the ugly side.

Alec: *still wriggling under your attentions, smiles* nice to know I'm a cut above then

Lucifer: *you're silly, you have nothing to do with them* *grabs your hips to hold you down, licks you like a lollylop as I look up at you*

Alec: *moans, wriggling as you do that* yes well, you're my favourite subject, may as well deify you

Lucifer: *chuckles* Don't. *takes you down my throat, my hair falling forward, hiding my face*

Alec: *hisses, then moans, reaching for your shoulders* fuck, thats good

Lucifer: *chuckles again because I already knew I'm very good at this, works on pleasuring you and driving you out of your mind*

Alec: *moans, writhing under you, smug bastard*

Lucifer: *laughs and wraps my tongue around your shaft, takes you in deeper since I don't need to do pesky things like breathing*

Alec: lucky bastard too *moans, arching up, fucking your mouth*

Lucifer: *loves to make you pant and moan for me, actually, relaxes my throat to let you fuck it raw*

Alec: *drives myself up more, reaching to grip your hair...yeah, love that you let me too*

Lucifer: *pushes my hands under your body to cup your ass, encouraging you to try to choke me*

Alec: *moans loudly, driving myself down your throat repeatedly*

Lucifer: *teases your hole with a finger*

Alec: *hisses, then moans again* fuck

Lucifer: *laughs, my throat vibrating around your cock, pushes another dry finger in, not above making you suffer a bit*

Alec: *grunts, hisses a bit more, doesn't mind the suffering either because it ends up feeling bloody brilliant*

Lucifer: *slowly, slowly eases away from your cock and blows on the tip of it, watching you with mischievious eyes*

Alec: *jerks under you doing that, eyes you* tease

Lucifer: I'm not, I always give you what you want. Eventually. *smirks*

Alec: *moans, shifting* well then give it to me

Lucifer: You didn't tell me what you want yet.

Alec: *eyes widen* you know how I think

Lucifer: *grins, wants you to spell it out to me*

Alec: *smirks* okay then, fuck me long and slow

Lucifer: Slow? *raises an eyebrow as I crawl back up your body, rubbing myself against you*

Alec: *squirms under you, reaching to pull you up* yes, slow, drive me crazy

Lucifer: You never asked for that before. *makes my clothes disappear at some point, moans at the friction between our bodies*

Alec: *sighs, happy you're finally naked* I know. Which is why I asked now. Something different

Lucifer: *isn't quite sure I can manage slow when I have you spread under me, runs my hands on the inside of your thighs, nudges your legs apart*

Alec: *opens them for you eagerly* so give it a try

Lucifer: *smiles at you* You want me to take you as if you were my beloved lover? *raises my hand to my mouth, slowly licks on my fingers*

Alec: *shivers, watching you, licks my own lips* something like that, yes

Lucifer: *tenderly licks your nipple into hardness as I press my wet fingers against your opening, slowly working them in for once*

Alec: *shifts, moaning as you do that, spreading legs still further for you*

Lucifer: *keeps opening you for me with a patience I didn't even know I had, nipping and licking your chest*

Alec: *relaxes around you, moaning, fingers curling in, then tugging on your long hair*

Lucifer: *tenderly kisses your skin right over your beating heart, twists my fingers inside of you, brushing against your prostate*

Alec: *jerks, moaning loudly, panting, eyes gone dark green with lust, tugs again* come up here

Lucifer: *would normally resists just to be contrary but lets you tug me up this time, my cock brushing against your belly, thinking you have the most beautiful eyes*

Alec: *smiles when you think that, pushing my hands through your hair, getting it out of the way* you do *licks across your lip, then nips at it*

Lucifer: *closes my eyes because I don't agree with you, nudges your lips apart with my tongue, rubbing myself against you*

Alec: *opens my mouth to you. It's true, they're gorgeous. You're gorgeous*

Lucifer: *would blush if I was at all able to do so, nips on your lips to distract you as I trail a finger along your cock*

Alec: *moans as you do that, shifting under you...please, in me now, do it...eyes widen, staring up at you*

Lucifer: *moans softly as I press myself against you, closing my eyes for a second, still tempted to slam myself inside you but slowly pressing in instead, so slowly I can barely stand it*

Alec: *moans loudly, body arching to press against you, hands moving around, trying to keep from tugging on you urgently, wanting the slow torture*

Lucifer: *grabs your hands and pins them over your head, pauses when I'm flushed against you and as deep as I can get*

Alec: *has wrapped legs around you, squeezing you there, holding you tightly* bloody hell!

Lucifer: *pulls back a mere few inches, then slowly drives back inside of you, panting softly as I steel myself not to give in*

Alec: *groans loudly, hips thrusting up, shaking with desire*

Lucifer: *still holding your wrists down so tightly you can barely move, holding on to my self control by my fingernails as I pull out a bit farther and slowly sink back in*

Alec: *moans, arching more, squeezing you a bit, legs tightening* fuuuuuck

Lucifer: *thinks it's an interesting new form of torture and I should use it on you more often, grits my teeth as I start making love to you slowly*

Alec: *hisses, then moans, body writhing under you*

Lucifer: *stares at your face, at the way you're moving under me, totally fascinated and slowly picking up the pace*

Alec: *opens eyes again, staring up at you, full of lust, love, desire, legs gripping you tightly*

Lucifer: *feels even my own control fraying at the edge when you look at me that way, snaps my hips back against you, moaning*

Alec: *moans loudly, arching up hard*

Lucifer: *finally releases your hands and plants my hands at each side of your head, using the bed as leverage, slowly ripping the sheets to shreds*

Alec: *moaning like a whore now, body shuddering with pleasure, every nerve on fire now*

Lucifer: *kisses you hard, feeling you moan against my lips, invades your mouth with my tongue, overly conscious of every inch of my cock sinking in you*

Alec: *moans loudly still, sucking at your tongue, using my legs to grind self against you, my cock getting the pressure it needs between us*

Lucifer: *slowly trails my hand down, teasing your nipples then following that cute trail of hair, finally closes it around your cock*

Alec: *jerks a bit more when you do that, moaning, writhing with each thrust, grinding up and panting now*

Lucifer: *wants to see you come before I do, jerk you off roughly now, pushing myself against your prostate*

Alec: *shudders uncontrollably now, trying hard to keep from cumming, wanting this to last*

Lucifer: *has other plans for you, delicately runs my nails against too sensitive skin, wanting to make you fall apart under me*

Alec: *yelps, jerking up, eyes bugging as I shake, then can't help but come unglued, cumming hard*

Lucifer: *watches you as you come undone under me, finding you incredibly beautiful*

Alec: *would blush if I wasn't already coming undone under you, squeezes you inside me*

Lucifer: *cries out and kisses you possessively, burying my hands in your hair, just trying to hold on a bit longer*

Alec: *uses my legs to tighten around you, grinding up* come on

Lucifer: Bastard... *grins as I say that, fucking you so hard that the mattress is screaming in protest, so very close*

Alec: *howls under you* *you so deserve it* *sqeezes more*

Lucifer: *fuck... abruptly bites the hell out of your shoulder, burying myself deep in you and shaking as I spend myself, practically seeing red*

Alec: *screams and jerks under you, nails dragging down your back*

Lucifer: *shudders in aftershock, licks the bit of blood I can taste*

Alec: *moans again, clinging desperately to you*

Lucifer: *lets myself go limp, kisses you hard*

Alec: *eagerly joins in the kiss*

Lucifer: *cards my fingers through your hair, still feeling a bit shaken*

Alec: *panting, kisses you again, moans some* bloody hell

Lucifer: *starts laughing a bit at that particular expression*

Alec: *smiles a bit then, looking up at you* I know it's a favourite of yours

Lucifer: Not my favourite, I just think it's funny. *grins*

Alec: *smiles up at you*

Lucifer: Hell isn't bloody. *corrects you for the nth time, refuses to move*

Alec: *laughs* and once again, its simply a turn of phrase

Lucifer: *chuckles, vaguely thinking of what hell is really like, simply a dark place where people wander forever, lost*

Alec: *eyes widen, taking in the image* yes, but it sounds better to say bloody hell, rather than dark hell, dont you think?

Lucifer: *shrugs* It never looked dark to me, only to them.

Alec: *smiles* because you're a lucky bastard

Lucifer: Lucky? *blinks, has certainly never considered myself lucky*

Alec: *kisses you* you could have anything you desired. Well, other than God that is

Lucifer: I stopped wanting anything. *shrugs*

Alec: *begins to trace patterns on your skin* I was getting in that mode here too

Lucifer: Well, don't do that. *kisses you*

Alec: *kisses you, wriggles some* I dont anymore

Lucifer: Good. I expect you to be happy now.

Alec: *smirks up at you* well you too

Lucifer: *blinks, isn't exactly the happy type* If you say so.

Alec: If I have to, so do you

Lucifer: Pfff. Puny mortal. *grins* You get to be happy, not me.

Alec: *eyes widen* any why cant you, hmm?

Lucifer: *shrugs a bit* Devil. Not exactly happiness material.

Alec: *pokes you* nothing says you cant enjoy something now and again

Lucifer: I enjoy you a lot. *grins*

Alec: *smiles, winks* well there's a bonus

Lucifer: Hmhm. *pats you* Very nice body that I intend to enjoy in the morning again.

Alec: *laughs* such a shallow bastard *loves you anyway*

Lucifer: *love you too, even if you're a shallow bastard too* *smirks*

Alec: *snickers* such a team

Lucifer: Uh uh. Go to sleep, you need your rest. *smirks*

Alec: *smiles up at you* not going to leave again are you?

Lucifer: Well... *shrugs a bit, can only watch you sleep for so long, even if I've been know to do that for hours before*

Alec: *sighs* well I know that. I meant til I fall asleep at least

Lucifer: Oh, that. I only get bored if you're sleeping. Don't worry about that. *shifts a bit and wraps myself around you*

Alec: oh *smiles, snuggles up with you* good
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