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Lucifer: *stares down at myself with a totally lost expression* Well, fuck.

Alec: *pushes up from my belly, looks at you* what?

Lucifer: *looks down at my naked body, then eyes you* I have no fucking clothes, other than the ones I was wearing yesterday. They're dirty. *frowns*

Alec: *slow blink, looks at you* well I've a robe in the bathroom and my clothes would fit you fine. At least long enough to go shopping if you'd like

Lucifer: *crosses my arms, glares a bit* I can't wear your clothes! They're... they're.. normal looking. And white. *shudders*

Alec: *chuckles* I have some black clothes if you'd prefer. *shakes head* you're welcome to remain naked

Lucifer: *glares even more, in a way that'd make you burst into flames if I was my normal self* They're still normal clothes.

Alec: *sighs* you never looked like you were wearing special clothes

Lucifer: *mutters something about bloody ordinary mortal clothes with no style, kicks the bed*

Alec: *smiles a bit* I take it you're feeling better today?

Lucifer: Don't make me spank you. *starts pacing the room* You know damn well I'm not feeling any better. I was hoping it was a nightmare.

Alec: I meant the cold you were getting yesterday *settles self up on one elbow, watching you*

Lucifer: *looks totally horrified, looks around as if I could see the germs* Now I feel like I have a target painted on my forehead... and stop looking so damn edible! *snaps at you*

Alec: *smile widens* you might just. I think you should get back in bed so I can keep you warm *leers*

Lucifer: You know, I'm in the middle of a crisis and you're thinking about sex. Don't you ever think about anything else? *crawls back into bed*

Alec: With you around? It's hard to pay attention to anything else

Lucifer: I'm mortal and I'm probably going to catch a pneumonia and die. *sulks as I wrap myself around you*

Alec: *pushes arms around you, holding you close to me* not if I can help it you wont

Lucifer: Then I'll get run over by a car. *buries my face against your neck*

Alec: *rubs my hand up and down your back, the other sliding through your hair* not if I can help it

Lucifer: You're being awfully nice. *refuses to let go of you*

Alec: *smiles, holds you to me* I feel a little responsible for egging you on to go after that winged freak.

Lucifer: He's fucking responsible for dying, believe me. *snorts*

Alec: *hugs you* well I'm sorry anyway

Lucifer: *groans* I give you one week to get fed up with me.

Alec: *smiles* wont happen.

Lucifer: *pinches the nearest sensitive bit* Sure it will. I can't entertain you anymore.

Alec: *squirms* what do you think you're doing now?

Lucifer: Bitching? *licks your neck*

Alec: *groans* and licking me

Lucifer: Well, you taste good. *keeps licking*

Alec: *smiles* well its good you're getting something you like still

Lucifer: *stops licking to stare you* Please don't tell me the sex won't be as good. I'll go throw myself down the nearest bridge right now.

Alec: *slow smirk* I dont see why the sex could be any different. I wasnt using any magic powers

Lucifer: I was talking about me. I'm a selfish bastard, remember? *sniffs indignantly*

Alec: yes, but what you were feeling was what I was giving, if that makes sense

Lucifer: *sighs then kisses your neck* Alright, I'm tired of being human already.

Alec: *chuckles* told you I'll take care of you

Lucifer: Nobody ever had to take care of me. *grumbles*

Alec: *smiles, rolls you over onto your back, leans to kiss you* wont be forever

Lucifer: Oh right. I'll just build an orphanage, turn to the side of good and everything will be fine. *snorts*

Alec: *chuckles* dont hurt yourself trying to go all good at once

Lucifer: Bah, the universe as we know it will implode if I turn to the side of good. *idly runs my hands over your back*

Alec: *laughs* probably

Lucifer: Are you going to fuck me anytime soon? *pointed look*

Alec: *works your legs open, sliding myself between them*

Lucifer: It was about time. *looks quietly amused*

Alec: *wide grin, pressing my cock against your hole* all you had to do was ask

Lucifer: That'd be too easy. *shifts restlessly under you*

Alec: *chuckles, pushes myself slowly forward, inching my way inside you* oh yeah?

Lucifer: Hmhm. *hisses softly, stills myself under you*

Alec: *I slow down, slide in slowly, leaning to kiss you*

Lucifer: *moans a little and kisses you back, practically clings to you*

Alec: *hands hold you tightly, sinks in deeply, moaning*

Lucifer: *hungrily ravishes your mouth, makes a needy noise and arches back against you*

Alec: *drives myself in you harder and faster*

Lucifer: *lets myself fall back against the mattress, has a bit of a blissful expression*

Alec: *moans louder still, mouth moving to your throat, biting at your skin, rolling my hips to grind inside you, searching for your prostate*

Lucifer: *cries out and grabs your ass, tries to urge you on, yells when you manage to find it and I contract around you in reaction*

Alec: *groans as you do that, begins to grind into you again*

Lucifer: *surges up and captures your mouth with mine again, sucks on your lower lip, makes deep scratches all over your back*

Alec: *moans deeply against your mouth, body arching up and driving down to take you hard and fast, trying to ignore all the scratching you're doing*

Lucifer: *writhes under you, still doing bad things to your back without realizing it, makes little noises of pleasure*

Alec: *continues my onslaught, gritting my teeth as you really begin to hurt my back good*

Lucifer: *lets go of your poor abused back to wrap one of my hand around my own cock, closes my eyes with a look of ecstasy on my face, having momentarily forgotten about the whole mortal thingie*

Alec: *feels relieved now that you're not shredding the hell out of my back. I get up on my knees, holding your legs up some, driving into you hard and fast*

Lucifer: *moans and stares up at you suddenly, slowly licks my lips, tries to drive myself back against you*

Alec: *growls as you do that, grinds myself down along your prostate hard and fast, hands gripping your hips hard*

Lucifer: *grins a little at the growl, amused that you're looking so fierce suddenly, tightens around you on purpose just to draw more noises out of you*

Alec: *hisses loudly, then growls as I begin to really pound you*

Lucifer: *still has a bit of a mocking smile on my lips as I push back against you, holding you tightly again, suddenly surges up to bite your shoulder as you threaten to send me over the edge*

Alec: *throws head back, screaming as you do that*

Lucifer: *finally lets go when you scream, finding it strangely comforting, makes a strangled noise when I come all over my own hand*

Alec: *growls loudly, pounds into you repeatedly, determined to drive you nuts after cumming*

Lucifer: Fuck, enough! *tries to get away, though it's not very convincing*

Alec: *grips you tightly pumps in a few more times, gritting my teeth*

Lucifer: *struggles against you, unused to anyone being able to pin me down, bites you again*

Alec: *yelps again, jerks hard against you, then cums hard*

Lucifer: *lazily licks the bite, practically purring*

Alec: *drops down on you panting hard, feeling the throb and burn on my back*

Lucifer: *pats your back, having no clue that you're hurting* Love this.

Alec: *hisses as you do that, wondering if I'm bleeding all over the place*

Lucifer: What? *idly pokes you* Something wrong?

Alec: *groans a bit* you tore up my back

Lucifer: Oh, please... I wasn't even trying. *sniffs a bit indignantly*

Alec: *slow blink, still feeling the burn* well it hurts

Lucifer: *frowns a bit, remembers I can't do anything about it* Well, fuck. *sighs*

Alec: *shrugs* I'll live *grins at you* got a bit overzealous didn't you?

Lucifer: *eyes you* I wonder why, really. I do.

Alec: *snickers* well, did you make it bleed?

Lucifer: *contemplates my fingernails, then sucks on them* Yes.

Alec: *blinks, tries to turn my head to see*

Lucifer: The blood looks really nice on you. Really. *grins*

Alec: *blinks, looks back at you* well the welts burn like hell *eyes you* no pun intended

Lucifer: *chuckles and lazily stretches under you* Should I lick them and make it better?

Alec: *slow smile* I think that'd feel good

Lucifer: That'd involve you moving. *still looks perfectly relaxed*

Alec: *is too comfortable* it can wait

Lucifer: Hedonist. *smirks*

Alec: *grins* well I'm laying on sin itself

Lucifer: *stares at you for a few shocked seconds, then starts laughing my ass off*

Alec: *wide grin, thinks its good you're laughing again*

Lucifer: I think I'll keep you. *finally starts to recover from my laughing fit, pokes you*

Alec: *chuckles, wiggles on you* so no signs of a cold today?

Lucifer: I wouldn't know. *eyes you* How is that even supposed to feel?

Alec: well you get achy in your body, maybe some fever, runny nose, sneezes

Lucifer: *looks a bit worried, looks down at myself as if something bad was about to jump me* I feel a bit achy, now that you mention it...

Alec: well, I can get you some ibuprophen. We can take a nice long, hot bath

Lucifer: *groans* Fuck. First he blowdries my hair. Now I have to take medication. This sucks.

Alec: *smiles, kisses you again* its not forever

Lucifer: No, just a few centuries. *looks utterly depressed* Fucking woman. I just killed him a bit, it's not like he won't come back.

Alec: *chuckles* well when she took his powers away, he was back with them in a week

Lucifer: She doesn't like me. She likes that thing, for some reason.

Alec: *shakes head* I think she has it out for everyone. Must be repressed or something

Lucifer: She needs to get laid. *grumbles*

Alec: Probably. I have never seen her with anyone. She talks to Yorgi a lot but they've never touched each other. I asked

Lucifer: You need a hobby if you took some interest in her sex life. *tsks at you*

Alec: I asked Yorgi is he was crazy enough to fuck her

Lucifer: I bet her cunt has teeth. *snorts*

Alec: *laughs madly*

Lucifer: *pets your back, looks a bit pleased* What did he say?

Alec: He said he's crazy, but not that far gone

Lucifer: *looks amused* Does he still have that damn dragon?

Alec: *laughs* yes, he does

Lucifer: *snorts* Insane, the lot of you.

Alec: *grins* yeah well, takes one to know one

Lucifer: I'm perfectly sane. I just happen to be the devil. *sighs* Used to be the devil.

Alec: *kisses you* still are

Lucifer: Oh, right. I'm a figment of somebody's imagination and NOW I'm fucking mortal. *waves my hands around with a disgusted expression*

Alec: Well you're still sexy as fuck. Thats something

Lucifer: Thank you so much. I feel so very comforted right now. *pinches your ass*

Alec: *laughs, wiggles on you* you should. Not everyone is so lucky

Lucifer: *bites my lips when you start wiggling, pinches harder* Do you have to be so distracting?

Alec: *wriggles more* s'my job isnt it?

Lucifer: You have a job? *looks shocked*

Alec: Yeah, pleasuring you

Lucifer: *stares at you in stunned silence*

Alec: *slow smile* what?

Lucifer: *blinks, stares at you some more*

Alec: *still smiling, waits for you to say something*

Lucifer: I think this mortal thing is starting to get to me... I'm having hallucinations.

Alec: hallucinations about what?

Lucifer: *waves at you as if it explained everything*

Alec: *slow blink* I'm not a hallucination

Lucifer: You're being... nice. *looks like it's a totaly foreign word to me*

Alec: *stares* well yeah

Lucifer: It's... *was about to say unnerving, thinks better of it*... new.

Alec: *slow smile* everything we've done together is new to me

Lucifer: What, the sex? *grins*

Alec: most of what we've done there yes

Lucifer: Oh, please, you're far too good at this. I bet you had dozen of lovers.

Alec: I've been with men here and there but never more than once

Lucifer: Hmm... it sounds familar. *absently kisses the palm of your hand*

Alec: *smiles and nods* never had the time of day for them after sex either

Lucifer: I usually make people babble in fear. *licks your life line*

Alec: *small moan, shifts against you* really?

Lucifer: *flashes you a grin* Of course, I'm evil. *slowly sucks one of your finger in my mouth*

Alec: *moans as you do that* well I know that

Lucifer: It tends to scare people. Or make them worship at my feet. *lets go of that finger, starts sucking on another*

Alec: *groans, begins to writhe more*

Lucifer: *lets go of your finger with a popping noise* Did you say something about washing my back while taking a bath? *looks hopeful*

Alec: I didn't say that, but I'd be more than happy to do it

Lucifer: We're getting too domestic. *groans*

Alec: *kisses the side of your neck* we can go kill something else if you want. It's not as if either of us has anything left to lose

Lucifer: *visibly perks up* Who do you want to kill?

Alec: I don't know. I'm sure we can find someone that annoys us both. Place is crawling with them

Lucifer: I really hate Boromir. *thoughtful voice*

Alec: *blinks, stares* he's one of Sean's

Lucifer: Does it bother you, to kill someone who very vaguely looks at you? You're much prettier.

Alec: it's just an odd notion really. I guess we can give it a go *makes no move to get up*

Lucifer: *raises an eyebrow* We can kill someone who looks like me, if you prefer.

Alec: *shakes head no* all of Viggo's character's are pretty. You're the best though because you're smoldering sex too

Lucifer: *throws my head back and starts laughing* Alright, who would you kill then?

Alec: well boromir will do for a start. Then perhaps *ponders* we can get after that annoying Deputy Henley?

Lucifer: I haven't met him. *stretches under you* We can torture him before he goes.

Alec: *wide grin* brilliant. Lets do them both

Lucifer: Of course, I can't do anything creative anymore, but I suppose old fashion ways will do. *sighs*

Alec: *smiles* well anything you do now is almost more creative since its a learning experience

Lucifer: You're beautiful when you're being evil. *kisses your shoulder*

Alec: *slow smile* you always are. I suppose it comes with being evil incarnate

Lucifer: No, it just comes with being the favorite angel. It was none of my doing. *grins*

Alec: well I'd thank God in person if I could. We both know that will never happen though *snickers*

Lucifer: *raises an eyebrow* He might be a bit surprised.

Alec: *chuckles* no one would suspect either of us would have anything to do with someone else

Lucifer: *shrugs a bit* I can see you with someone else easily. You're pretty.

Alec: *shakes head no* no one else thinks so

Lucifer: *rolls my eyes* I say you're pretty, therefore it is so.

Alec: *laughs* well okay then

Lucifer: *pats your ass possessively* All mine.

Alec: *chuckles, shifts against you* well yeah. I AM your boyfriend

Lucifer: I thought you were going to throw me out. *sighs*

Alec: Never

Lucifer: *stares at you with a strange expression on my face, looks almost vulnerable for a fraction of a second, then shakes my head as if it wasn't important after all*

Alec: *kisses you again, snuggles against you*

Lucifer: Do you know how annoying it is not to be able to read your mind? *practically whispering*

Alec: I can never read yours. What do you want to know?

Lucifer: You'd go mad if you read my mind. *ignores the question*

Alec: I dont think I would. What do you want to know *pesters*

Lucifer: Sure you would. You wouldn't last in hell 30 seconds either. *watches you, then sighs and buries my face against your neck*

Alec: *chuckles* bet I would. Its not as if I'd have any choice, in any regard

Lucifer: You're not going there. *muffled voice*

Alec: *rubs hands on your back* neither of us are. We're stuck here

Lucifer: You don't have to sound so disappointed, you know.

Alec: Well if I have to be stuck here, now that I have you here too, I don't mind a bit

Lucifer: You're being romantic. Don't think I weakened so much that I can't tell.

Alec: *lifts head to look at you* am I? I thought I was just being practical

Lucifer: *wrinkles my nose a bit* Romantic.

Alec: *blink blink blink* if you say so

Lucifer: Don't worry, I don't mind too much. *pats your head*

Alec: *blinks again* mind?

Lucifer: *kisses you hard to distract you* Nothing. *smiles*

Alec: you want me to be romantic?

Lucifer: *gives you a look* I'm the devil.

Alec: so?

Lucifer: I'd probably spontaneously burst into flames if you were romantic.

Alec: really? *terribly curious*

Lucifer: *isn't so sure that I like the expression on your face right now* I didn't know you wanted me to burst into flames.

Alec: I dont, but I dont think you will

Lucifer: Yes I would. *crosses my arms as best as I can with you leaning across my chest*

Alec: *slow smile* you're sexy when you're frustrated

Lucifer: *glares* You're just lucky I won't strangle you.

Alec: *eyes widen* you wouldnt do that to me

Lucifer: *glares a bit longer, then finally sighs in defeat* Probably not.

Alec: *wide grin, pats you* You'll get better soon

Lucifer: *ponders biting you since I don't appreciate being patted* You're such a source of blind optimism, it's heart warming, really.

Alec: *snickers* and you're the voice of doom

Lucifer: I'm the voice of evil, there's a slight difference. *practically sulks at you*

Alec: voice of evil yes, but you're speaking like personal doom really. It probably wont be more than a week

Lucifer: *stares at you* Oh, right. I'm sure she'll just nicely give me my powers back after a week. Riight. Pigs will fly too.

Alec: *laughs* see? doom!

Lucifer: *growls then pinches your nipple hard* Don't laugh at me or I'll find a way to hurt you anyway.

Alec: I'm not laughing at you *smiles, wiggles against you*

Lucifer: Sex won't distract me either. *is lying, because I'm already getting very distracted*

Alec: *slides my hand down the side of your body* oh really? I thought you wanted a distraction?

Lucifer: *mutters something that sounds like a curse in another language under my breath* You're just too pretty for you own good.

Alec: *blinks a few times* I'm not

Lucifer: *shakes my head, rolls around to trap you under me* You are. *grins*

Alec: *rolls eyes* in your opinion

Lucifer: My opinion is much superior to anybody else.

Alec: *snickers* of course it is

Lucifer: Of course it is. *looks slightly amused, licks your lips*

Alec: *licks over my lips after you do, wiggles under you*

Lucifer: *hums with interest and slides down a little to tease your nipple with my tongue*

Alec: *small moan, shifting under you again, fingers burying themselves in your long hair*

Lucifer: Admit that you're pretty. *chuckles and nips at your skin playfully*

Alec: I'm pretty to you *groans, wiggles more*

Lucifer: Not exactly what I had in mind. *bites your nipple hard*

Alec: *yelps, back arching* Lucifer!

Lucifer: Yes? *grins and soothingly licks your abused skin*

Alec: *groans* you bite hard

Lucifer: You're being stubborn. *says that like I'm always perfectly reasonable myself*

Alec: *laughs* so're you

Lucifer: That's because I'm always right. *gives one last kiss to your abused nipple, then pulls myself back up, rubbing my body against yours*

Alec: *moans, hands sliding down your back, squeezing your ass* sure you are

Lucifer: *laughs* If you really believe that I'll have to hurt you. *kisses you deeply as I keep rubbing myself against you*

Alec: *moans against your lips, hands still massaging your ass now, unable to talk back any longer*

Lucifer: *fucks your mouth with my tongue, runs possessive hands all over your body, loves how fucking eager you are*

Alec: *sucks on it, fingers siding down the crack of your ass as I push my hips up, causing our cocks to grind against each other, moans*

Lucifer: *moans too, nudges your legs apart almost roughly, bites your lips as I press myself against you*

Alec: *spreads my legs for you eagerly, wrapping the around you*

Lucifer: You are pretty. *presses my lips against your ear and whispers this, driving myself inside you at the same time, moaning when you feel so tight around me*

Alec: *pressing head back, gasping loudly when you drive up inside me* you are *bites your black bottom lip*

Lucifer: No, not me. I'm wickedly beautiful. *gasps a little when you go after my lip, twists one of your nipple painfully, stilling myself for a moment*

Alec: *yelps when you do that, head pushing back again, growls out* yesssss, you are *agreeing, squeezing my ass tightly around your cock*

Lucifer: *gasps loudly, squeezes my eyes shut for a second* So glad you agree with me... *grabs your hips and slams inside you*

Alec: *screams when you do that, arms flinging outward*

Lucifer: *grins because I love to hear you scream* Too rough? *smirks and does it again*

Alec: *not one to disappoint, screams again, clamped around you, entire body tense*

Lucifer: *reaches to slowly stroke your cock, still fucking you, really loving how tight you feel around me*

Alec: *moans loudly when you start to jerk me, body relaxing a bit again, rolling my hips up, pushing my cock into your hand*

Lucifer: There, isn't that better? *nips on your neck as I keep stroking you, slowing down a little because I'm just way too damn nice when it comes to you*

Alec: *groans, continues pushing into your hands, hips pushing up to take you deeper* always so fucking good

Lucifer: Of course I am. *grins even more widely when you act like a little whore, bites your neck to give you a mark, intent on proving to myself that I'm not really that powerless*

Alec: *hisses when you bite me hard, nails scratching down your back*

Lucifer: Don't make me bleed. *licks the bite, hoarse voice as I keep fucking you*

Alec: *groans, still pushing up for you* my back is shredded *scratches you again*

Lucifer: I can't.. heal anymore. *gasps, leaning into the pain against my own will*

Alec: You will heal naturally *grinding myself up harder, squeezing you again*

Lucifer: That doesn't count! *tries to glare, really tries, but then I throw my head back, moaning, holding your hips tightly enough to leave bruises as I fuck you desperately*

Alec: *grunts as you grip me harder, moans out* does too *kisses you hard*

Lucifer: *moans against your mouth, kisses you back just as hard, almost as if I was trying to eat you alive, angles myself to hit your prostate as I grip your cock almost too tightly*

Alec: *yelps into your mouth, body tense and arching hard again, lifting you off the bed*

Lucifer: *eyes widening at your reaction, then chuckles breathlessly as I hang on to you*

Alec: *drops down, panting, clawing at you again* close, fuck, CLOSE

Lucifer: *softens my kiss, almost kissing you tenderly as I keep working your hard cock, moaning when I feel you already leaking, still using you as hard as I can*

Alec: *kisses, relaxing just one moment, then suddenly going all tense again, yelling against your lips, cumming violently*

Lucifer: *closes my eyes as I feel your muscles going wild around me, throws my head back as I ride you, absently rubbing your seed against your skin*

Alec: *Is thrashing under you now, body far too sensitive to take more, and yet you keep going*

Lucifer: *smiles softly, rather enjoying you struggling under me, watches you as you try to get away* Mine. *breathes hard as I fight my own body not to come so fast*

Alec: *groans under you, squeezes really hard, wanting you to cum now*

Lucifer: Bastard... *hisses softly, my body abruptly betraying me as I come hard in you, freezing over you*

Alec: *moans loudly, arms and legs clinging to you tightly*

Lucifer: *finally lets myself relax on top of you, going boneless* Fuck.

Alec: *MOAN*

Lucifer: Fuck. *kisses your neck, unable to say anything else*

Alec: *still panting, pats your ass* too good

Lucifer: Hmhm. *mumbles my assent, tries to paste myself to you*

Alec: *clings, quells a sudden urge to tell you I love you, blinks*

Lucifer: *can't read your mind anymore or would certainly be slightly weirded out, clings back*

Alec: *still panting, feels like a limp noodle*

Lucifer: You feel so good. *whispers this against your skin*

Alec: *sighs, cuddling you against me* so do you

Lucifer: *shakes my head a bit but doesn't argue too much with you*

Alec: *kisses the side of your neck*

Lucifer: Love you... *says that so low that you probably can't hear me*

Alec: *does hear you, eyes open, mouth opens, then closes. Well fuck, how weird is that?*
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